An Argument Against “Cute Asians”

Some people in our community have decided to give up on the cause and chase after so-called cute Asian women.

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Today’s world is overflowing with degeneracy and subversion like never before in all of human history. True conservatives who know how bad things really are easily fall into a state of despair and will use the most hypocritical kind of escapism: cute Asian girls. They claim to be wholesome, loyal, housewife material free of degeneracy. Some people even go as far as to abandon the entire right-wing movement and focus on learning some Asian language and moving there. Even if some of those people are our friends, we must stand firm and take them back to the right path. No man has ever found happiness by gratifying his present desires without regard for the future, and we all fight for the future.

Attractiveness is objective

And objectively speaking, Asians are not attractive, just like all the other non-white peoples. White people set the standards of beauty to which all other people are judged, and that is not the work of media brainwashing, but their natural human instincts. In non-white countries (including Asian ones) skin whitening creams sell like hotcakes. All plastic surgery procedures aim to replicate the white facial structure, and ironically, all the Asian women being worshipped by those people have undergone extensive surgery and dye their hair blonde. Those imitation white girls look pathetically ugly compared to the real thing, and it would be foolish of anyone to go after the fake ones. Asian girls are literally fool’s gold.


It’s true that degenerate propaganda has affected a large number of our women, but not all the women are affected, just like how not all the Asian women are unaffected. Asian lovers claim that those women living in Asia are immune to things like feminism and social justice, but that is simply confirmation bias; living in the west shows them the actual state of the women here, and not living in Asia hides the actual state of women from them. What we do know is that Asian countries, especially the ones with the alleged “attractive” women, have some of the highest suicide rates in the world, and the single lowest fertility rate on the planet. Asian lovers conveniently ignore those facts and what they tell us about Asian society. What is it that they tell us then? I don’t know, I never lived in Asia and I am not Asian. The fact is Asians are a completely different race with different moral standards and a different sense of right and wrong, so we are in no position to evaluate their society just like they shouldn’t evaluate ours. Let them solve their own problems and let us focus on solving our own. Our future won’t secure itself after all. 

Race-mixing is a crime 

Mixed children of any two races are always ugly and have chronic identity issues. The only exceptions are those who got lucky and inherited majority white genes, so they might pass as white. A responsible man should not force such fate onto his own children; the state of the children the woman can make is an important factor in any woman’s attractiveness as a mating partner. In addition, we all know that the infamous merchant tribe promotes and celebrates race-mixing, and their plan is to tempt our women with African men and our men with Asian women. Seeking a partner outside your own race is the exact same kind of degeneracy Asian lovers criticize white women for all the time, and committing it themselves is peak hypocrisy and is exactly what the merchants want us to do. Our fight was never an easy one and what’s waiting for us at the end of the tunnel will be more than worth it, and even if we don’t reach it in our short lives, our next generation will carry on in our stead. They will look back and thank you for not giving up and giving them the right to fight, and more importantly, the right to exist.

“Help I’ve fallen and I can’t get up” 

If you, dear reader, happen to be one of those Asian lovers, I don’t hate you, in fact, I love you (no homo) and want what’s best for you. It’s the same with everyone who stuck with you so far. The least that friends can do to each other is provide support in times of hardship. Even though I was disgusted by all the pictures and gifs you shared all the time, I never unfollowed you or blocked you like some other people. We are sticking with you until you return to our movement because we have faith that you will someday. 



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  1. Well said, too many good white men have fallen for this meme. Love you too (no homo). The most precious possesion we have on this earth, aside from our souls, is our family and our people.

  2. Spot on, we say this stuff because we love our people. There are bad ones, and increasingly as our society is destroyed more of those, especially among women since they are the main targets for our enemies propaganda. Despite all that, the nicest and kindest people I know are white men and women. The people most autistically rooted in truth and upholding truth and honor as virtues are white people (and Japanese to an extent). White women produce white babies, mixed race babies even when they turn out mostly white or good looking turn out rootless and cosmopolitan. Our enemies know this and that’s why they target white women for their propaganda. Divide and conquer. Don’t let them, love your people, it is is the most precious possession you have in this world other than your soul.

  3. I was slightly bothered by Japanese anime creators preferring western beauty standards for female characters.
    Then there is the double standard.
    Blonde FC is an elite.
    Blonde MC is a juvenile delinquent.

  4. How bout we lads who follow them Asian girls for æsthetics only? I’d never go as far as marrying one, I am more attracted (sexually) to females with a phenotype similar to mine tbh. It’s not like I’m “race-conscious”, it just seems like the natural course of action to me. Marrying azns would lead to the extintion of them Asian qts in the long term, there’s that too.

  5. So SO beyond wrong. If the plastic surgery is why they look hot, then why do DPRK girls who rarely have it look so good? I watch a lot of porn, and at first I watched mostly White women, but now I watch virtually all Asian women, because they just are that much hotter. My dick is not lying. White women may be fine for White countries, but they are objectively inferior, and any comparison is not going to work in their favor. It is not a mistake that “Japanese” porn is growing rapidly as a popular category as people who don’t like around Asians discover them for the first time.

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