Komm Süsser Korona, A Viral Love Story

You Might (Not) Make It

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In case you weren’t paying attention, the world is in the grip of the cutest pandemic in recorded history! With over 160,000 infected globally, the world tour is well underway! Sending stock markets into freefall, causing several recessions, and a global toilet paper shortage of the likes of which humanity has never known!

Since you’re reading this I’m going to assume you know she’s so much more than just a flu, but as concern and excitement grow, so too does denial. Many who believe this is a serious situation or monumental happening fall short in appraising just how sideways this circus is about to get. Let me try to paint a picture for you.

It All Returns To Nothing

It isn't exactly news that the US is underprepared for Corona-chan. To such a sorry degree that the surgeon general demanded Americans stop buying masks, and the CDC has relaxed protocols for health-care workers. All to cope with the lack of PPE surplus, part of a larger global shortage

Supply chains and imports of all kinds have taken a massive hit since China first attempted to quell the spread of Her Love.

According to CCP propaganda, everything is business as usual, and this little hang-up should be alleviated in no time. The National Retail Federation was singing a different tune in their Mar 9th Global Port Tracker report, 

"The coronavirus outbreak is expected to have a longer and larger impact on imports at major U.S. retail container ports than previously believed as factory shutdowns and travel restrictions in China continue to affect production".

To compound matters further, the second wave is already underway in China.

The new transmissions likely started the day the CCP gave the all-clear to return to work. It was too soon, but the Chinese economy couldn't handle much more quarantine. They did the same with SARS, which also resulted in a second wave, causing a pandemic in 26 countries, leading to 774 deaths.

If, as is so often the case, the second wave is more dramatic than the first, it's unlikely they'll be willing to export many of these vital supplies. Assuming they're capable of exporting much of anything at all. Beyond their own demand, CCP's Xinhua News has already insinuated if they withheld these medical supplies America would be "plunged into the mighty sea of coronavirus."

Whether it's due to necessity or malice, it hardly matters in practice. I would not expect these supply issues to be rectified any time soon, if ever at all. Without those vital antibiotics, one of the dozens of bubonic plague cases reported annually in the US could easily turn what is now an easily treated endemic illness, into yet another epidemic, that could then easily shift into a pandemic. The same could happen with many of the endemic diseases already present in the US, held at bay by a just-in-time supply of treatments.

I should also mention the global surge in Measles cases. You might laugh, but thanks to her record-setting R₀ she's actually built up a staggering body count over the millennia. She can also cause you to lose immunity to infections you've already overcome, pretty neat huh!?  

Beyond supply limitations, our medical infrastructure itself is going to be pushed well past its capacity. Largely thanks to the number of Coronavirus patients who require intensive care. Estimations vary, but at 10-25%, even the most optimistic statistics will translate to disaster. As in Italy where doctors are forced to prioritize ICU care for patients with the best chance of survival

It All Comes Tumbling Down

The white horseman may have arrived, but Famine has had a foot in the door for a while now. Corn yields are down from last year, and many other crops are experiencing the same trend, for various reasons, worldwide. Although my key source has been mysteriously edited in the past couple of days, this should be verifiable with a bit of digging into yield reports. 

I also recommend following Adapt 2030 for more info on this. The channel owner, David Dubyne, is a little kooky, but he does a great job of keeping an eye on these trends.

Whatever the cause of these weather patterns might be, it's contributing to more than just crop loss due to flooding and cold temperatures, there's also a rodent boom in the forecast. A rancher and youtuber going by Yanasa Ama Ventures did a video on the subject after his chicken coop was overrun with mice. He's done a great job on the leg work, so I'll let him take it from here

Then there's all the trouble being caused by these little cuties!*

*artistic representation, may not reflect actual locusts

A disaster two years in the making, culminating in "city-sized" swarms capable of devouring entire fields in a matter of minutes. The hungry little devils have already affected more than a dozen countries, resulting in the projected starvation of 80 million in Africa and the Middle East. Yet another straw placed onto the back of the globalist camel with a heavy hand. As dramatic as the downward spiral will be here in the first world, I don't expect much of the third world to survive this perfect storm of weather, insects, and pathogens.

Speaking of the third world, let's touch on the most dangerous aspect of the coming collapse to us here in the first world, urban youths. It may not come as much shock to you, but Tyrone and Jamal arent prepping. Not only that, some of these NPCs are going to get mighty froggy once they can't get their soylent. As many have speculated, I wouldn't be shocked if civil unrest resulted in more deaths than Corona-chan herself. There have already been reports of fights for basic supplies, and a Georgia man was stabbed over a pack of bottled water.

In Conclusion

Don't be afraid to go too far on your prepping, things will likely get worse than anyone with authority cares to admit. If you haven't even covered the basics yet, go right ahead and fuck yourself, but now might be the time to go all out. Maybe invest in a solar system, learn to farm or keep livestock, maybe grab some of those things you had considered but thought might be over the top. Worst case scenario, they'll be worth a lot more than the money you spent on them by the time this depression gets into full swing. Best case scenario, it's fucking happening.


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