Otaku Culture As A Means of Pacification

If you're reading news, instead of making news, this is the first step in your journey of 1,000 li.

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Melpomene asked me to write an article about the pacification effects of moe culture. While there are potential trappings that can be negative, anime can also be the driving force that pushes you to become greater than you had imagined while keeping you accountable to yourself. The rabbit hole we all jumped into is a double-edged sword. This article will warn you of the possible negative side effects of the art that has stolen all of our hearts, although not all of it is negative. Some of this may or may not come from personal experience.

Where it all began…

Before getting into what could happen to you as an individual, let us first examine the concept being outright admitted in anime itself. Most of you young’uns probably have no framework from which to understand how 99% of what you love in modern anime was largely invented by Urusei Yatsura and Choujikuu Yousai Macross. We are going to examine the latter.

Explaining everything invented and innovated in Macross would be its own thesis. What is important here is the ability to use aspects of culture (music) to integrate, control, subjugate and gain loyalty from people. If you think I go too far, consider this: would you “kill a Jap” for FDR? That’s what I thought. 

The allure of Lynn Minmay’s siren song is literal in this case, and essentially inspires some of those who hear it to instantly abandon their primitive, savage third galaxy ways and become decent, respectable members of society.


This is Lynn Minmay. She may look cute, but on the inside, she’s every IRL whore who ever mindfucked you just because she could.

The difference between Macross and what you will hear from the SJW crowd about integration is simple and substantial – it largely doesn’t work. Yes, there is a small minority who are inspired to completely change their lives and embrace civilization (this is what was done to us in relation to Japan, whether we realize it or not), however, the vast majority of the savages are only temporarily affected. In the end, the military had to man up and wipe them out for civilization to endure.

Outbreak Company, our second example of this strategy, is far more recent and a perfect opportunity to vicariously live the dream. A broke otaku NEET is thrown into a fantasy world by the Japanese government for the purpose of spreading otaku culture to the ignorant masses. Imagine spending your days teaching elves, dwarves, other fantasy humanoids and even some humans about how great it is to be an otaku. And get paid for it. I hate this guy. Because I’m totally not jealous.


Teaching girls to read Japanese with manga. For future reference shady Japanese government agent reading this, I will work cheaper if I get some busty dark elves and blue-skinned chicks for my harem.

Peace through cultural exchange you say? Buu buu. The Japanese government is using you to get them addicted to otaku goods, only so they can take it away and give them small scraps in exchange for all of the fantasy kingdoms natural resources. Oh, you don’t think the Japanese would do something like that? Then tell me, why is it so hard for the gaijin otaku to buy otaku goods AT FULL FUCKING PRICE. What, you really think they couldn’t run your credit card and print a non-Japanese shipping label in current year if money were more important than keeping you wanting more? Check and mate.

So what’s the problem?

The problem is that you get on a slippery slope toward really becoming that otaku NEET, and it happens so gradually that you never notice until it’s too late. You watch some anime series that is easy to consume, 12 or 13 episodes can certainly be done in a day. That inspires to check out something else the next day, and the next, or possibly after work and primarily on weekends. You’ve found a new form of entertainment you prefer to whatever you were doing before, and you’re happier for it.

You start reading manga and light novels. You’re doing something “different,” yet it’s the same sinkhole. You try a galge from an anime you liked and you’re completely blown away by the fact that it’s roughly 25,000 times better than the anime you liked so much. So you seek out another, and then another. Before you know it the idea of sinking 20, 30, 50+ hours into a galge is no longer something to make you think twice.  

You start to notice that the girls in anime, manga, ranobe and games are far more interesting and satisfying than real girls. They behave incomprehensible ways. Relationships advance. Your perception of what is possible and what could/should be expands. You decide this is better than any real girl you’ve ever known, and make the rational decision to go through every anime, eroge, manga, etc. on your ever-growing list while you have the opportunity.

A year passes. And then another. And another. Maybe even 10 or more. You became a hikikomori so slowly that you didn’t notice until it was already a done deal, possibly making exceptions for things like food and work. You have to think about the last time you went on a date if you’ve even gone on one. You have to think about how long it has been since the last time you had sex, assuming you’ve ever had sex. You start to blame anything and everything but yourself for your life not being your favorite anime.

And here’s the kick in the balls no one wants to hear – it’s no one’s fault but your own.

When we say we’re going to make anime real, it’s part tongue-in-cheek, part inspirational and part instructional. If you want your life to be everything you dare to dream it to be, you, and only you must make that decision and go make it happen. When you come face-to-face with something you don’t like in your life, you can bitch about it, or you can do something about it. You’ve tried the former, how did that work for you?

There is no government agent knocking on your door to take you to a fantasy harem. You’re not going to luck your way into piloting a giant mecha. There is no goddess coming to grant you any one wish the next time you order takeout. Your dreams are your responsibility and yours alone.

What are the 14 words? Say them. Out loud. Right now. Implied in that statement is you having legitimate White children. You can’t do that with your waifu, only your wife.

You think that’s not good enough? Want to live the harem route? I can’t say I don’t understand how you feel. Some of my experiences with women lead to me to think that may be more trouble than it’s worth, but if it’s what you want, grab them all by the pussy (figuratively) and go for it. I can tell you from experience on both counts that failure hurts a lot less than looking back and asking yourself “what if?”

So what is it going to be? When I say that I’m going to run for Senate or challenge Trump in 2020 (assuming he runs again), that’s for real. I’m not writing fanfiction here. There is still a chance to salvage America before third world breeding condemns her to third world status in my lifetime, and I know I won’t be able to look myself in the mirror if I let that happen without a fight. Are you going to join me in doing something about it, or are you just going to watch anime about it?

For some people reading this, I know parts hit harder than you’d probably want to admit, even to yourself. #MeToo. Fear not, I’m not going to ask you to abandon your otaku ways. Take your seven balls in your hand and Shenlong will show you how anime, not diversity, is your greatest strength. 


Coming as soon as I write it and the button gets pressed on the backend.


Real life prince, real-life ecchi and real-life holder of two doctorates. Former Congressional candidate weighing the possibility of running for US Senate or President in 2020. Also known to be an erstwhile translator of otaku culture: https://ecchioujisama.wordpress.com/ Twitter shitposter:   https://twitter.com/EcchiOujisama and thinker of wrong thoughts: https://wrongthink.net/EcchiOujisama      

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  1. I’m too far gone, lads.
    Anime got me so deep down the hole that I literally turned fiction-sexual. Seriously.
    Real girls simply don’t do anything for me – it wouldn’t even get up for the job even if some fucking porn star came to me.
    I’ve effectively neutered myself and cut off from the evolution tree and with both shame and pride I have to admit that I don’t fucking regret that at all.

    Go forth and have children in my name, fellow weebs, for I’ve decided to lead the path of pure degeneracy and follow it to my inevitable death.

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