An Alt-Right Confession

New York Times opinion piece on interracial dating moves Alt-Right writer to expose his identity to the world.

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I knew this day would come. When I first began writing for AnimeRightNews, I thought it would just be a small blog, a place I could come to sort myself out, shitpost with a few internet friends, and take over the world.

Little did I know how much impact this website would have on American identity politics and thereby come back to haunt the ones I dearly love.

This Is My Story

I didn't always have a South American girlfriend.

I grew up in central Texas, went to a good school and graduated with an accounting degree. 

My career counselors all said I should go into teaching, and that was my plan initially until I met my future wife.

Once I fell in love I knew teaching would not provide enough income to sustain a family, something both of us wanted.

After college (she was older) we got married, got a house, and started our family.

The Age of Bliss

My work was going well. I traveled frequently but thankfully was also able to work from home. With two people and land, my wife decided we should raise llamas.

I thought this was a horrible idea, but God works in mysterious ways and in his own time.

The farm did well. Thanks to community support we were able to expand and became a significant force in the fiber market in Texas.

This success brought added clout to our family, me having come from a well known Texas family, and her coming from a community of strong numbers. We mixed with some power brokers of the state, namely the "Shrub" family, new to the state, but wary and capable of gaining land and political traction, even attempting to buy our ranch and the ones surrounding ours.

While my family had no real power, our community was concerned with these out of towners, not being from Texas like the rest of us were.

The Rainbow And The Abyss

My wife wanted a future for our firstborn and ran in political circles I had formerly shunned.

His birth fueled a fire in her I had not seen before yet I loved her more and more.

Our son had just turned 10.

Coming back from a fundraising event to keep the Shrub family in check, there was an accident.

She passed soon after.

Not going much into that except to say  I was not able to properly honor her passing.

I broke.

The Screw

I grew distant.

At first my widow's family was very supportive, but they are a strong people, and I was not able to deal with seeing them.

I decided I would need to get a nanny, and sent my son to a nice boarding school in near Austin, while I myself, mired in my stew.
I'll admit, I did not do enough homework on the nanny, but in the end, I think that was a path that was given to me, a hidden blessing from God. 

During my time between his mothers passing and my falling in love, I had become bitter, engrained in what I perceived to be an ever infringing meddling from foreign governments.

We also had an increasing amount of crime to deal with as our community grew, and some of this crime was violent due both to growing population due to urban sprawl as well as in influx of newcomers from the South.

Fate, it seems, is not without a sense of irony.


A beautiful and young woman from Columbia, with a vast and storied history to her families name.

They were a mix of Columbian and Cuban, an interesting bunch that was a bit gruff for my liking, but amenable to my son, and loyal and caring as any family could be.

Years later, after we had fallen in love and married (with our son's approval) she told me the truth and the hardship of her life.

The nanny/maid was actually a former member of FARC, forced into conscription against her will to protect her family, a sacrificial hostage meant to tie loyalty for forces which had crept into her ancestral farming community due to the conflict that raged so long in her homeland.

The Incident

My son, having just graduated high school, decided he wanted to travel. 

I was excited, as was Swan, who would later accompany him.
I imagined a trek across Europe, imagine my surprise to learn he wanted to go East.

I was shocked. Shocked I knew nothing about his interests, shocked to learn he was not me. 

While in Asia, there was an incident with his tour group (he was spending time in Southeast Asia at this time). The group was on a bus trip near Thailand when protests broke out and the bus was put under police protection.


The police sent the bus to a church, where they were told to stay until the conflict ended.

(The families were also "asked" to make a generous donation to the "church", which we did to ensure no complications)

Unfortunately, Swan was taken and interrogated as the police thought she was Phillipino.

When she came back, she was rattled, and I saw in her the same look I had seen in myself earlier in my life.

Since she has been back she does not leave the house much (we were forced to partially sell out to the Shrub family a few years before) but she became very invested in entertainment and politics.

And that's where we connect now.
Let's be honest, the content form the mainstream media and entertainment industry is lacking, and as a family with a complicated past, we just could not force ourselves to ingest it.

That's where we found Anime and the Alt-Right.

We have both seen tragedy in our lives.
We have both been carpetbagged by outsiders.

She, a mysterious maid from Columbia
And I, a land baron from Texas.

Davy Crockett says Lonestar

I won't dignify our lives by calling this revenge.
This is about dogs tearing at each other.

Here is the link to the NYTimes story that inspired my confession

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