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  • Zanting

A Joy Reid Tweet Which Didn't Age Well

Anime Right News fully supports smug Sucy as our overlord.

  • Zanting

#JoyWeeb: Did Anime Nazis Prevent WWIII?

The accidental exposure of Genie Energy's relation to the Trump administrat...

  • Zanting

MSNBC & The Daily Beast Endorse Anime Right News

Joy Reid of AM Joy & The Rachel Maddow Show uses Anime Right News as a sour...

  • Zanting

Reagan Battalion Besieged by "Anime Bots"

NY Radio Host Suspected of Orchestrating the Harassment

  • JohnLambo4

Anime Right, Alt-Right, Strike Your Enemies Now!!!

Pay the shills no attention and their advertisers will not pay them.

  • JohnLambo4

Official Response From Anime Right News To The Rebel Me...

Important announcement.

  • Zanting

The Reagan Battalion Rudely Snubbed The Anime Right

They're prestigious and so are we. What's the problem?

  • JohnLambo4

Rant about Jvloggers, weebs, & "anti-racist" liberals

Just my rant about stuff. Jvloggers part starts at 24:00

  • nazichan1488

Lies, Damned Lies, And Ebola

An Ebola-chan update w/ a side of conspiracy.

  • Göbekli Pepe

Kurt Eichenwald: This Hentai? Well I Was Trying To Prov...

Eichenwald was found to be looking at Hentai when showing an anti-Semitic l...

  • Dutch

Anime 101: Anime Production For Dummies! [Part 2]

In this article we're learning about Anime production.

  • Todd_Senpai

Anime 101: Anime Production For Dummies! [Part 1]

Learning about anime can be as fun as watching it!

  • Todd_Senpai

BuzzFeed Reporter Jane Lytvynenko Reports On Cartoon Ne...

Anime Right News mentioned by BuzzFeed.

  • Zanting

Baked Alaska Has A New Discord

Baked Alaska has invited anybody who wants to join him on Discord.

  • Cutlass9mm

Why Is Anime Becoming Much More Popular While TV Rating...

At least from what I see, Waifus will replace celebrities sooner rather tha...

  • Adamatseu