Stray From The Path Trolled Us Good
Their single Good Night Alt-Right really had us up in arms all the while laughing our asses off but they were trolling us.


Stray from the Path really went all out to troll us, the Alt-Right. I feel like they left clues mentioning "88" and KKK. I mean, who's in the KKK. On top of that, one of my contacts on #DogRight pointed out that in the video, Stray From The Path loaded 7.62 rifle ammunition into a shotgun. They also didn't even tattoo that "Nazi."

Well folks, here is the real "Stray From The Path" single and it's awesome:

Fucking Weisenheimers

They did well with this. Frankly, I like it. I might consider buying it.

The aesthetic of the video really is perfect - red, white and black. It's daring to have been outfitted with Pepe masks too.

I say the music is fucking triumphant and including footage of Antifa getting their come up ins really amplifies that.

These guys are ones to watch. Metalcore maybe the new New Retrowave.

The album drops this September 8th.


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