Depopulation Theory And Population Control

There is an imminent plan to reduce global population using individualism, consumerism, isolation, and environmental aspects.

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Global dominance is nothing new. Whether it be for the advancement of genetics, power consolidation, technology, or environmental conservation, conquerors have always had one idea in mind, to unite all people on the globe and institute control of all of humanity.

While this may seem a rather grandiose, conspiratorial thought, it is not without merit historically.

From Alexander the Great, to Hitler, to China, Russia, and the USA empires, this has always been a common goal.

One way to observe this is by substitution of the power element for the policies they enforce, and outcomes that prevail.

Whether it be submission (via religious or ideological enforcement) , consumerism and individualism, or global consciousness, there is one element that all these power structures share: population control. 

Power consolidation

Depopulation Theory is the term we will use to explore these structures using parallel construction.

Consumerism and individualism

There are a few ways one can control population growth and reduction.

  1. Violence: via ideological enforcement.
  2. Starvation: controlling the means of production.
  3. Choice: by trickery, bullying and shame, or willing submission.

The first two techniques are rather easy to identify, from taxation on childless peoples and outright purges (see Stalin or Hitler), or enforcement of one child policy (China), these forms of population control are both taxing on the power structures via heavy uses of resources (bullets are expensive) or heavy tolls on the existing power structures (China’s economic shift to capitalism) and can lead to blowback and thereby ruin the goal of power consolidation.

It is the 3rd point I would like to focus on today.

Religion and submission

Population growth : Religious

Repopulation by trickery, bullying and shame, or willing submission : Religious.

In order to control population there has historically been two uses, religious (population growth) and secular (population reduction) means.

In most popular religions, submission to the power structure is the tool used to gain willingness of dominance by the followers.

Whether it be Buddhism, Christianity, or Islam, submission is a key factor.
A willingness to believe in miracles outside the normal realm of reality is a key factor in cementing power over those who believe it.

(Note: My goal is not to promote atheism or disprove miracles, but only to show the outcomes in control subjugating to these ideals has.)

By uniting a people based on these beliefs, they will then willingly self advocate for all the ideals of the religious proselytization given by those who control it. This usually advocates for familial values, and procreation to further the religion and show joy to their God, thus leading to population growth.

This willing submission need not only be attributed to religion however, as other ideological or economic methods are also used.

Individualism and consumerism

Behavioral sink is term generally used to describe the outcome of overpopulation, but what if it is a metric used to induce it instead.

Depopulation by trickery, bullying and shame, or willing submission : Secular

Lifeboat ethics, Spaceship Earth, the Tragedy of the Commons, and the Anime Economy

Secular submission through moral relativism and the individualized economy.


While bullying is not centralized to religious orders, using shame and trickery, modern ideologies force submission using shame, bullying and censorship.

Something I would like you to consider. What attributes of capitalism and communism are the same?  The answer is submission, whether it be to the economy, morality, or government,  these ideas result in a commonality, giving up control to an ideology.

In what we perceive today as Western civilization we see an ideology that is based on increasing the standard of living for individuals and, while this has led to great outcomes, such as technology, and the reduction of poverty overall, there are always side effects, one of which is a reduction of population.

By creating an ever expanding economic sector, we drive the populace to  depend on self interest. In some cases this leads to focusing more on a  particular child, thereby reducing bigger families, or by promoting  ideas of self, such as caring more for our own interests than others.

This  can lead to depopulation via greed, as we spend more time caring for  ourselves and the ideals we each care about. As western civilization  flourishes, populations tend to decline, and new sources of population  growth need to be found. This is usually in the form of immigration.

Even  as these immigrants come into our societies, the proceeding generations  tend to have less children than preceding generations due to the  capitalistic and self serving ideals that form this ideology.

Economic  interests that promote depopulation include entertainment,  individualized thought processes that separate us from others, and the  willingness to isolate to protect our held views.

I would point  to the history of Europe and the USA today to show how dependent they  have become on immigration to support their population metrics.

As  the world becomes more centralized, the ability to find immigrants will  soon deplete, then where will we substitute our growth from?  The end  game will be depopulation.

Communism and Marxism

Arguments against communism are pretty obvious in their role in population control, as they consistently use the first two metrics I listed: violence and starvation. They do also use choice as well, usually through trickery or shame.

Depopulation via environmental conservation

Let’s be honest, if we believe that humans have an impact  on the earth’s climate, there is one metric we can use to control that,  the amount of people and what they are allowed to consume.

By shaming people into moral relativism, we can encourage them to stop procreating.
This is an obvious byproduct of climate change, but not one without considering.

A  study found that greater population density (the number of people per  square kilometre) was associated with higher rates of mental health  problems, specifically depression and psychosis.

Even  if climate change is not real, population density and its effects are  proven. As the world population grows, these problems will increase,  along with the societal problems they bring with them. This can also be  seen in heavy users of social media, as it exponentially increases the  density of its users in its ability to give access to millions of people  at once.

Critical theory and NeoMarxism :Isolation Depopulation

As seen by social media, censorship and bullying are another way to isolate populations.
This isolation can lead to a regression into the self, and a tendency to shy away from social situations, which then can lead to more people not forming the social bonds needed to find a mate.

When compared to the control of high density populations, this type of control mirrors heavily the way in which law is applied in high density populations compared to rural populations via the enforcement of misdemeanors and citations (see jaywalking and loitering differentials as an example).

Critical theory also leads to isolationism via historical and ideological revisionism.

By changing closely held identity beliefs and moving the goalposts in morality, these groups, in their conquest of progress, actually tend to divide and isolate populations using confusion and shaming.

By claiming a moral high ground, they isolate the population and scare them away from socialization, unless the population is wholeheartedly willing to succumb to the ideas of their ideology, which are always changing (i.e. moving the goalposts).

These structures, while having the highest moral goals have the same unintended effect as capitalism, which is the reduction of population growth using isolation, this time by trickery and submission to isolation instead of by choice of self, which capitalism uses more frequently.

So what is your opinion on population control?

Is depopulation via outside influence immoral?
Or is this maybe just the choice that we need to make as a more centralized force of humanity?
Please login, comment, and feel free to share your opinion.

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  1. There is a new e-book on amazon called – From Malthus to Mifepristone: A Primer on the Population Control Movement

  2. (((they))) only wanted white people to depopulate
    also, notice how all the environmentalist leftists have disappeared – it was only ever about politics

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