Opioids Killed More Last Year Than The Entire Vietnam War
The Nation's Opioid Epidemic is BRUTAL and is the leading cause of death for Americans under 50

Opioid Overdoses Killed More Last Year Than The Entire Vietnam War

America has been embroiled in what's considered a Heroin and Opioid epidemic of catastrophic proportions. The cause and effect of the opioid nightmare is taking lives on a scale never before imagined. 

In fact last year alone more Americans died from Heroin & Opioid related deaths than died in the entire Vietnam war. Let that sink in for a moment. Reports from local and state agencies across the United States have suggested that 59,000 to 65,000 people died of overdoses last year, and the calculated total is selected at 62,497.

Not only have the number of overdose fatalities increased but now Heroin has surpassed prescription overdoses for the leading killer among men and women under the age of fifty. That's more deaths via illegal narcotic Heroin than car crashes or heart attacks or even gun homicides. 

So what's the solution to this problem? There is no easy answer but we must begin to investigate the origins of the Opium Poppy which is the source for both Heroin and Prescription Opioids. Afghanistan is the world's leading supplier of Opium Poppy where tribal warlords enslave farmers into growing the crops for cash. The Taliban even with its reputation as a brutal organization actually gave incentive to farmers to stop. The growth of Opium Poppy and instead grow edible cash crops. So why is it a Nation such as Afghanistan (which has been under US control)  since 2001 is still producing enormous amounts of Opium Poppy? 

There is no official answer to this question. However the statistics tell a tale that has to have Americans asking two questions. One, why is Afghanistan producing more Opium Poppy and heroin under US control than it did before the war in 2001? Two, how is the world's leading supplier of heroin and opioid base able to export it into America to begin with? Certainly any American with an IQ above 80 has to realize this is a much deeper conspiracy and there has to be American assistance in the transportation of the very crop that is killing our own people. Is the CIA responsible? The Military? Someone has to be blamed. 

Meanwhile back in America the death toll continues to rise. In 2016 it reached its highest levels IP an estimated 19% from last year. In comparison, more than 58,000 US soldiers died in the entire Vietnam War, nearly 55,000 Americans died of car crashes at the peak of such deaths in 1972, more than 43,000 died due to HIV/AIDS during that epidemic's peak in 1995, and nearly 40,000 died of guns during the peak of those deaths in 1993.

So what must America do to stop this? Ending the war in Afghanistan would be a great start. 


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