Galge Company Candy Soft and former PRIDE Fighter Heath Herring Like AnimeRight

Meme magic is real. You too can redpill on both sides of the Pacific.

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This article is not here to pat myself on the back. On the contrary, I want you to see that you can influence people who are not already hardcore redpilled AnimeRight, HH Nationalists (Honorary and HuWhite brother, HH) or some other segment of the informed racialist right. 

Targeting people with a gorillion followers that get mentioned 6 million times a day isn’t the way to go. At that point you’re a statistic used to gauge interest, not someone being interacted with as an individual. The target area is someone/an entity that has done something that interests you, yet is small enough to actually pay attention to notifications they receive on Twitter.

If you’ve ever browsed my feed, you see that I don’t post a lot in Japanese. When I make AnimeRight memes I make Japanese versions, sometimes I’ll do a dual-language tweet if it’s something simple like wishing happy birthday to a Minato Soft character, but aside from that it’s primarily the hashtags #animeright (#アニメ右翼) and #maiwaifu (#俺の嫁). Note: Momiji-tan has not yet memed アニメ右翼 into being nearly as much of a thing in Japan as it is in west so you’ll need other Japanese language knowledge to get attention from the Japanese. A copy/paste of the hashtag isn’t going to do much by itself.

Nonetheless, you are a particularly interested social media contact for Japanese otaku/people in general/companies/ While not as rare as it used to be, White foreigners with some Japanese language skills are still enough of a novelty that even without perfect Japanese you can get curiosity glances a random Japanese fan won’t. Japanese companies and people still take great pride in being recognized by White foreigners. It’s one thing to be a star in Japan, it’s quite another for the Japanese to be recognized for excellence in America. See every Japanese MLB player ever for an example of the principle.  

Hanabishi Yurina ready to "let's baseball!" as the Engrish goes. From Candy Soft's Ane Yome Quartet.

Getting Love From Candy Soft

Candy Soft is a name that may not be familiar to most readers, but they are a significant galge company. They are best known for the Tsuyokiss series and Gun Knight Girl in Japan. Readers here are more likely to have been exposed to the Tsuyokiss TV series or Nee, Chanto Shiyo Yo OVA that were translated some years ago.

The company now follows AnimeRight shitposting me on Twitter, from their official corporate account and I've had little direct interaction with them. I've followed Candy Soft about as long as I've been on Twitter due to a genuine interest in their products, but I rarely reply, like or retweet anything from them. Birthday messages in Japanese for MinatoSoft characters (MinatoSoft was started by former Candy Soft people in 2007) is the closest thing I have to direct interaction with them.

What got the attention of a few people working there (as I can confirm from people in Candy Soft I now talk to as a result of this) is making AnimeRight meme warfare accessible to the former and future Japanese Empire. This one in particular made its way around the office and was embraced seriously, rather than ironically.

Pinochet-chan says "The answer to 1984 is 1973." 1973 was of course the year Pinochet and his fellow patriots saved Chile from communism. Chile remains one of only three first world countries in the Americas to this day.

Memes have the same potential in Japanese that they do in English, only it is more novel in Japan and provides more of a ground floor opportunity to influence. The biggest obstacle in crafting memes in Japanese is to make sure your meme has impact in Japan. Example: "The Jews feat the samurai" has been memed into being a thing in the west, but in Japan Haku is just some old crazy monk guy and no one knows who he is. How did I determine this? A Japanese otaku asked me why Jews were afraid of swords. 

Spreading the AnimeRight to Japan isn't going to be for everyone, but if you make AnimeRight memes that are universal enough to apply in Japan, consider making a Japanese version of the meme at the same time. I use to generate memes with no watermarks or Photoshop skills.

PRIDE, UFC and RIZIN star Heath Herring Embraces Governmentphobia

There are similarities with Heath and Candy Soft. I've followed him for awhile because I was a fan during his heyday and greatly enjoy his color commentary on MMA events today. Again, minimal interaction. Before his fight with Ishii Satoshi I told Heath to go kick some ass and the only bad part about him being back was the RIZIN's color commentary going to hell. His replacement in that category had been one of the worst of all time. It got a like and this response.


Clearly, Keith didn't realize how much of a downgrade it was for those of us outside Japan who are forced to watch the English dub.

Fast forward a year later, and he throws me this softball.

You hate the government, I hate the government, I like cool stuff made in Japan, you make cool stuff in Japan, we have some much in common. It's like we're internet acquaintances with a couple of things in common, or something. Let's go ahead and plant that AnimeRight seed.

And there you have Heath Herring liking AnimeRight. Does he fully get the double entendres of PRIDE FC and (Honorary) White Pride and otaku goods being the finest things made in Japan, while PRIDE FC was only the finest MMA of its era that happened to be made in Japan? I honestly don't know, and I'm not going put GTKRWN words in his mouth that might cost him work in the future. 

Nonetheless, the clickbaity headlines of "Heath Herring Likes #AnimeRight" and "Candy Soft embraces contributor" are literally true. Pick your targets logically, put out something that relates to them and you may end up spreading AnimeRight Pride World Wide in ways you never imagined possible.   

An obvious play on Earl Nightingale, and literally true from a quantum physics perspective.

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