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"Does your dad have a Patreon?" LOL Best dab.

Streams every Friday, Saturday and Sunday were part of a Halloween-themed event in October. All future streams will be advertised on the site.

To say nothing of how Ramia and Misao got there from the Earth in the same timeline as Juraihelm...

I managed to overcome it, but Himmler's prophecy of it dragging on for some time has sadly proven to be correct. Shabbos gonna shabbos.

He initially reached out to me through Twitter. From following him I get the impression that he uses a machine translator on English content. All of my interaction with him has been in Japanese. has been working just fine. Not sure what your issue was. Typically the room opens 15-30 minutes before showtime. If it crashes in your browser, try reloading the tab, restarting your browser, and worst case, restarting your computer. That is a known issue caused by your machine...

Halfchan 1 CPL 0

>Shabbos (((Christian))) >Likes Christian propadanga designed to destroy the (Honorary) Aryan spirit As someone that was raised Christian and remained that was for two and a half decades until I finally saw through the lies, I can confirm that Yaginuma-sensei is a man that understands the desert trilogy completely. Honestly I...

White Power is Best Power. Prove me wrong commies.

The only saving grace is that this garbage is technically not anime, as homo supremacist Ellation is (shockingly) based in San Francisco. Anyone giving Crunchyroll money or allowed themselves to be used for Crunchyroll to collect ad revenue is officially an enemy of anime and the Yamato people.

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Trump Cuts Aid To Palestine View Comment
  • @ecchioujisama
  • January 16, 2018

Good. While only one step in the right direction, all gib muhs (foreign aid) must go. The more you feed, the more they breed, the more they need.

I like how he left out the part about union members barely working at work, assuming they do anything at all and don't treat the job as a permanent gib muh.

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