Best Memes Week Ending The 4th of July

10 memes that stood out on Twitter since last week.

  • JohnLambo4

Large stash of Nazi artifacts found in Buenos Aires

More than 75 artifacts were found. The discovery has led historians to beli...

  • banebiddix

The Ten Best Memes Week Ending 6-25-17

The following are the Best 10 Memes that Came Across My Twitter this Week....

  • JohnLambo4

7 Reasons The English Defense League & Tommy Robinson A...

Anime Right News fully supports Saber as Britain's next overlord.

  • Zanting

Rant about Jvloggers, weebs, & "anti-racist" liberals

Just my rant about stuff. Jvloggers part starts at 24:00

  • nazichan1488

Hillary Clinton: Onward Together (Into Prison)

Hillary For Prison 2017.

  • Zanting

30 People I've Triggered On Twitter

If the following people ever get you down, just remember, they blocked on T...

  • Zanting

14 of the Best Tracks From C Y B E R N ∆ Z I

Quite possibly the greatest Fashwave artist out there.

  • Zanting

3 Videos From People Who Elected Barack Obama In 2008 (...

The Missile Dick Chicks.

  • Zanting

#AnimeRight Memetics: France 2k17


  • Zanting

15 Twitter Accounts Which Show How Ice Cream Cones May...

Ice cream cone is a code word for Russian Intelligence.

  • Zanting

10 $TWTR Stock Positions of Q1-2017

Twitter's downward spiral.

  • Zanting

Jin Roh: Wolves In Sheep's Clothing

A brief overlook at Jin Roh.

  • LoveDoktor

7 Reasons You Should Join The #AnimeRight

Join us for free helicopter ride discounts.

  • Zanting

14 Tweets From Louise Mensch That Will Make You Laugh O...

And question her sanity.

  • Zanting

8 Reasons Wendy's Should Be Your Favorite Fast Food Joi...

She's definitely our girl according to one particularly sassy Tweet.

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