The Evolution of Ideology
Many of us are finding that we have been pushed further right on the political spectrum than ever before.


Anime Right News (ARN) —Looking back over the campaign through today I see that I have changed a lot as far as where on the political spectrum. About 6 months ago I would have described myself as Alt Lite looking up to people like Mike Cernovich and Milo. If you would have told me then that I would be posting anti jewish memes and making shitposts on ARN, I would have laughed at you. All this hit me the other day when I came across a tweet from an old friend in my Alt Lite days seen here:

It is to be noted that Stefanie is probably just LARPing to get Ezra's attention but the motivation is not what's important here. It wasn't too long ago that I was making similar tweets. I dont have these archived but they probably went something like this: "Israel is our most important ally" or "Israel is the greatest democracy in the region" Yes I have made those tweets before and I never got my shekels LOL!  All jokes aside is how did I go from that to this:

And maybe you haven't found yourself as extreme as me but I bet you, you're a lot more 'right' then you were just 6 months ago.  The moar the left pushes at us everyday the moar right we move. To what end?? Whats happening I think is in these desperate times people search for the truth the harder they are pushed and what they are finding some don't like. Just take a look at what I'm talking about here:

Over the course of my life I have swallowed many red pills going back to my first with Alex Jones talking about the NWO(New World Order) and the Illuminati to the last red pill I swallowed. It replaced NWO with ZOG(Zionist Occupation Government) Its hard to make that jump but if you don't let denial cloud your vision as I did for so long, you will. Just looking at the mess Europe is in right now you have to start asking yourself why is this happening? Any research into the subject on why Europe is on the path it on will lead you to the Coudenhove-Kalergi plan (The genocide of the People of Europe).  This is know Zionist plan that is leading to the destruction of Europe as we speak, or how cozy Israel and ISIS really are. In these extreme times you will have to deal with all the horrors in this world in some way or fashion.  Will you choose to accept the facts you find or will you ignore them for fear of being called an anti-Semite.  Am I calling for the deaths of jews, hell no! But if we are gonna have an honest debate about Islam then we also have to an honest debate about Zionism. 


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