Creator Of USAball Page And Administrator Of Polandball Facebook Pages Is Dead!
A age old creator of the countryball wiki/creator of the USAball who also was a the admin of the Polandball facebook pages has passed away on the 15th of this month.

Reagan began making countryball comics in 2012 and shortly, but after creating one of the countryball’s largest Facebook community, USABall. It was clear from the very beginning that Reagan was extremely passionate for what he started, and then he was brought on shortly afterwards to administrate the Polandball page.

This Wikia Community was inactive for several years, so Reagan decided to adopt it on September 2014, promoting it in the process. After the adoption, this Wikia community started to increase, becoming a large Wikia community, and so on March 2015, he decided to promote Antonio12ITA as an Adminstrator.

Reagan left the wikia community on December 2015, leaving his heredity to Antonio12ITA and helping to make the Polandball wikia Community better.

In honor of Reagan’s memory, Polandball Wikia and all the other Countryball pages will be having a blackout for 1 week.

If you wish to make a donation in Reagan’s honor, please visit First UMC website ( and make a contribution in JCB’s honor to their Music Program.


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