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    • World’s End Dancehall

    • Great read, I agree with Yaginuma-sensei on many points and commend him for speaking his mind. Few would in his position would. Though, he is one sided when it comes to Christians.

      For the Japanese when they say Christian it’s usually the Catholic church they are referring to as seen in most anime. Also most of the churches in Japan are Catholic; they were the first missionaries who came Japan. I have to agree with him in regards the Catholics. However, while many Christian denominations are quick to lick the boots of the Jews, there are churches who are wary of the Jews. Like my own who preach about Jesus’ cleansing of the temple from (((merchants))) and how they built the golden calf/moloch because they could not wait 40 days and of course how they crucified Jesus because they were losing their grip over the people. Also how Jews today influence politics and media. Of course churches like this are exceptional.

      I’m content with my church and it’s lifestyle and how it benefits me and others around me. I don’t care who left, right, or whatever; I know where I stand. Christian are hated by many nowadays and I understand why. It may sound like I’m saying ‘not all christians’ and well…I am. But its true, there are Christians who practice the gospel while having thier feet firmly planted on the ground.

      • Christianity in Japan is connected with the Catholic missionaries who came over in the 16th century from Portugal, Italy, and Belgium. Alessandro Valignano and Francis Xavier were very good men who did NOT try to subvert or repace the Japanese culture.
        However, the Spaniards who came later boasted of their earlier conquests and tried to intimidate the Japanese because they wanted to force Japan into being a Spanish sphere of influence rather than one for other European nations.
        This backfired and led to a lot of Christians being persecuted and killed that otherwise would have lived happily.
        There were many Christian daimyos and 20% of Japan’s population (probably at least 40% in Kyushu) were Christian at one point in time. Even Date Masamune, the warlord founder of Sendai, was a Christian. However, the foolishness of the Spanish missionaries spoiled all of that.
        Jews have always been anti-Christian though. There’s a reason that the mostly Jewish Manhattan Project chose to bomb the two Japanese cities with the highest Christian populations in Hiroshima and Nagasaki.

    • I’ve been seeing some tweets saying that Yaginuma is being blacklisted in the industry or got fired or something. Is this true?

    • I managed to overcome it, but Himmler’s prophecy of it dragging on for some time has sadly proven to be correct. Shabbos gonna shabbos.

    • He initially reached out to me through Twitter. From following him I get the impression that he uses a machine translator on English content. All of my interaction with him has been in Japanese.

    • Just a thing of note to point out, The two world wars were used to hide U.S. Dollar (pushed onto it’s populous by an unelected body, mind you) collapses as well. These days, we’re coming onto a third collapse of the Dollar (which the Deep State Dollar will be worth as much as the Mexican Dollar at that point) and there’s no war to hide it this time. All that will happen this time is Jews and Democrats alike fleeing out of fear of being punished for their crimes or pure embarrassment, as the FISA memo that Qanon keeps teasing will reveal.