An Interview with A Cosplaying AnCap

"I've always been around a 'nerdy' crowd." -Kenziepuff

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With the recent happenings of where corporations like Crunchyroll are trying to impose their LGBTQ beliefs onto the community. It's easy to see how difficult it is for people with right-wing beliefs to be relevant in these kinds of communities. I found Mackenzie on twitter and thought her tweets were very insightful and I also found out she was a member of the cosplay community. I decided to have a chat with her to see what its been like for her in the communities she associates herself with.


Q: So, just to start off, do you consider yourself an AnCap or a Libertarian? Do you think there's a significant difference between the two?

A: I consider myself anarcho-capitalist. I joined the "liberty movement" about three years ago now, and since then I've tried to distance myself from being called or referring to myself as "Libertarian". There is just too much confusion with the general public between "big L" and "small l" libertarianism, and I hate dealing with that stigma. The main difference that I see is the emphasis on private property rights, which many people who refer to themselves as libertarian only don't focus on enough (or at all), in my opinion.


Q: Before you found yourself on the side of anarcho-capitalism, what would you classify yourself as? Did you ever go through a liberal phase or have you always been on the right side of the scale?

A: I would say I definitely leaned a little left purely because of social issues, but more than anything I was a centrist. I was raised not to discuss politics, so researching these philosophies was a whole new world for me. I entered the political sphere blind to what was going on with either "side". Once I started looking deeper than the surface level on the issues, my path was pretty clear.


Q: So while you're going through this transformation of political thinking, you thought Cosplaying looked pretty neat? How long have you been in the cosplaying scene?

A: I've always been around a "nerdy" crowd. Card games, anime watchers, PC gamers. I stumbled across cosplay by accident after seeing a show on television called "Heroes of Cosplay". I saw famous cosplayers like Yaya Han featured on the show and quickly realized it was something far beyond a hobby for these people. I saw how passionate they were and how much fun they were having. That is what initially made me interested and soon I started following cosplayers on Instagram and YouTube until I attended my first convention in May of 2016 in full cosplay. At the convention, people kept asking me for business cards and it was then that I realized this is something that could be a lot more for me as well, the rest is history.


Q: I have seen some of your tweets, and it does seem like mainstream segments of both of our communities do not respond very well to non-liberal beliefs. Like for us in the anime community, recently we have been dealing with Crunchyroll and their agenda. How does the Cosplay community respond to you?

A: I've been very fortunate so far with the cosplay community... partially because until very recently, I was not outspoken about my political beliefs along with my cosplay. I have even been warned to stay away from politics altogether when it comes to cosplay. However, I'm friends with quite a few cosplayers and models in the cosplay community on my personal Facebook, and many have taken the time to privately message me to thank me for being unafraid to speak my mind about "PC culture". In the past year after receiving messages like these, it has given me the courage to be proud of my cosplay AND my politics. I do not want to hide, and it seems that I am giving other people courage as well. My ultimate goal would be to have some real and honest conversations with the community about the predominantly left culture it has and to hopefully change it for the better.

Q: In your opinion what're are 3 things that you think need to be stressed on modern-day women and girls growing up?

A: The modern world is a scary place for women... that being said, always remember: 1) It is okay to improve yourself. You can love yourself while constantly striving to improve your body and mind. Ignore any man or woman who tells you that striving to improve means you don't love yourself. 2) Do not be afraid to ask for help. It does not make you weak. It does not make you less of a woman, or less "independent". We all need someone to lean on sometimes, and it takes a strong person to admit they are struggling. 3) Find a partner who is your coach and your cheerleader. Look for confidence in your partner, that's a coach. Someone who will push you to be the best you can be and call you on your BS. Male confidence is not toxic, it is something to admire. Look for support in a partner, that's the cheerleading aspect. A man is there for you to lean on when you need to, there is nothing wrong with that notion. Men and women compliment each other perfectly, embrace your differences and grow together.

Q: If you could impose a basic fundamental idea onto everyone so that they at least have to hear it once in their lifetime, like in a school book or a famous speech or quote. What would that fundamental idea be?

A: The fundamental idea would absolutely be self-ownership. It is the essence of what it means to be human, and it should absolutely be taught to every person from a young age. People who understand that they own themselves understand their full potential and value as human beings. My one quote would be ""In a battle between force and an idea, the latter always prevails." - Ludwig von Mises

Q: The guys will hate me if I don't ask. Top 5 favorite animes!

A: Well I'm a mega normie since I didn't start watching anime until I started cosplaying two years ago, so: 1) Neon Genesis Evangelion 2) JoJo's Bizarre Adventure 3) Rurouni Kenshin 4) Toradora 5) Dragon Ball

Q: Final and most important question: who's gonna build the roads??!!??

A: Where we're going, we don't need roads.


You can follow Mackenzie on Twitter at @_kenziepuff
You can also support her cosplaying here:

If you have not heard of Twitter's censorship of selective accounts click here for more information. Remember to sign the petition below if you have not already!

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  1. Wow, this is so insightful. It’s amazing how such a beautiful woman can also be so intelligent. Let’s all give this special lady some applause. She deserves it.

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