Unite The Right Isn't The Only Thing Coming To Charlottesville
As sure as Robert E. Lee Park will be cucked, a Paki will have a Post Office named after him in Charlottesville.

Khizr Khan if you recall, was a stumbling block for Trump on the campaign trail. Khizr Kahn’s Son was killed in a suicide attack while serving in Iraq. Khan gave a keynote speech at the DNC thrashing Trump. The stink from the dressing down Trump received from Khizir Kahn lingered at least a week and at times, thereafter.

Now, there is a Bill in the House sponsored by a Republican to get a Post Office named after the fallen Kahn boy. If the Bill passes, the Post Office to be named after Kahn’s fallen Son will be at 180 McCormick Road in Charlottesville, Virginia.

The next big Alt-Right Rally, “Unite the Right” is also going to be in Charlottesville, VA. Humayun Khan, the fallen Son of Khizir, happens to have gone to University in Charlottesville. That is the impetus for naming the Post Office after Humayun Kahn.

Charlottesville, VA is the home of the controversial Lee Park, the park is the site that the coming Unite the Right Rally will be held at. It will take place next month. I do not think the Post Office will be named before Unite the Right. The Bill for the naming only entered The House on 7/11. The Bill is H.R. 3184.

 The Post Office is almost definitely going to be named after a Pakistani immigrant who died in a worthless war. In the coming years, if not sooner, there will be immense pressure to remove Robert E. Lee’s name and likeness from Lee Park.

Choosing Charlottesville for Unite the Right seems like it was a wise decision. Pray our country keeps its dignity by keeping Lee Park named Lee Park and that the Alt-Right righteously routes Antifa.

As for Khizir Khan, gotnews.com came up with this interesting sex club story:



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