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Pathetic, all bark coming from them. Especially Shoes, I bet the only thing he beats is his meat.

We're hitting Weimar levels that shouldn't even be possible

I couldn't stand the Joo pandering and belly-rubbing that went on yesterday IJS

This is quite aggravating, although I suppose it's just the times we live in I do wish more people woke up to realize these tech giants are no friends of the people...

wonderful article, it amazes me that the NPCs think that we're the lunatics for being aware of our thoughts...

One step in the right direction. But Sargon the Afraid still has a lot farther to go to win me over.

Beans about to get over watered.

Good, we need to stop them before they get to the moon.

Quality over quantity is something I've always advocated. I'd rather wait a month between episodes and have them all come out at least as good as this one, than have them be oversaturated with content that is lack luster. They can't all be bangers is what I mean basically.

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