Closer To The Extinction of the White Race: Sex Robots
A supposed report on the ethics of the situation.

The BBC put out an article on 7/5 entitled “Call for a ban on child sex robots.” Do you know how much they mention child sex robots?Hardly. Most of the article is focused on pimping sex robots under the guise of an ethical examination on the phenomenon. The source material of this ethical examination is just as dubious.

The BBC article is based on a forty-four page report entitled “Our Sexual Future With Robots” put out by A Foundation for Responsible Robotics.”

The title and the cover page graphic implicitly implies that they are pushing this shit even though they act like they are not.

The only thing recommended in the report is that no child dolls be made.

They don’t even consider who is going to wipe out the loads if the sex bot were employed in a brothel setting.

Having looked though the report, I would not trust any ofthe men who created it to turn off a stove after using it. For numerous reasons, they believe men and women with blow up dolls, even if they bring them out of the house are perfectly normal.

From what I can tell, their research consisted of two parts,surveys and talks with “tastemakers” like a Jezebel reporter.

The report was written by a team with one guy who is supposed to be a hot shot, Noel Sharkey out of Ireland.

These people are absolutely crazy, degenerate and without morals. I do say, there are Jews somewhere around this whole thing.

In the conclusion, the report states flat out that Hajis wouldn’t use this shit. On the White side,  I’m sure hours of pornography do not lead to sexual dysfunction, psychological disorders and a lowered sperm count. Then when you consider no White who has ever been married got divorced or didn’t have a big family, you should buy one for everyone you know even your dog.

The current generation bots are $5-15k. Enter promo code:animeright. That way, the bot will be programmed to stab you with a knife.

We’re gonna die…


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