Palestinians Slaughtered By Israel At Jerusalem Embassy Protest

Palestinian zerg rush?

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Anime Right News (ARN— More than 55 Palestinians have been killed and more than 2770 injured at the Jerusalem embassy protests at the Gaza border. Over 40,000 Palestinians attended the protest against the United States officially moving their embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem. A decision that angered the Palestinians as it marginalised them in the eyes of the United States. 

Armed with little more than slings and rocks the Palestinian protesters were met with deadly force by IDF soldiers, and even Israeli tanks and military jets, as they must have got too close to the Israeli lines.

The Trump administration was uncharacteristically silent on the massacre despite being present at the embassy opening celebration at Jerusalem. Jared Kushner and Ivanka Trump were also present along with Netenyahu.

The move completes the two campaign promises made to Israel by Trump, the embassy move to Jerusalem and scrapping the Iran nuclear deal.

Both South Africa and Turkey have withdrawn their ambassadors to Israel in protest against the massacre.

The United States have already blocked any investigation into the massacre by the United Nations  although it should be noted the United States, especially Nikki Haley have been very quick to condemn Syria in the past over a chemical attack false flag orchestrated by the White helmets and the U.K. government. And even condemned and sanctioned Russia over the bizzare Salisbury Novichok false flag.

An excellent point made that the standard set by Israel and endorsed by the US does not hold true for Europe, which has had to endure a massive influx of migrants from the Middle East and even sub Sahara Africa. Such an action by a European nation would necessarily provoke immidiate condemnation from the mainstream media and even an immidiate and crushing response from the United States military.

The same holds true for the United States - Mexico border which has seen massive levels of unchecked illegal immigration, and even recently a massive migrant caravan held huge protests at the border, and many made it into the US. And still no much needed border wall that is intensively demonized and condemned by the media.

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