The Dubious Origins Of Hanukkah

Hanukkah is the Jewish Kwanza.

I hear every year how Hanukkah is not even an important Jewish Holiday. Let me tell you. Maybe it's partially where I grew up and went to school, New York. New York is the second most populous state of Jews, second to Israel. Very early on in my life, I befriended a Sephardic Jew, as far as I know, an actual true Semite. I remember saying Jesus or one of the modern Hebrew variants Yeshua to the Sephardim's mother. I'm pretty sure she blasphemed Christ or Christianity to my Mother and I. It was a dark scene and the Sephardim's mother didn't let me borrow a computer game she previously offered.

The kid and his family had come to New York because of the "Palestinian Violence." By 7th or 8th grade, Simon the Sephardim had turned into a real dick with something against me. That culminated one day with him talking shit and me snapping, bolting my arm up to his neck and choking him until I saw the look in his eyes change. Make sure you get your kids digging and yard-working, grip strength is important and people find it impressive.

Getting back to Hanukkah, in my early years of grade school, we played dreidel and sang Christmas songs. In Catholic Bible Studies for kids, we learned oddly enough, about Hanukkah. It was a red flag for me even though I was, I guess, somewhere between 9 and 12 years old. The long and short of it is, the teacher did not know where the story was found in the Bible. They relayed the story though nevertheless, "The Miracle Of Lights."

The story of "The Miracle Of Lights" didn't make much sense to me. The story was and I believe still is that the Jews were under siege. They had an oil lamp and one night's worth of oil. God favored those Jews though and their oil burned for eight days. It was a miracle Now, because of this miracle, the Jews somehow were victorious. I asked why we were learning Hanukkah if it had nothing to do with us Christians. I know I said something else too, probably obnoxiously how it was a stupid miracle and/or story and it didn't happen. I remember the scene pretty well for something that happened almost 25 years ago.

I started to become Jew-Wise at most 8 years ago. David Duke's Jewish Supremacy was integral. Over time, as I learned about the Jews, I also spent a year or two in earnest with The Bible. The question was back on my mind, where is Hanukkah? It's not in the Authorized King James Bible. I went on trying to understand as much of The Word as I could. For all the complainers and detractors out there, the only real problem I could find with The Book were issues of continuity.

I had heard of Books called The Maccabees. There are four. As I recall, Books 3 and 4 are questioned for their authenticity. I was reticent to read them having heard of one Christian practice that is attributed to the Books. It's a weird practice that is contrary to the words of Christ.

I did order a book that contained Maccabees 1 and 2. According to up and coming E-Celeb Jay Dyer, both The Catholics and The Eastern Orthodox recognize Maccabees. Maccabees was published in the original 1611 King James Bible too.

I am glad that I did get Maccabees 1 and 2. IIRC, the ordering and/or continuity is a little mixed up but there is a lot of valuable information in the books. Books 3 and 4 are, I think okay to read too. There is redundancy across three of the books but no contradictions that I found.

In general, Maccabees is a bridge between the Old and New Testaments. It's also a bridge making the Bible more relatable. I will try to explain briefly.

The Book of Daniel is an important book. The wickedness of the Jews brought the Babylonians to remove them from The Holy Land as per God's Will. Daniel was given the ability to interpret dreams and deliver prophecy. He used those abilities for the benefit of the Babylonians. He saw that The Babylonians would be replaced by The Medes/Persian Alliance who would in term be replaced by The Greeks led by Alexander. Then Alexander would be replaced by his quarrelsome Generals. Also important to the Prophecies Daniel was given was that Jews would be let to return to their land to rebuild.

Maccabees covers much of the Greek section mentioned above through the lives of the Maccabee Family. Alexander The Great makes an appearance and the Jews Bless him. Much warfare is waged. After Alexander dies, the General who comes to prominence persecutes the Jews so that they may convert to Greek life and religion. Many Jews do. The General, now King or otherwise Ruler profanes The Second Temple. He places a version of Zeus on the Alter and may sacrifice a pig to it. Uncut Greek hunks were camped in Jerusalem and always wrestling each other naked.

The Maccabees are the rebels. They are the good guys. They dislodge the Greeks from the land. When they accomplish that and cleanse The Temple, they do hold a Festival and declare that it be done yearly, commemoratively. This is where Hanukkah comes from. While there were other miracles in the Books, there was no "miracle of light," no oil miracle.

Hanukkah, as practiced today, is most likely a Talmudic invention of the 6th Century. The top resulting Jewish websites on Google are not even sure where the holiday comes from.

But Why Tho?

The Blacks made up Kwanza to keep/invent an identity. What the Jews did with Hanukkah is no different. If they did not spin off a fiction from the Maccabee story, a lot more of their kindred would have converted to Christianity based on the what the Prophets had previously said. The idea of Hanukkah can also confuse or mystify the Christians as the Judeos twist fulfilled prophecies for modern day Israel.

By making a fork in the road, the Jews created a fun holiday with gifts and complete with a "miracle." It's not much different from studying the Torah rather than the full Old Testament or the Talmud rather than the Torah.

Happy week of the Maccabees Victory!

If The Maccabees didn't have the Faith and sense of Duty to remove the Greeks who Blasphemed The Temple/House and Land Of The Father, God's Prophesy would have been made to none effect and the coming of Christ at best delayed.

The Menorah is a symbol of the Jews reject of Christ and God. It is another lie and another example of the Jews proclaiming to be Holy when they are the opposite.

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  1. This is the cringiest thing I read. Very awkward when a “””””””journalist”””””” tries to boast about his physical strength in an “””””article””””.

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