Exposed: JF Gariepy Gets Trolled

In an attempt to dismiss harsh feedback, JF offers up a vast right-wing conspiracy.

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Here at the AnimeRight, we take our right wing drama very serious. When JF Gariepy speaks we listen, but when MicroChip steps in we have to report on it. Put on your poodle skirt, fire up the flat iron and pose using a SnapChat puppy filter because this episode of Right Wing Gossip Squads is gonna hit levels of near high school tier drama we didn't even know was possible.

A Bit of History To Get You Oriented

Shortly after the Warski Live public break up of JF and Andy Warski in late April of 2018, JF rebranded his youtube channel as The Public Space and brought on a new female co-host Lauren Rose. JF had established himself as the new crush of the 1488 crowd for his repeatedly open stance on race realness, the JQ, and all around support of many topics near and dear to allies and friends of White Identity.

For a time it was good.

Then the day after Senate candidate Patrick Little came up short in his run for a California Senate seat, Lauren Rose tweeted out a video clip of Patrick Little:

This wasn't well received from the White Nationalist crowd. Some echoes of dissent began to appear across Twitter and Gab in opposition to her "counter signal" of JF's audience newest fan fave, Patrick Little.

Faced with much negative feedback, Miss Rose once again tweeted about Mr. Little:

This type of peer criticism is seen as high cuckery by the 1488 crowd who began to call for her to be fired from The Public Space.

If you are unaware of how things work on the ethnonationalism side of this overall right-wing movement, allow me to catch you up to speed.

When those on the so-called "far right" endorse an e-celeb for their commitment to platforming folks like Christopher Cantwell, Patrick Little, or Paul Nehlen, they are very particular about how that e-celeb conducts themselves going forward. Any scent of betrayal or support of counter-signaling them or their message is met with fierce backlash. Name calling, downvoting, meme attacks, and all manner of disavowals are soon to follow.

It appears that Papa JF did not receive this memo before he was signed up as the new darling of the white ethnostate community.

Unbeknownst to Lauren Rose, this story is about to take a sharp turn as JF decided to do a live stream to set the record straight about the actions of his co-host.

"oh no he didn't!" -Guy with a Hitler avatar

This live stream titled "Lauren Did Nothing Wrong" which absolved Lauren Rose of any wrongdoing, absolutely infuriated JF's recently acquired fanbase.

Comments and posts across YouTube, Twitter, and Gab started to pile up as they expressed their deepest disapproval. Accusations of "white knight", "thot defender", "traitor", and "cuck" began to fill the comments and super chats associated with The Public Space.

These events seemed to have prompted JF to make a series of claims that basically no one could have predicted.


No really... bots.

#Killstream: Warski/Dyer Split - Jim/JF/Warksi/Dyer All Appear Live

tl;dr It's not actually an organic backlash, its a coordinated bot army downvoting his videos. Additionally, JF banned the accounts of anyone who commented with "white knight" from The Public Space youtube account.

Annnd This Is Where MicroChip™ Comes In

In an attempt to substantiate his claims of a coordinated automated attack, JF used screenshots to prove that this effort was coordinated by none other than the dreaded uber troll MicroChip™. *spooky_music.wav*

Exhibit A:

A detailed account of these claims even got it's own The Public Space episode

A clipped version which gets to the point


So, according to JF this is the doing (at least in part) of MicroChip. The Internet madman using 20,000 account botnet to target JF's content because MicroChip wants to destroy anyone who isn't fully radicalized, screaming 1488 at the sky, and shoving Jews into easy bake ovens?


b-but the screenshots!!!!1

Oh the screenshots? They are bullshit tier conflation of previous shit talking. Some of the screenshots that JF offered up timestamped "today" were actually taken from Baked Alaska's discord server in mid-April. Well before any of this occurred. 

Out Of Context MicroChip twitter account when?

To be fair, JF claims he doesn't know MicroChip. It's also highly possible JF obtained the screenshots from a third party who is attempting to trick him into double downing on these bot claims.

I will not disclose if that third party was Micro or not.

Nice Guy MicroChip™

In a rare break of character, MicroChip took it upon himself to join JF's discord server after this retarded incident occurred looking to clue him in on being trolled.

MicroChip was quickly banned after mods were alerted of Micro's presence.

So What Does All This Mean?

Basically, JF doesn't seem to understand or is unwilling to admit understanding his newly acquired audience. They are serious about their devotion to their ideals. They do not deviate. They are relentless when they feel mislead or betrayed. Some may think this is unfair, unwarranted, or generally kinda gay but this is the reality of the situation.

The downvotes are most likely from the White Nationalist crew. They have not hidden their feelings on this matter. They can easily produce a few hundred to a thousand downvotes. These are real people who do not like being un-personed by being told they are bots.

Why does it have to be a vast conspiracy? It doesn't. You have NatSocs and other White Nationalists in your fanbase now and you defended a woman who insulted Patrick Little. Seems pretty straightforward. Just accept the feedback and move on. Feeding this situation by addressing it to the nth degree with elaborate excuses while dismissing (and disrespecting) those who have expressed their discontent is a recipe for getting trolled on.

If you are reading this JF, don't be mad my dude. As a fellow traveler who's also on the spectrum, we gotta stick together...

Please don't call me a bot! lol


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You know what? I’m gonna tell you right now, this is from her father, you bunch of lying, no-good punks! And I know who it’s coming from, because I back-traced it, and I know who’s emailing and who’s doing it, and you’ve been reported to cyber police and the state police. You better not write one more thing or screw with my computer again, you’ll be arrested, end of conversation, from her father! And if you come near my daughter, guess what? Consequences will never be the same, you lying bunch of pricks!


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  1. The alt-right is redefining the definition of “counter-signaling” To counter signal is to do absolutely no signaling at all because your position/stature is so strong that you do not need to sell it, it sells itself. Counter-signal means to do the opposite of signal (play coy), it does not mean to signal opposite position of another.

  2. JF is literally autistic, that’s the whole story here, he can’t understand the emotions involved with at least pretending Little has going to do something (Everyone knew his candidacy was a meme).

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