Exclusive Interview With Netojuu Director Yaginuma Kazuyoshi

You've heard of red pills. This is the AnimeRight pill. You must read this.

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Anime Right News (ARN After detailing Crunchyroll’s mistreatment of Yaginuma-sensei (http://animeright.news/ecchioujisama/anime-industry-insider-tells-the-truth-about-crunchyroll/ ) he was kind enough to grant me an interview. We ended up talking for five hours. Anime Right News is thrilled to bring you this exciting look into the anime industry.

Note: This interview was conducted in Japanese. PANDA and I have translated it into English for the convenience of our readers, but do not claim that our Japanese is perfect. The original Japanese is printed for the sake of transparency and the convenience of our Japanese readers. Anime images and descriptions were added by me for readers’ entertainment; all other images were supplied by Yaginuma-sensei and have been reproduced exactly, save for adding some translations.

I trust that by the end of the interview the reader will agree that Yaginuma-sensei is /俺たちの監督/ or /ourdirector/.

ARN: Thank you for taking the time to speak with your American and European fans. How did you decide that you wanted to make anime? Were you inspired by a specific anime you watched?
お忙しいところ、あなたのアメリカの、そして、ヨーロッパ人のファンと話してくださってありがとうございます。 あなたは、アニメを作りたいとどのように決めましたか? あなたは見た特定のアニメによって奮い立たせられましたか?

Yaginuma-sensei: Future Boy Conan. Albatross. [TL: The 145th episode of the 1977-80 155 episode Lupin III Part 2 series, written and directed by Miyazaki.]  Farewell Beloved Lupin (produced by Miyazaki-san). [TL: This was the last episode of Lupin III Part 2.]  Don de la Mancha produced by Kanada-san. Yamashita Masahito-san's chase scenes. Masayuki-san's drawings of Sarutobi.
未来少年コナン。アルバトロス。さらば愛しきルパンよ。(新ルパンの宮崎さんの演出の回) 金田さんのドンデラ・マンチャ6話の回。山下将仁さんの作画が暴走している回。 摩砂雪さんの、さすがの猿飛の作画。

Anyway, Future Boy Conan is number 1. Probably followed by Lupin III: Cagliostro no Shiro.

ARN: Our readers love Netojuu because it focuses on improving one's real life. Was that an intentional theme?
それが、人の現実を改良するのに焦点を合わせるので、本紙の読者はネト充がとても好きです。 それは意図的なテーマでしたか?

Yaginuma-sensei: This is something I recently discussed on Twitter, so I will copy and paste it.

It seems to have a good reputation, but there are a lot of painful memories. I decided to use it to fight against the anime industry. Originally, Moriko was slowly going out into society again, treating her progress like a job. Would you want to return to a BLACK company? [TL: BLACK company is a Japanese term for companies that overwork employees, underpay them and treat them poorly overall. Some people that work for BLACK companies and can't find other jobs end up committing suicide.] Would she mature? Would she return to a BLACK company?We decided to tell this kind of story, and I could empathize with it. The theme of BLACK companies is interwoven into the story. That is why Moriko's nightmare existence spans two episodes. Additionally, a real BLACK problem is revealed in the anime...
評判良いみたいだけど、辛い思い出が沢山。 アニメ業界と戦おうと心に決めた作品でした。 元々は、森子は社会にまた出ていく、成長していく〜みたいな作品だった。 またBLACK産業に戻るのか!?って、筆安さんが思い、ニートでもいいじゃん、幸せならば。そういう作品にするのを委員会が了承してくれた。 それで感情移入できました。  影にBLACK産業問題がテーマ隠れているのね、あの作品。 2話の、森子の悪夢のシーンが気合入っているのはそのため。 あれはテーマの紹介シーン。 おまけにリアルにアニメBLACK問題が炎上していて・・・

Along with Fudeyasu-san, the three of us wrote the scenario, the core.

Yaginuma-sensei was a key animator on AKIRA.

ARN: Are there any stories you can share from working on AKIRA?


Yaginuma-sensei: AKIRA huh~I misfired. I was really new. Still, Otomo-san's film was similar to anime of the time. Old timers say it was fine although the younger generation looks at it like a masterpiece. After all, a lot of people that went on to be important animators were gathered in the same place.

Royal Space Force: The Wings of Honnêamise and GAINAX launching had a huge impact. Young people with talent had to keep their heads cool. I thought these people were the new age [TL: of anime]. That is how it was.

However, until I took down Miyazaki-san to be number 1, I couldn't be satisfied with my position either. It would be better to climb higher.

ARN: In anime we see jokes about not having enough time to finish anime or not having enough of a budget to make it the best it can be. Are these problems worse in real life?
アニメでは、私たちはアニメを終えることができるくらいの時間を持っていないか、またはそれを最も良くすることができるくらいの予算を持たないことに関する冗談を見ます。 現実ではこれらの問題は、より悪いですか?

Yaginuma-sensei: It's beyond my imagination that people overseas notice. It becomes more cutthroat every year. The money as a whole grows every year.
海外の人も気づいたけど、それでも想像を遥かに超えるものだと思う。 というか、年々酷くなる。 年々、全体で動くお金が大きくなっているのに。

Is Foxcon similar to working in an iPhone factory? Unlike them, I like my job at the end of the day so it is never dark enough for me to commit suicide.
フォックスコンの、iPhone工場に似ているかな? 彼らと違い、仕事は土壇場で好きだから、自殺するほど暗くはない。

The budget too, but that was always a concern. The painting/CG process is more intense, and there is more that needs to be done. Although the company makes more money there is more work to be done and no more money paid to the artists.

Due to delays in the schedule, you could get stuck working all night until you burn out.

ARN: Are there any manga or light novels you would like to make into anime to educate the Japanese people about Jews?  

Yaginuma-senseiI want to write anime and mange about getting out of the current invisible slavery system. However, even though the anime industry has the lowest amount of Jewish infiltration [TL: of major forms of entertainment is implied], I have seen that larger budget works are impossible and their grip is tightening. I hope you can make it through the pathway, like The Matrix. I am already fighting within the anime industry. I made it all the way to being a director, but it probably won't be possible [TL: to make that kind of anime]. The anime industry already feels like a miniature Israel. Jews are connected to dissatisfaction with anime. Originally I want to make a work that would allow the audience to be happy, so I was interested in why such works were being suppressed. I was surprised to find out that Jews were behind it when I looked into it.
今の見えない奴隷構造から抜け出す方法のアニメや漫画を書きたいね。 しかし、アニメ業界はユダヤの傘下のつながりの最下層だから、 予算が大きい作品は無理で、今も強くなっている事に気づいた。 マトリックスみたいに、上手く抜け道通り抜けて作れるといいけどね。 もう、アニメ業界と戦っているので、せっかく監督の地位まで来たけど無理だろう。 アニメどころでなく、ユダヤと戦い出した分けで。 アニメ業界は小さいユダヤみたいな感じ。 アニメで怒っていたことと、ユダヤは繋がっています。 元々は、皆が幸せになれる作品を作りたいわけだから、 社会の変なこと、抑圧されていることには興味がありました。 ユダヤは作品のネタ探しから始まったが、まさか此処まで詳しくなるとは・・自分でも驚いている。

When I was young I read Jonathan Livingston Seagull by Richard Bach and it made me cry. Now I understand that it was a story about being free.
若い頃に、かもめのジョナサン読んで、ボロ泣きしたのね。 その時は理由がわからなかった。 今は完全にわかる。 自由になるための話です。

Originally, Abe's LDP conspiracy was on the true path! I was doing some casual research on a conspiracy theory. It proved the conspiracy theory and Abe's involvement in it.
元々、安倍自民が陰謀が本当だった!と、証明しているような代物で。 それで少しカジッていた陰謀の研究をしていた。 陰謀論の証明になった、安倍。

ARN: In America and Europe Jews try to ruin the lives of anyone that tells the truth about the Holocaust. Do most Japanese people know it was an easily disproven lie?

米欧では、ユダヤ人がホロコーストに関して本当のことを言うだれの人生を台無しにしようとします。 ほとんどの日本人の人々が、それが容易に論駁された偽りであったのを知っていますか?

Time to make the total 6 gorillion and 1!

Yaginuma-sensei: People that are well-read on politics and conspiracies in Japan have known that the Holocaust was a lie for at least 10 years. I read a lot of what is on the net, and learned that there are still slave merchants today.

Uno Masami [TL: Uno-sensei is the author of the book ユダヤが解ると世界が見えてくるTo Watch Jews Is To See The World Clearly] made a fascinating speech in 1987. You can see it on Youtube. That is how I learned.

I believe this is the speech Yaginuma-sensei referenced above.

It became known overseas that I was speaking out about the Holocaust. Overseas anime fans were reading my account.

Then an American web media company sent me a DM asking for an interview, but they were fraudsters [TL: fake news]. They said I was angry. Also, this is discrimination, do you hate Jews? Somehow this was supposed to appeal to human affection. Also, there is a deadline coming up, so send it in by tomorrow. I'll edit it! What? You can change the meaning as much as you want if you edit it.

So then let us look at this third party going through my Twitter feed ~ I walked away rather than have that sentence become an article.

Soon after that, anti-semetic articles appeared on the web. A similar site was set up in Japanese and attacked me. Concerned fans told me about it.

In the comment section of a Japanese website I pasted a web address where people could investigate the lies about the Holocaust and Hitler. I posted under my real name, not yaginuma but 柳沼.

There are more and lies upon lies out there, but Hitler was a friend. World War II was a battle of Nazi Hitler (National Socialism) VS Allied Army (Jewish International Bankers). If the general population could somehow understand that, the situation around the war will change.

There are no people uninterested in politics, especially in the anime industry. We are especially interested in complex stories like politics, law and societal lies. It was a special kind of manipulation against the people. While it was still on my mind my attention was focused on the anime industry. That is why I can see it so clearly. They use similar methods (to control and deceive).

Even with the Holocaust, which was essentially a political conspiracy, and only parts of the truth about Hitler being widely known [TL: are part of the conspiracy]. Will Ursula Haverbeck be unjustly imprisoned in Germany?  By the time the Japanese began to examine the Holocaust and what led up to it, it was too late! Hitler stood for justice!! And everyone could feel it. I was deeply touched.

On last New Year's Eve I realized Hitler was right, because I was being called anti-semite and Nazi for tweets I made while still researching the subject [TL: with an open mind]. I wasn't drinking, opened my eyes and realized Hitler was right.

But, even among those who know that Hitler was a friend, do you understand that Hitler and the Nazis were fighting against Christianity?

Hitler was trying to kill Christianity. He knew it was a Jewish mind control weapon.

Christian mind control matches the fraud in big finance, military power and political power.

Before Jews invaded Patton came to Christianity. It shows the power of this mind control. Because we have been exposed to this brainwashing we don't think it's strange, even after noticing it you are still locked in a cage of thought due to everyone else still being under this mind control.

It is painful for anti-semitic people that many of their allies are Christian.

Jews slowly destroy politics and business from the inside. Clerics like Christians and the Vatican are slowly worn down by Jews. Have you written about The Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion as a silent weapon?

Also the Talmud, you just read it on the net lol

It's all written, in one of those three books.

In the meantime, kings and aristocrats were completely deceived by Jews. That is how they conquered by stealth.

The Japanese noticed the Jews, but conspirators were always introduced from one generation of rulers to the next, and most conspirators have been compromised by the Jews. I realized this.

Jews saw their opportunity to get in through one path, then more branches and leaves spread from there. Others automatically understand this.

Before the war Jews were dangerous, dangerous! It appears as though there used to be several books sold in Japan that detailed this. There are still some, but they don't have nearly as much information.

Henry Ford's The International Jew appeared in Japan in the second half of the 1990s. This book is very detailed. I immediately bought a used copy at a very high price.

I used to think Japan was a terrible place, but it seems there are some residual western freedoms still available in Japan.

Real Shinto Japanese life is best Japanese life.

ARN: Christianity is completely foreign to Japan. Have Jews succeeded in tearing the Japanese people away from Shintoism and Buddhism? We see many Christian weddings in anime.

キリスト教は日本に完全に外国です。 ユダヤ人は、神道と仏教から日本人の人々を引き離すのに成功しましたか? 私たちはアニメにおける多くのクリスチャンの結婚式を見ます。

Yaginuma-sensei: The evils of Christianity were know since the times of Toyotomi Hideyoshi. [TL: He was the Imperial Regent of Japan from 1585-1591.] The Japanese don't dislike any specific items associated with it though. For a wedding dress, it's easier to draw, and the woman looks better.

However, the anime fan has noticed that it is more than the usual plot convenience because it creates propaganda through an advanced story. When there are violent people with good intentions it always the Christians that are persecuted.

Christian conspirators [TL: with the Jews] are no different from Shinto, Buddhist or Hindu conspirators, they are all evil. lol

"Oy vey goyim. MFW we Jew up your anime."

ARN: How are Jews ruining anime? Most of us watch anime to escape Jewish influence.

ユダヤ人はどのようにアニメを台無しにしていますか? 私たちの大部分は、ユダヤ人の影響から逃げるためにアニメを見ます。

Yaginuma-senseiThat's right, why is anime and manga culture like fighting Jews...

A powerful and dark pressure is put on anime from American sources of capital. The PVs, storyboard direction and layout for Pokemon Generations were terrible at the time.
米国資本だと、ダークに、気持ち悪くしろ、古いえにしろと凄い圧力が来たことがあります。ポケモンPVのポケモンジェネレーションズ を3本、コンテ演出、レイアウトやぅって、各話監督みたいな立場なのですけど、その時に凄かった。

I fought very hard. Story changes were coming from OLM [TL: OLM is the studio that made Pokemon, Koutestu Tenshi Kurumi, Gunsmith Cats and most of the anime based on Leaf games] and the character models were changing...

I was very angry, but OLM was in the middle, so I couldn't say anything to the foreign money above them. When Pokemon's stock goes up, it is only the katakana company [TL: This means a foreign company whose name would be written in katakana in Japanese] that doesn't understand why. It was Jewish capital. When I looked into it I found out it was JP Morgan.

From 2000-2010 Madhouse's work was disgusting and dark. It was what the President wanted, orders are coming to me from overseas to make violent and bloody anime, whether I like it or not.

Now when I look at Twitter feeds from overseas people on the net, I see they are just like the Japanese, and I regret what we did. Was he lying?

Jews want to make everything bloody and dark to rot society.

Japan is currently set up to give Jews money due to LDP/Abe's policies. As Japan becomes more and more poor, the difference is made up with overseas capital. It is time to regulate that.

In the United States it is OK to feel uncomfortable, regulations are looser and you are permitted to dislike sexual deviants. [TL: I don't think he has been to America lately.] Christianity is also distasteful.

In Japan there are many works that feature magic/occult symbols, but six-pointed stars are never animated. We create an eight-pointed star or something else. I have seen production stopped after being told it was an Israeli mark. Even if it isn't that way in the original manga, the anime becomes worse.

As mentioned in the Netojuu DVD appendix, there is a scene where Moriko and Sakurai are getting into a good mood and someone comes to the door. Originally they were supposed to be Christian missionaries. The gag was that they would open the door, and the Christians would say "Believe in God!" and annoyed, they slam the door. When this gag was to be used overseas, a Christian complained, and I don't know how to put my complaints gently. I became obstinate and changed it to aliens who came to the door instead. That is one way they watered down the story.

It continues the story of Christianity invading other countries in the past.

I searched among the conspiracy theorists who know their way around the internet, the original Shinto texts, and the core of Shinto, the Shinto God of the Land of Japan, Emanuel Swedenborg, Theosophy, Helena Blavatsky, I asked them about their philosophies and nobody could explain them, so I doubted them. Then I realized they were Christians. The evidence I found was most informative...

This "New Age Christian Study" book was on the website on an anti-Japanese pastor Niigata. Christianity wants to destroy Japan, so no matter what Japan is Christians call it anti-Japanese. If you read it you can understand how he wants to destroy Japan.
バチカン法王庁の本、「ニューエイジのキリスト教考察」その新潟のキチガイ反日牧師のブログにあった紹介記事。 キリスト教は反日というか、何処の国に行っても国を破壊しようとします。 読めば分かるけど、陰謀家の言い分まんま。

The same books are sold overseas too.

This is an excerpt. He is attacking everything Japanese. He also attacks netoyou [TL: Netoyou is kinda sorta like a Japanese alt-right, they dislike the left, Korea and China but aren't against the establishment right LDP] blogs and conspiracy theory websites that provide a lot of information about these motives.

So then I studied it but with little interest. Then I solved the mystery of Hitler's prophecy. (Is it okay to put it out there? lol)

It's something people don't want to investigate because they get called stupid, it's unthinkable, dangerous. [TL: racist sexist bigoted transphobic islamophobic anti-semite etc. etc.]

It's not just TV and movies, but the internet is the same way. You have to train yourself against it by impersonating a normie and immersing yourself in this disinformation so you will know the difference.

The reason for looking on the net is that they are asking "What should we manipulate?" and "How do you want us to think?" ...

Then when I want to hide I know which keywords to use to lie, and continue the investigation...

I didn't understand the context, but I hated it since I was child. Recently I realized it was because of societal changes pushed by Jews. I hate this and I will fight it. Not everyone knows! Become awakened, do your own research and determine whether the Jew is right or if you are right! If you do this the oppression of the Jew will weaken.

Twitter is sloppy. Their employees have many accounts. Lists of them circulate around the internet.

I had a terrible experience with the last Pokemon, I was exhausted and tired. And then I started working on Netojuu at the same time, so it was really hard. We were behind schedule with Pokemon so I had to work late, but instead of getting paid for my work on Pokemon somehow it became a pay advance from the Netojuu supervisor. I was a victim, why did my pay become a loan?

It is Christian leaders that are leading to this decay. Children had to form SEALDs to oppose it! [TL: Students Emergency Action for Liberal Democracy, a student protest group from 2015-16 that protested Abe passing laws that would allow the JSDF/Japanese Self Defense Forces to be deployed overseas.] Children in such a good-natured group became awoken to politics. I am trying to do this all over the world and learning as I go.

Because Christianity did not become popular, state Shintoism became a swindle religion making the Emperor a god for the purpose of getting Japan involved in needless wars. This is why Japan became a country that only knew war after the Meiji Restoration.

Because the Meiji Restoration was a Jewish invasion of the Japanese government, it is wonderful that there are constant TV dramas being made that make the legitimate Japanese government look like the bad guys. It works like a reverse Holocaust movie. I think fewer people are aware of this [TL: Jewish involvement in the Meiji Restoration] than the Holocaust.  

ARN: There are about 2000 Jews in Japan. Should they be deported? Does Prime Minister Abe have the courage for that?
約2000人のユダヤ人が日本にいます。それらは強制送還されるべきですか? 安倍首相には、それに関する勇気がありますか?

Yaginuma-senseiAbe is a faithful dog of Israel. I call him Pochi. (This is a common dog name in Japan, meant to refer to an obedient child.)

I call the influential people in anime and we go out and do things in Roppongi Hills. Roppongi Hills is famous for the Japanese Jewish companies that are gathered there. Heizo Takenaka's office there. He is the brain of the Japanese Prime Minister. He was educated by Jews and owns a temporary staffing company. He's hated, but he's very rich. [TL: Staffing companies in Japan are used to exploit Japanese workers by keeping them as a temporary, mistreated, disposable workforce.]

Did you know that the 3/11 earthquake was an artificial earthquake? Since that earthquake, Japan seems to be becoming a child of Israel, guided by the American Pochi.

People in the Palestinian Territory are killed by Japanese taxpayers.

It's frustrating. I'm angry at peaceful people who say we should reflect on the war [WWII] but they don't even notice this.

The Japanese were educated to reflect on the war by the United States. The war isn't something that you just regret, you should understand why it happened, but only people who are knowledgeable about politics know why it occurred, this type of education that focuses on the regret is a distraction. If I do not know why it happened, I can not learn from it...

This regret-sickness comes from the brainwashing of Christianity. It is called "Repentance."

[TL: In Japan, Japanese people] Blame themselves when bad things happen, even if they are scammed. We think it's our fault. Nobody notices how crazy this Jewish-made society is.  

The Japanese are the naturally "good-natured". This definition of "good-natured" includes not only goodness and but stupidity as well. Toyotomi Hideyoshi noticed immediately that it was an invasion and brainwashing by the Christians, so he ordered the expulsion of the Portuguese missionaries, but the Japanese population remained clueless.

Did I mention? There are a lot of churches in Japan, but Christianity has had a hard time taking foot here, and it's been called it "Satan's country" (laughs). On the internet people always wonder why the right wing and Christians are always fighting.
言ったかな?日本には沢山教会がありますが、これでも世界で一番キリスト教が流行らなかった国でサタンの国w と呼ばれます。 右翼とキリスト教は小競り合いしているのはネットで不思議かられている。

Christianity didn't become popular, but their morals are studied in school and shown on TV. For example, Sekai Meisaku Gekijou [TL: World Masterpiece Theater] was originally produced by missionaries. I think, I think that Japanese animators watched this anime and started to believe unhappiness and poverty was a form of happiness. The Theme of Takahata's work is just that, it is communist.
キリスト教は流行らなかった代わりに、学校で道徳として教えます。TV教育番組もそうです。日本アニメーションのカルピス劇場は、キリスト教の布教の原作ばかりです。日本のアニメーターは、それを見ていたので、不幸ほど、貧乏なほど、頑張る自分は心が綺麗。と、思い込む。と、思います。 高畑さんの作品のテーマはそればかり、共産主義者だから

Sekai Meisaku Gekijou (World Masterpiece Theater)

Jehovah's religions created the idea of being a chosen people. With it, a discriminating consciousness is born out of this idea, different sides of the same coin, light and dark, yin and yang.

If you can eradicate Abrahamic religions, we can have world peace. Christians and Muslims, I want you to realize you're being deceived. You are a victim in a bad religion.

I wonder if speaking out against Christianity and Islam is more dangerous than speaking out against Judaism? But I think that's the most important thing here. I think because it will help us find a way to win.

ARN staffers save paper by shooting communists instead of paper targets. If they miss, at least they hit ANN.

ARN: Anime News Network wrote an article slandering you. Are you aware of them? If so, what is your opinion of them?

Anime News Networkはあなたを中傷する記事を書きました。 あなたはそれらを意識していますか? そうだとすれば、それらに関するあなたの意見は何ですか?

Yaginuma-senseiI tried to read it a while ago. Well, I guess. I got tired of it. Feels like, whatever. I got tired. Better to just avoid it. lol

This is a picture that was floating around the net, is it not Nietzsche's explanation?

I studied this book at my mid-point. I wonder if it's available overseas...
[TL: The book is The Antichrist  by Friedrich Nietzsche.]

ARN: Is there anything you would like to tell your Aryan fans?

Yaginuma-sensei: Although you may have been discriminated against, from now on you will be envied, and recognized as a respected ethnic group. You certainly are amazing. Did you notice?

Jews and Aryans are indeed natural enemies (laughs)

Even when I looked back to ancient times, Jews and Aryan were opposites even then! It's good.

You aren't false gods like the Jews, but close to a true god. You will become a center of this fight against the Jews. Japanese are also full of mysteries, but I'm studying only abroad, neglecting the study of the ancient history of Japan, that is my weak point. Something's there.

ARN: Is there anything of yours you want us to mention? Like a book or a website? [I had to rephrase this as he wasn't sure what I meant the first time, and I probably still didn't phrase it right. I expected a response more like "Follow me on Twitter https://twitter.com/yaginuma_san and buy Japanese Netojuu BDs from Amazon Japan." (^_^); But this is fine too. lol]

Yaginuma-sensei: I used to own it, but I didn't pay the bill and lost it.


Yama no Susume (Encouragement of Climb), season 2, episode 13. This episode is different in the usual animator's style because I storyboarded and directed it, and my personality and feelings really come out. Watch it!

Also, it seems to be worse overseas, if you lose to the Jews you will be killed or enslaved. It does not end if you lose in this life [TL: referring to the concept of reincarnation], the next life will involve even more harsh forms of slavery. There is no choice but to fight. If you win, you will bring about heaven on earth.  

I found that it's all a circle, a story of domination. Even Jews know that when the body dies, the soul lives on is. The domination is eternal.

In Japan, we have a proverb. At a red light, it's not scary to cross if you cross with everyone. [TL: This is a common phrase used to describe the essence of the Japanese character.]

Yeah, and of course, you don't even have to push yourself to cross (laughs)

To me, I see signs that the rule of Jew is being rattled now.

The present Pope, Francis, is reforming the Vatican. I think that this is very bad for Jewish people.

Francis is on our side? I am suspicious of good people.

I've been working my way up from the bottom for decades, wanting to make an animation called Moonlit Night, I regret that I can't do it. For this work, I decided to think about how to escape from slavery.

But now it seems you have to fight back while not fighting at all: if i "turn the other cheek" I'll be slapped in the face my entire life. This is brainwashing.

Everyone, why not withdraw your money from the bank at once?

Rather than wanting to do an original picture, I just wanted to make anime. So much for that. In the next generation I want to purge the bad people from animation altogether so that we can freely produce whatever we want. This is how I feel.

It was really shocking that anime had gotten so bad. The story of fighting exploitation in anime and the story of the Jews have become the same story! Can you really put all this in an article? (sweats)

Somehow, when we talk about it seems like it's going to be okay. There is a way for us to win! The picture I planned to make was to show how we could. Anyway please write your article! (Sweat).  
人類には勝つ方法があります! なんとか、話しても大丈夫そうなところ見繕って記事にして下さい。人類には勝つ方法があります! なんとか、話しても大丈夫そうなところ見繕って記事にして下さい。 (汗) 

Hopefully, my work in anime has opened a path toward victory.

ARN: Thank you very much. You have been so generous with your time I do not know how to thank you. It has been an honor and a privilege. <(_ _)>
ありがとうございます。あなたがあなたの時間に非常に寛大であるので、私は感謝する方法を知りません。名誉と特権です。 <(_ _)>

Yaginuma-sensei: Well, thank you very much.


Truly, deeply, thank you very much, Sensei!

After the interview completed Yaginuma-sensei contacted me with one more thing he wished to share with our readers:

Yaginuma-sensei: Ah! I forgot the most important thing. Write this down.  The CR outrage has taken particular interest in the Holocaust, and I hope it will cause more people to investigate the secret of the Holocaust and of Hitler himself. My credit will rise as the lies of CR falls, and the number of people who wish to investigate the story of Hitler and the Holocaust will increase.  For those who wish to do so, please take care not to look at the top results of Google.  Even in the English speaking world where censorship is common, you can still find good information on the internet. If you can read Japanese, there's even more information. Don't get caught up on fake photographs, search for the originals instead.
ああ、大事なことをいい忘れた。 これを書いておいて。 【今回のCRの騒ぎは、これに興味を持ち、ホロコースト、ヒットラーの秘密を自ら調べてくれる人が増えることを願ってやっています。 CRの嘘がバレたら私の信用は上がるので、ホロコースト、ヒットラーという、 まさかの話も自ら調べてみようと思う人が増えるはず。】 Googleの上の方を探さないように気をつけて下さい。 英語圏でも言論弾圧の圧力が緩い国の情報をネットで探す。 日本語が読めれば、沢山情報あるのですが。 合成写真にいちいち引っかからないようにしましょう。 合成写真の元も探すようにしましょう。

Most importantly, how did they gas, burn, and bury such a large number of people? The Germans didn't even have any petroleum! If they had technology that advanced they wouldn't have lost the war.  Please investigate the tide of world crises starting with World War I through World War II. In particular Germany's arbitrary surrender of the first world war. Please find out for yourself how Jews were already in the German government and running large companies, and see for yourself what they did to force Germany's surrender. And then look into the signing of the terrible Versailles Treaty, after which nearly 40% of Germans died due to poverty. Jews intended this. There was no choice but to fight. Germany had exceptional relations with both the UK and the United States before the war, so why did they fight? You must understand that the nucleus of the war of was Nazi/German National Socialism VS Allied Jewish Finance. National Socialism changed the country in a very short time so that all the working people were wealthy in Germany. This is very bad for the Jew. We suffer within their economic system.
大事なことは、あんな大人数をどうやってガスに入れ、燃やし、埋めたのか? ただでさえ、石油がないドイツ。 物凄いハイテクノロジーが有るのならば、ドイツは負けませんし。 世界恐慌→第一次世界大戦→第二次世界大戦と仕組まれた流れであること、 調べて下さい。 特に、第一次世界大戦の、ドイツの勝手な降伏。 政府や大企業にユダヤ人が既におり、工作して降伏させたことを調べて下さい。 そしてとんでもないベルサイユ条約を調印させたこと。 これではドイツ人は40%貧困で死にます。 ユダヤはこれを狙っていた。 戦うしか無いのです。 戦前の米国もイギリスも親ドイツです。どうして戦争になりましたか? ナチス・ドイツ国家社会主義VS連合軍(ユダヤ金融)の戦いという核も知って下さい。国家社会主義は、第一次世界大戦後のドイツを、働く人たちが皆裕福に成るように短期間で国を変えました。これはユダヤにとってはとても不味い。 私達が苦しんでいるのは経済システムにあります。

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  1. My review of Cannon Busters from IMDB sums this up.
    The Postive Reviews Are Hilarious

    I read the reviews. People are only praising that it has black representation in “Anime”, and that the director and writer is a black man.Not because Cannon Busters is good. People are losing their minds for no reason. I mean the reviewers and fans are really racist towards the Japanese. It is like they want Japan. A country full of Asians to force to make Anime & Manga that has a different culture and ethnicity. The ones pushing this want to culture appropriate the Japanese. Isn’t that kind of racist? The truth is that no one likes these kinds of anime or manga. It will cause more problems. Cannon Busters is a uncreative woke anime that is written by a hack. This isn’t true Japanese Anime/Manga that people fell in love with. These kinds of Anime and Manga are being made for some type of racism towards Japan. The show is a cheap rip off of Trigun. Anime. It looks like it is really cheap and unprofessional. The first time I saw this. I thought Cannon Busters was done by a high school student with poor understanding of Anime. Cannon Busters has boring characters, and terribly written story. Let us not mention one of the worst characters in fiction, and his name is Philly The Kid. Philly The Kid has a depth of a cardboard box. Cannon Busters’ characters have no character real development. I was surprised this was made. The only thing positive I can say that the animation is mediocre, and I will stop supporting dub anime or English translated manga. Looks like I’m going to be buying Japanese Anime & Manga that is in Japanese. Don’t support this “anime”. If you care about the Anime Industry.

  2. He’s spot on, on all accounts. To the Christians in the comments, he is not wrong all the best parts of Christianity do not come from the Bible but pre christian paganism. All semetic faiths were ways of using political power to over throw nations. It is a death cult. Don’t selfishly think of your life in a future world that doesn’t even exist. Instead improve this world for the future of your children.

  3. There are a number of problems with the translation throughout, but one thing in particular (which touches on my own area of expertise) stands out and merits specific amendment:

    You have fatally misquoted Yaginuma on SEALDs. Far from saying that SEALDs was a group opposed to malignant Christian activity in Japan, he is saying that they are part of it.

    In fact, a founding member and the most vocal “leader” of SEALDs is the son of a prominent Christian pastor, who is almost certainly a Zainichi Korean. SEALDs as a group from the very beginning had strong but obscured ties to the JCP which is another notorious outlet for Zainichi Korean mischief.

    In the first place, Yaginuma says that the main perpetrators of malignant Christian activity in Japan are Uristians, which is meme-talk for the Korean (and Zainichi Korean) version of Christianity. Some mongrel form of Christianity is predominant in Korea, but it is very much a minor religion in Japan, and insofar as it exists at all, and especially in recent years, it is almost completely dominated by anti-Japanese ethnic Koreans and their dupes.

    What Yaginuma says about SEALDs is that they look like innocent young people awakening to politics for the first time, but actually they are just another example of Uristian trouble-making. His point is that these sorts of fake activist groups, that present themselves as benign and well-meaning grassroots organisations, pop up all over the globe to represent noxious Jewish interests. Think about student activism, or anything allied with entities like GetUp or antifa. That’s what SEALDs is like.

    Other examples of the same sorts of thing in Japan are a lot of anti-nuclear activists, and those who protest against U.S. military presence in Okinawa. It’s a bit ironic since both of those issues are very much tied to historic U.S. foreign policy interests (and, it should go without saying, that Article 9 and the earlier issues SEALDs were concerned with are tied up with the U.S. adventures in the Middle East). There’s a tension in that all of these protest groups are broadly anti-American, while they’re also part of the trend of bringing in Jewish social poison from U.S. politics in to Japan.

  4. I’ve been seeing some tweets saying that Yaginuma is being blacklisted in the industry or got fired or something. Is this true?

  5. Great Interview! (((CrunchyRoll)))) is cancer.
    I think that Yaginuma-san needs to know a couple of facts that could help him to a better understanding of Christianity.
    1. The atom bombs that were dropped on Japan were almost entirely JEWISH in origin–the Manhattan project was led by J. Robert Oppenheimer, and included Edward Teller, Emilio Segre, Joseph Rotblat, Eugene Wigner, etc. … ALL JEWS!
    2. The two cities targeted, Hiroshima and Nagasaki, had Japan’s two largest populations of Christians. The Urakami Cathedral in Nagasaki was used as a landmark for the Bockscar to aim at. Dozens of Japanese Christians died instantly at their morning prayers.
    3. EVERY SINGLE NATION that has ever expelled the Jews (in the modern era) has been a CHRISTIAN nation.
    4. Jews specifically do whatever they can to undermine traditional Christianity, through their control of Hollywood, the news media, and social media.
    Overall though I can understand Yaginuma’s feelings.
    He’s definitely /ourguy/.

    1. Just a thing of note to point out, The two world wars were used to hide U.S. Dollar (pushed onto it’s populous by an unelected body, mind you) collapses as well. These days, we’re coming onto a third collapse of the Dollar (which the Deep State Dollar will be worth as much as the Mexican Dollar at that point) and there’s no war to hide it this time. All that will happen this time is Jews and Democrats alike fleeing out of fear of being punished for their crimes or pure embarrassment, as the FISA memo that Qanon keeps teasing will reveal.

    2. I think the nuclear bombing of Japan was the right thing to do and it should be done again because Japan didn’t apologize for it’s war crimes.
      Btw Jews are smart intelligent pepole that pepole are just jealous of, they are 2x smarter than those Japanese cunts.

      1. You jews are truly subhuman beasts. you are a scourge on the west by your own admissions.
        But this is a good thing. all of humanity will soon stand together hand in hand against the Jewish menace, the hedonistic, filthy rats that are jews.
        I didn’t always hate you guys, but you forced me to. You jews hate all of us and want to destroy my country, people, society, nation, etc.
        We don’t hate you jews because you practice your religion, we hate you because your people hell bent on the destruction of western society and the very fabric of civilization itself.
        you guys could have joined us. we could have prospered and lived in a utopia. but you didn’t. you couldn’t. and some day you will all pay the price.

  6. “Jews want to make everything bloody and dark to rot society” – This part was pretty interesting, because he’s saying that even the violence in anime is part of a pozzed agenda. I’ll have to reflect on this a bit to think if violence in anime (and media) has had any negative effect on me

  7. Lmao, pagans complaining about Christianity as always. Korea which is 30% Christian is much more healthy than atheist Japan. No matter how you look at it.

  8. The Holocaust is nothing more than the Jewish version of the race card. Those fake ((Christians)) sure know how to screw over prosperous countries.

  9. Sasuga, Yaginuma really is /ourguy/. This was way more informative than the ANN “article” which was basically some jewess kvetching about “muh holocaust.”

  10. Great read, I agree with Yaginuma-sensei on many points and commend him for speaking his mind. Few would in his position would. Though, he is one sided when it comes to Christians.

    For the Japanese when they say Christian it’s usually the Catholic church they are referring to as seen in most anime. Also most of the churches in Japan are Catholic; they were the first missionaries who came Japan. I have to agree with him in regards the Catholics. However, while many Christian denominations are quick to lick the boots of the Jews, there are churches who are wary of the Jews. Like my own who preach about Jesus’ cleansing of the temple from (((merchants))) and how they built the golden calf/moloch because they could not wait 40 days and of course how they crucified Jesus because they were losing their grip over the people. Also how Jews today influence politics and media. Of course churches like this are exceptional.

    I’m content with my church and it’s lifestyle and how it benefits me and others around me. I don’t care who left, right, or whatever; I know where I stand. Christian are hated by many nowadays and I understand why. It may sound like I’m saying ‘not all christians’ and well…I am. But its true, there are Christians who practice the gospel while having thier feet firmly planted on the ground.

    1. Christianity in Japan is connected with the Catholic missionaries who came over in the 16th century from Portugal, Italy, and Belgium. Alessandro Valignano and Francis Xavier were very good men who did NOT try to subvert or repace the Japanese culture.
      However, the Spaniards who came later boasted of their earlier conquests and tried to intimidate the Japanese because they wanted to force Japan into being a Spanish sphere of influence rather than one for other European nations.
      This backfired and led to a lot of Christians being persecuted and killed that otherwise would have lived happily.
      There were many Christian daimyos and 20% of Japan’s population (probably at least 40% in Kyushu) were Christian at one point in time. Even Date Masamune, the warlord founder of Sendai, was a Christian. However, the foolishness of the Spanish missionaries spoiled all of that.
      Jews have always been anti-Christian though. There’s a reason that the mostly Jewish Manhattan Project chose to bomb the two Japanese cities with the highest Christian populations in Hiroshima and Nagasaki.

  11. Very smart man. His views on Christianity are spot on. It indeed instills bad morals that make people complacent, submissive, and unable to organize.

  12. Bravo! Read it with immense interest. I watch anime all the time, but it is so unusual to see someone from the anime world speaking the same language I’d see on /pol/.
    Sorry to see Yaginuma-sensei’s views on Christianity are so negative. Was really shocked he cited World Masterpiece Theatre as Christian-influenced; I think it’s so good it has to count as a very positive product of Christian influence.

    1. >Shabbos (((Christian)))
      >Likes Christian propadanga designed to destroy the (Honorary) Aryan spirit

      As someone that was raised Christian and remained that was for two and a half decades until I finally saw through the lies, I can confirm that Yaginuma-sensei is a man that understands the desert trilogy completely. Honestly I thought he would start quoting Himmler. I was able to overcome it within myself so I understand how powerful the mind control he mentioned is.


      “We will have to deal with Christianity in a tougher way than hitherto. We must settle accounts with this Christianity, this greatest of plagues that could have happened to us in our history, which has weakened us in every conflict. If our generation does not do it, then it would I think drag on for a long time. We must overcome it within ourselves.”
      -Heinrich Himmler


      1. I was raised nominally Catholic but had no real understanding of the faith. I spent about a decade as a dedicated atheist, about half as a Nietzschean. I studied “The Antichrist.” But eventually I became a traditional Catholic. I say this only to qualify the following: there are enormous differences, doctrinal moral and spiritual, between the religion of my childhood and the Catholicism that I now confess and practice. I can agree with Yaginuma-sensei’s comments as applied to the former. But as to the latter, I think it is something to which Yaginuma-sensei has had no exposure.

        The Jewish enslavement of the world is predicated upon the modern understanding of human nature as something autonomous, disengaged from and dominant over an inherently meaningless and mechanical universe. This understanding is gnostic and Talmudic in origin. It isolates the psyche within a artificial, meaningless void within which true repentance seems impossible, only an overwhelming regret and self-loathing which most people today mistake for it. Into this void they insert the Zionist and imperialist myth of the chosen people, B’nai Yisrael (the assembled nation of Israel) as the Shekhinah (manifest glory of God), which has no place in Christian orthodoxy.

        I know that in spite of the delusional mentality that most of the West suffers from, the cosmos is actually full of life and inherent significance and constantly broadcasts its own truth and goodness to the human mind. This significance proceeds from the goodness of God and constitutes the natural law. The same understanding of cosmic order can be found in any religious tradition not founded on rabbinical Judaism, including Buddhism and Shinto. I believe that one day the Japanese will find their own way to the Catholic faith without losing this understanding of nature. Above all, true Christianity is a mystical and ascetic religion that focuses on a man’s relation to God through his relation to the created order and does not seek outward domination. But there have been Judaizers who wanted to pervert this from the beginning.

        1. He initially reached out to me through Twitter. From following him I get the impression that he uses a machine translator on English content. All of my interaction with him has been in Japanese.

          1. I see, that’s unfortunate. I can’t bear the idea of communicating through Twitter dms. They may be monitored. Anyway, I was struck by his clarity and the way he described the Japanese people as good natured. Reminded me of the Germans.

      2. In my opinion, one cannot fully overcome one’s upbringing. It’s stuck with them for the remainder of their life. To bear the curse of this imprint means a lifelong struggle with Jewishness.

          1. If the Table Talks are to be believed, Hitler was expecting it’s collapse between 2042-2142. In Mein Kampf, he declared that science would triumph over Christianity. According to Hitler, the key to defeating Christianity lies in monism (abolishing the idea that the world is divided into a “physical” and “spiritual” world, eliminating the contradiction of “immaterial substance”). It is the notion that there is no difference between the material and the immaterial and the realization that there are infinite worlds. Which is why Hitler invoked the title Lord of the Worlds, reminiscient of Giordano Bruno and found in Hindu and Islamic literature. The remarkable similarities between Hitler and Ernst Haeckel’s teachings should show us the path.

          2. I should add that this is perfectly in accord with what was laid down in Rassenpolitik (authorized under Himmler’s supervision), where the tripartite division into body, soul,, and spirit is explicitly rejected. The advent of NS philosophy is portrayed as comparable to Copernicus if not greater.

    2. That is the issue that I am struggling with. I am reading the bible to see by myself what is the deal.
      Is christianity a legit religion that is currently subverted or it has been a kike puppet since the start? It did conquer lands and missionary work can be compared to subversive work. On the other side it opposes muslims, satanists and the worst kind of pagans (the type that sacrificed children on top of murder pyramids).
      My faith is flailing to everywhere.

      1. Of the 109 nations Jews have been expelled from, 109 were Christian nations.
        Jews hate Christians more than anyone else; that’s why they try to subvert them so much.
        Read the entries on ‘JewOrNotJew’, a site run by Jews and for Jews, on Jesus Christ and the Apostle Paul. They have nothing but hatred for them.
        Israel is the only country in the world that Billy Graham was NEVER allowed to hold evangelistic meetings in.
        I can definitely understand why Yaginuma sees Christianity as a foreign influence, and he is wary of it. A lot of Christians need to have more humility in how they share their opinions.
        Overall, I think Yaginuma is a good guy, and he’s definitely on our side.
        In my experience Christianity in Japan is not something that is very widespread, and certainly not subversive.

  13. Bravo! Read it with great interest! Fascinated to see how well-read Yaginuma-sensei is on the subjects at hand.
    Sorry to see his views on Christianity are so negative. Was really surprised to see he cited World Masterpiece Theatre as Christian-influenced; I think it’s so good it’s a very strong point for the pro-Christian camp, demonstrating the good influence of Christianity on culture.

    1. There is truth within christianity, such as abstaining until marriage, but those are germanic value (you can read about it in tacitus’ ‘on germania’) that were incorporated into the religion. Christianity is a syncretic religion, which is why it is so effective at lying, they mixed truth with the lies.

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