It’s Time – #AnimeRight On The Ballot In 2020

No more whining about the Dems. You (as in you reading this) will be beating them at the ballot box in the next election.

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It’s not hard to find people on the right that have a problem with their elected leaders. Quite the contrary, it is even more unusual to find someone that thinks we are better off with the Flakes, Pelosis and Susan Collinses of the world making policy decisions. Yet the number of people that even bother attempting to do anything about it remain nearly nonexistent.

“But I have a job!” “But I don’t want to use self-defense as a reason to shoot antifa terrorists!” “But I have to take care of my website!” “But I have to read my Twitter feed!” “But I have to scoop the poop of my emergency food supply!” Normalfag losers think these pathetic excuses are “reasons” to accept the Jewish assault on western civilization, tell themselves they did what they could and go back to living obscure lives of mediocrity while being stuck in an infinite loop of seeing the problem and doing nothing about it.

Continue to do what you’ve always done and you’ll continue to get what you’ve always got. Everyone reading this already thinks differently. It’s time for you to act differently.

Never be afraid to use Photoshop on your campaign material.

Running For Local Office

While not as sexy as running for federal office, local offices are more important than you realize. They shape what kids are taught in schools, access Democrats have to to the election process to steal elections and affect the lives of the people in your area far more than you realize.

I know people that have won seats on the City Council with almost no money. It is simply a matter of knocking on the doors of voters in your districts, telling them why you are running, handing them some kind of literature so they remember who you are and repeating as many times as needed. Positions like City Council, Mayor, School Board, Comptroller (local) and other city or county positions are winnable this way, providing you aren't running on a far-right platform in the ghetto or the like. Many of these positions are retained by their holders for several terms because only one person ever runs for them.

Sheriff in particular presents opportunities for those qualified to run. Check with your local Board of Elections - you may be required to be certified as a police officer, have a criminal justice degree or some other qualification. However, if you are able to run police unions tend to be Democrat slush funds. Because of this even very Republican areas have Democrat Sheriffs because no one challenges them.

State legislative seats are important. You will be crafting the laws for the place in which you live - and just as importantly making sure some libtard does not. State House and Senate seats are typically not too difficult to seek - a modest amount of signatures are required to get on the ballot, and like running for local office winning comes down more to knocking on enough doors than needing to raise millions of dollars to buy nonstop media against the Washington swamp. The filing fee is often much lower than school board and other local races too.

Those of you with law degrees - RUN FOR JUDGE! We need people that don't look for reasons to put violent minorities back on the streets, and outside of the worst ghettos being more anti-crime than the other guy is all it typically takes to win. The worst judges keep their seats because no one bothers to run against them.

Talk to your future constituents as much as you can.

Running For Congress

Starting a run for the House typically isn't that difficult - a modest 25-50 signatures and a 2 digit filing fee (check with your state's Secretary of State office) is all it typically takes to get on the ballot. Winning can be considerably more difficult, especially when running against an establishment hack. They will be extremely overfunded, be known in the district and you will likely face a complete blackout from the local media. They don't like strangers 'roun dees here parts.

Still, there are opportunities, especially if you live in a district that went blue this year. While Republican turnout was down, it will be up again in 2020 making it feasible for many or most of those seats to flip back. This is an opportunity to get elected and become the guy in your district everyone supports out of habit. It also likely that the RINO that just lost will be running again, so the sooner you get started, the better.

Another benefit: running for Congress is extremely impressive to normies that look at your resume. If you're in the midst of a spell of unemployment running for Congress gives you something to do (even if it doesn't generate money) that enhances your resume.


Running In Statewide Elections - US Senate, Governor & State Secretaries

Everything up until this point you can pretty much take a stab at with force of will. The barrier to getting on the ballot for these offices is typically much higher. You will need 500-2000+ signatures just to get on the ballot (and yes, your Secretary of State's office will check to make sure you have enough valid signatures), to say nothing of having to campaign statewide. It goes without saying that campaigning in larger states, by size or population, is going to make it even more difficult.

I won't tell you not to run for Governor or Senator, but I can tell you from experience that trying to do it alone is unfeasible. If really want to run for either of those offices, or you live in a state with a vulnerable RINO/Democrat in office now, you need to start putting together a team that will help you with everything from getting on the ballot to setting up a website to getting you out there in the right-wing media to everything else that needs to be done. 

On the other hand, the Secretary positions...may provide an opportunity to slip into office with relative ease if a few things break your way. No one grows up thinking "I want to be the state Secretary of State!" or "Nothing would make me happier than being my state's comptroller!" Because they aren't the sexiest positions, there is typically less competition.  

Free helicopter rides to snek steppers.

Running As A Republican Or Third Party Candidate?

For any state or federal legislative position, running as a third party candidate is essentially a form of jerking yourself off at this point. You're not going to be competitive if you do not have massive amounts of money. Without having name recognition from other ventures (Ross Perot, Jesse Ventura) you are unlikely to change the conversation as a third party candidate. Conversely, even getting 10-20% in a Republican primary can make the establishment candidate reconsider his position, as well as any cucks in surrounding districts that don't want to deal with similar primary challenges of their own.

You can win the principle without winning the election. Pat Buchanan and David Duke both lost the 1992 Presidential primary, yet their policies lived on in Donald Trump. The "Make America Great Again" slogan was blatantly lifted from Duke's campaign.

When running in local elections...running as a third party candidate is not immediate death. Whether you run as a Republican or something else you will still have to do the same amount of work on the ground knocking on doors. These elections are more a battle of effort than a battle of money. Running as a candidate from the American Taxpayer, Constitutionalist, Libertarian, etc. party makes you more memorable and shows that you have some balls to go against the grain. You get the benefit of going hard against the establishment without creating an unwinnable situation. There is a much better chance that you will get assistance from the party running as a third party candidate too. Some states will even allow you to appear on the ballot with half as many signatures as a third party candidate, letting you get started on campaigning sooner.

If you feel good about one of the minor parties, it may be advantageous for a local run. Reach out to the local branch of the party. Assuming they have one and it is active they will certainly help you run for office under their banner. 

The time is now. Do your part to save the civilized world. Make a decision to get in the game while it can still be won.

If you don't...

To get you started, here's a campaign poster you can use - just shop your name on it and you're good to go!


Real life prince, real-life ecchi and real-life holder of two doctorates. Former Congressional candidate weighing the possibility of running for US Senate or President in 2020. Also known to be an erstwhile translator of otaku culture: Twitter shitposter: and thinker of wrong thoughts:      

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