Anime Is Our Greatest Strength

Anime as a catalyst for changing the world. Not for normalfags.

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This is a follow-up to my article on the pacification possibilities of anime, and is intended to be read after it:

This may sound far-fetched, or outside what you consider normie common sense. If this does not resonate with you, that is fine. If just one more Causality Conductor is inspired to come forward and defend any part of the civilized world from the JWO before it is too late, that is a victory beyond measure. 

While few, if any, reading this the first time will realize it, contained herein is everything you need to make all of your dreams come true. 

The Quantum Physics

Fully understanding the strength of anime from a scientific perspective requires a fair background in quantum physics. As most people do not study quantum physics, I will attempt to summarize a large part of a science in a few paragraphs.

The living human brain is constantly emitting particles. What is emitted changes based upon how the individual feels, what he is thinking about, his conscious beliefs, unconscious beliefs and other factors. These particles interact with other particles (like each other, or other people, or future possibilities) and draw things that match them to the source (i.e. you). These particles change reality around you, and you consciously decide what to do with those changing factors, leading new particles being emitted by your brain, etc. etc. The most consciously confusing, although scientifically validated, part of this is the means to your desired destination tends to come from sources outside of your conscious perception. 

The idea is to emit particles matching what you want as often as possible. In general, this is done by feeling good in natural ways. For example, watching anime that gets you hyped up and believing you can do anything followed by concerted action is a good option, while relying upon mind altering chemicals will have the opposite effect sooner rather than later.

Simplifying the physics again, some things you enjoy or make you feel "good" provide this in a negative feedback loop. Porn, hentai and mindless entertainment may make you superficially feel good in the moment, but it isn't making you feel good in a way that leads to long-term changes. Spending all of your money doing coke off a hooker's ass may make you feel good for the hour, but doing that instead of paying your rent doesn't necessarily lead to the best possible future.

Educating the reader on the subject from start to finish goes beyond the scope of this article. If more information is needed, read up on Quantum Theory for a scientific perspective or New Thought for a metaphysical/magickal perspective. Either will ultimately teach you the same material.

The Process

The benefit of anime is that it exists enough outside the realm of your current life, that it expands your thinking of what is possible, and when you're watching anime properly you start to bring things that give you the same feeling into your life. You literally create them on a quantum level. Anime shows you things in your life you don't want, giving you the opportunity to turn your back on it so you can clarify and focus on what you do want.

I believe this will make more sense with some examples of what has worked for me. I'll share a few examples that should demonstrate the principles.

Yoroiden Samurai Troopers/Ronin Warriors

The Ronin Warriors dub completely blew my mind when I saw it during its original airing in the US, so this may have more of an impact on me than it does on others. That is fine, what matters most is finding what resonates with you, and how it helps you save the world. That is not hyperbole.

Watching it as an adult with a massive list of anime under my belt on MAL, this doesn't captivate me the way it did in middle school. However, there are two scenes that never fail to massively raise my vibration, give me chills, resolve troubled internal voices and push me toward taking action.

In episode 15 Shuten/Anubis has his free will restored and confronts the choice he must make for what to do next. He and I share Chuugi (Loyalty) as our Virtue of Bushido. Shuten comes to terms with his responsibility to determine what is worthy of his loyalty, what he values, what he will fight to protect, what he will kill to protect and where to go from here. For me, this scene has a powerful calming and centering effect that removes all mental clutter and gives a moment of clarity. 

Basic information about the Virtues of Bushido can be found here:

The other moment comes at the end of episode 37. Shuten witnesses the destruction of the forces of good and it appears as if he was too late to make a difference. With evil closing in on all sides he is given a literal sign from the heavens that he is no longer able to turn away from the sword and must fight the hordes of evil again. Whenever I have questioned whether or not it is worth the trouble of fighting for the power to save my people after the temporary defeat in my Congressional run, Odin, Vidar, and Skuld have used this imagery to show me that I must fight again.  

Possibly because of my personal attachment to the dub, the Ronin Warriors versions of these scenes have an even greater effect on me than the originals. Your results may vary. 

Tenchi Muyo

I have seen many people credit the OVA as the beginning of the harem genre in its modern form. That has always confused me; I see something far greater in these stories. In the interest of brevity, I will only mention three here.

The first two OVA series show a man the hero's journey. Coming from relatively plain beginnings Tenchi develops an iron will, the determination to fight and overcome all obstacles in his path, to defend everything and everyone he holds dear from those who would destroy them…he becomes a man of the sword in the truest and highest sense of those words. It shows you how to make the internal changes you need to make to be the hero you have always wanted to be.

Tenchi Muyo In Love (different continuity, comes after the TV series) is more about taking action when you know how to have something to protect, when you know there is something you must do. There is something about the Achika dub voice that gives me an urge to protect everything precious to me. "Because forgiveness, for one like you, could never be an option." When she says that line the energy it fills me with gives me the courage to do what must be done to fight the enemy of our people and do what must be done. If I ever find myself wondering if anything we do makes a difference, this reminds me that evil must be dealt with unyieldingly.

Lastly, there is the end of the last episode of the TV series, starting after the bumper. It appears as though everything has come to an end and there is nothing left but live life as a normie. Tenchi thinks he sees one of his comrades, but it was merely his imagination. Until a little later, when it isn't. The context of this, combined with the music, has always put my vibration at the optimum level for creation. I find this particular scene to be incredibly powerful in English and Japanese, each for different reasons. What has stuck with me the most is that "if you wait long enough, the carnival will always come back to you." My doldrums and arguably justified lack of faith in the American people lasted nearly a decade, but the carnival has finally come back. With the third worlding of the civilized world, it may not come again. I will not allow pass unnoticed.

I do not want to give a false impression that I support English dubs; I just happen to have mentioned the few aberrations that prove the rule. The guy who did Strike Otoko in Taiho Shichauzo was good and Ghost Stories was woke on the JQ. Enjoy it while you can dubfags, because I'll never say another nice thing about an English dub again.

Majikoi/Maji de Watashi ni Koishinasai!

If you have only seen the anime…you don't know Majikoi at all. While being strongly received by people introduced to the series that way, it is not even a pimple on the ass of the games. These are top kek galge, some of the masterpieces of the art form.

They demonstrate the value of thinking with the big head, shows that people in power don't have to be boring suits unwilling to get their hands dirty, the value of planning, the value of action…if you have not played these games you are doing yourself a huge disservice. Clear all routes. You will not regret it. Telling you more would rob you of the experience.

Muv-Luv Extra/Unlimited/Alternative

I have already discussed Extra and Unlimited in depth and will not do so again in this article. You can read that here:

Muv-Luv Alternative is another masterpiece everyone must experience. You learn how to overcome the temporary defeat some might call failure, see failure hit harder than it will probably ever hit you, come back from that bottomless pit, possibly come to understand why the universe around you changes the questions as soon as you think you have the answers…and so much more. Like Majikoi there is a fan and commercial translation available. Play it, enjoy it and let it help you grow as a man.


As you may have noticed with the game recommendations, I am intentionally not giving you all of the information on a silver platter. The only way you are going to understand is by experiencing these things yourself and using the energy it creates within you to change the world around you. 

Here is the dirty secret that members of the tribe in secret societies don't want you to know: the biggest difference between you, and those who have, be and do everything you want, are the size of your dreams and time.   

Here it got real. Being able to make use of this information is where the rubber meets the road. And we're not stopping here. This was all I intended to do at first, but when writing this I decided to go all of the way with you. In the thrilling conclusion, we are making anime real and we are taking over. Not taking over like Across in Excel Saga – for real. And yes, I'm serious. Dead fucking serious.



Real life prince, real-life ecchi and real-life holder of two doctorates. Former Congressional candidate weighing the possibility of running for US Senate or President in 2020. Also known to be an erstwhile translator of otaku culture: Twitter shitposter: and thinker of wrong thoughts:      

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