Who Radicalized Willy?

An environment of fear and terror has been created in the U.S. political system, but it's not what you've been told it is.

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The political environment going into the 2020 election is somewhat strained, to say the least. Between the lying mainstream media and its near wholesale endorsement of the disenfranchisement of the right-wing in American politics, and the threat of violence, doxxing, and other forms of harassment including exclusion from financial institution and employment, it has become nearly impossible for right-wing, conservative, and G.O.P. American first candidates to organize any political meeting or rally in most major cities in the U.S. this is a direct threat to our Republic and the rule of law. An environment of fear has been created in the U.S. political system, but it is not what you think it is. This environment has been created by the left, Antifa, and the Media. This latest terrorist attack in Tacoma, Washington carried out by Willem Van Spronsen, 69, a local anarchist and former member of the John Brown Gun club. Is just the latest in a series of escalations being carried out by the left over the last few years. The pattern of violence is frightening and escalating, it has been since the inauguration of Donald Trump in January of 2017, but don't take my word for it. Let's delve into the unholy Axis of Evil now shall we?

Let's start with the obvious, where did this all begin, what sparked this response from these basement-dwelling revolutionary larpers? What made them finally give up the trust fund life in exchange for their hot topic hoodie and dickies "tactical pants"?  The simple answer is the election of Donald Trump lit some kind of fire under their socialist asses. However, let us be frank, Antifa is a Marxist organization, they have their roots in the street battles of the 1920s and 1930s in Italy, Spain, and the Weimar Republic. Over the decades as the ideology has evolved and infiltrated our society like a poison, and in the post-Soviet era, these groups have largely de-centralized. With no central funding or command structure, they operate similarly ISIS cells in Europe. With generalized goals and objectives, but no one commander calling the shots, they are well organized and equipped to deal with their opposition employing many of the same tactics employed by the military to conduct their operations. Including the real-time doxxing and monitoring of communications via social media platforms such as twitter where they are allowed to operate in clear violation of Twitter TOS in relation to the Glorification of violence policy.


These factors combined have created the Army of entitled college-aged thugs roaming our streets and terrorizing everyone from innocent by-standers to legitimate political activists and candidates.


This vice documentary provides a surprising incite into the paranoid delusions driving this army of black-clad hipsters with improvised weapons.

There's not much to say here really to those of us who have been in trenches since 2016 and before. This documentary inadvertently does an excellent job giving both the active right-winger and the average person a view into the mindset and motivations of Antifa members, and some of the methods their terror cells use against other groups they consider their enemies. 

The Cause

Now that we've taken a peek inside the mind of our subjects for this little analysis, let's take a look at their shields. Why has it taken until 2019 and multiple violent incidents including the beating and hospitalization of journalist Andy Ngo, the multiple other incidents in Portland, Philidelphia, and Trump's inauguration day, and this most recent event in Tacoma for people to have taken notice of this group of vagabond couch surfers?  The answer is the Media and the Democratic party is actively shielding and encouraging the violence. Now before you call me Alex Jones, let me ask you this, has there ever been a time in American History where a political party was speaking Spanish during a presidential debate, has there ever been a time when the phrase "America, and Americans First" has the same connotation as Heil Hitler? Does it seem right to you that so-called anarchists and Corporate Democrats have anything in common? The left's agenda is intersectional, they have the fundamental political belief that all aspects of ones so-called "identity" intersect and combine into their political movement. It makes for some very strange bedfellows, one of the most obvious oddities is the feminist's movement continued defense Islam and its oppression of women and Christians the world over. The relevant one to our discussion here is the alliance between Anarcho Communists, Corporate Democrats, the Democratic Socialists, and the AOC/Progressive wing of the DNC. The open borders agenda is central to all of these ideologies. Anarcho Communists see freedom of movement as a human-right and therefore believe any immigration or customs enforcement is a violation of said right. Naive, but at least its somewhat genuine. The relationship to the other three wings of the party is where thing's start to get very interesting. The Democratic Socialists have their roots in Trotskyite internationalist ideology, they also see freedom of movement as a human right, in addition to a restriction on the economic rights of the "proletariat". The Progressive AOC wing and the Corporate Dems, are related to the other two for a much more sinister reason. That is the demographic replacement of America for the purpose of establishing political and social control over the country and a deviation from the founders both socially and economically. It is a well-established fact that immigrants from the third world overwhelming vote for left-wing and DNC candidates. The DNC and the respective wings of the party are well aware of this. Make no mistake about it.  let us take a look at some examples of the spin merchants in action, shall we?

Here we have CNN doing fluff piece on the so-called people of Antifa, give it a whirl!

Now, this is a trip, I'm not sure exactly what CNN's objective here. However, we have a middle management mom who doxxes people in between pulling shifts, we have an artist who is clearly diluted, the one reasonable guy who does have common sense and is optics minded clearly doesn't know what to do, and this last guy is literally an anarchist running for congress who's father is a Trump supporter, who he more than likely still lives with. I'm not sure if this is a joke or a modern-day re-incarnation of the village people for Marxism, but either way, damn its cringe and misleading to the average person (normie) who do not access alternative sources of media nearly as often as we do. Who does not see what's happening as a result of this shielding the media engaged and still engages in. 

Here we have this Cuomo formerly known as a journalist, bending over backwards and getting visibly upset over it on his own show.

Now, this is pettiness eclipsed only by his colleague, the infamously meme'd Jim Acosta. You can see the visible agitation in his face a few minutes in, and all over his selective editing practice being called out. This has been proven over and over again in regards to Charlottesville, Trump was deliberately misquoted and edited by the mainstream media to paint a narrative of the oppressed Antifascist mob chimping out at a permitted legal rally being somehow morally justified and thus legal in some sense. A direct attempt by one of the largest media corporations on earth to run interference for a known terrorist organization. Sad and pathetic, imagine for a second the reaction if say Fox News came out and ran interference for Patriot Prayer if they hypothetically decided to beat up a large crowd "anti-fascists".  Imagine the outrage and hysteria that would ensue. Shame on CNN. SAD.

Here we have Carlos Maza, yes that Carlos Maza, running a fluff ad for Antifa on Vox.com's youtube channel, that downplays the harm and violence perpetrated by these wanna be bolshevik thugs.

And here we have the Mr. Don Lemon defending Antifa by name, a short but sweet little clip that sums up the MSM's attempt to shield these leftist loons

The title says it all tbh. 

The Effects

Now that we've seen some high profile examples of the interference being run by the media for Antifa over the past few years, let's take a look at the results of their actions in our cities across America.

Here we have a very interesting Huffington Post article, that shifts blame for the attack on journalist Andy Ngo in Portland just a few weeks ago, from Antifa and the leftist mob that attacked him onto the "far-right" groups that organized the event. Implying that the right goes into these events with violence not only on our mind but at the forefront, painting us as the bad guy in the eyes of the public. When in reality we are only attempting to exercise our constitutional rights to participate in the democratic framework within which our republic functions.


Andy Ngo In Portland June 29th 2019

Andy Ngo, after receiving one of the two beatings and "milk-shaking" attacks he received at the Portland Antifa Protest on June 29th, 2019.  These two beatings led to his hospitalization for a brain bleed, and has led to the recent disavowment of Antifa by many mainstream media figures. 

John Blum Portland June 29th 2019

Another two men were attacked and injured at the same protest as journalist Andy Ngo, John Blum and Adam Kelly were mobbed and beaten in a video captured by Conservative Journalist Michelle Malkin. Here is the link to the original Washington Times article on the attack committed by the mob on these two gentlemen.


Joseph Alcoff in his Philadelphia Police Department mugshot

Suspects Thomas Massey (left) and Thomas Keenan (right) in their Philadelphia Police Department mugshots.

Attack on Marines in Philadelphia

In a November 17th attack a few blocks from the "We the People" rally in Philadelphia. United States Marines, Alejandro Godinez and Luis Torres, were attacked by a mob of 10-12 thugs who were later linked to Antifa via social media posting and good police work.

see the full details of the arrests in this PhillyMag article.


Milo Riots UC Berkeley February 5th, 2017

Love him or hate him, its inarguable Antifa burst onto the scene with the tantrum they threw over his speech in Berkeley, the burned property, smashed windows, attacked attendees, and all of this was done under the mindful eye of the cities police force that had allegedly been ordered to stand down. This Breitbart article along with the video above provide a minute by minute video and twitter account of the nights' festivities. Its hard to watch at some points, not because it is violent or any such thing. I've seen far worse. It's sad because this is how morons and children gain political power in the modern era.


And we can go on and on and on and on and on and on and on. Eric Clanton AKA the bike lock guy, the now infamous one punch man incident in Portland at a Patriot Prayer rally, Moldy Locks, and now most Troubling Lil' Willie up in Tacoma with an AR and some firebombs going after an ICE Detention Center.

Which brings us to our most recent incident. Ole Willem going the boomer Anti-Fascist equivalent of postal in what is possibly the most badly planned assault on this list, but it is also the most troubling. We've seen shootings before. The shooting of Steve Scalise by the Boomer Bernie Bro for example. We've seen bike locks, quikrete milkshakes, pepper spray, etc. But guns and explosives are territory supposedly reserved for "far-right" groups right? Well, not exactly. In fact, according to Antifa factions and organizations such as the John Brown Gun Club, which has chapters in several U.S. states. Guns are not just for the right, they are also for the proletariat and oppressed left. Now before I go any further, I've seen no evidence that JBGC members as a majority are trigger happy. The opposite in fact, however, let us be frank, most people don't train with weapons regularly or carry them. It only takes one whacko to start a firefight or an accidental massacre. See the Soviet Revolution in Russia for examples. You would think therefore that the side of "common sense" gun regulations wouldn't be actively encouraging left-wing terrorists to stockpile guns, would you? Well, you'd be wrong.

Once again Vox.com makes the list, here we have it straight from the horse's mouth, a self-described left-wing anarchist, a prototypical Antifa recruit, making the argument that the left should start arming itself against the right. Ill let him speak for himself by dropping this here link.


The Conclusion

Now, I know I've taken a rather sarcastic tone in this article. The truth is, I've been at this a long time. I've studied civil conflicts since I was a teenager. We are in a very dangerous situation going into the 2020 election season. The violence is escalating, the media is actively shielding them, and cities across the US are either helpless to stop it or complicit in the violence and disregard for the rule of law. My question is where does it go from here? We've gone from bike locks and milkshakes to firebombs and rifles. Where does this end? I sit here on the right-wing, the alleged side of Nazis and Fascists. Yet, were the ones being beaten, marginalized, hospitalized, harrassed, and banished from public life. We're the ones who have to look over our shoulders and carry everywhere we go. Not the left, not the so-called "oppressed" the silent majority in this country is under attack. We are not going to be left in peace. The left has seen to that, they've shifted the Overton Window so far to the left for the average person via their monopolies in media. What's next? Anti-Fascist Protestor shoots up polling station filled with fascists? Or pressure cooker bombs go off outside Trump rally? Where does it end? Where does the rule of law come in? Where does the president we elected come in, and say enough is enough? These companies and political groups on the left are the people who are interfering in your election process. Not the right. This band of degenerates who only crave power and money are your real enemy. But, I fear, without unity and the strength provided by it, we will be in a very dangerous and possibly deadly serious situation as a movement in the near future. I pray for the future. For I fear we will be dealing with many more Willem Van Spronsen's in the near future. This is what radicalized Willy, this sick environment created by these smear merchants and their useful idiots in the blac bloc, created Willem Van Spronsen.

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