GoDaddy Kicks Off The Web

GoDaddy has once again taken white-out to the First Amendment of the constitution.

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Anime Right News (ARN— On May 3, 2018, GoDaddy has once again crawled out of the depths to rear its ugly head. It unreasonably and wrongfully terminated Richard Spencer's site:


The Breaking

The Mental Struggle of The Reason

Why did this happen? You hear "neo-nazi" from these people and with the way they say it you derive that someone must have committed murder! hosts a slew of content. The practical point GoDaddy is sticking to for the banning is that the mentioned that the US border patrol should have the right to use extreme means to defend the US border. How is that outlandish? What is outlandish is claiming that this a reason to strip them of their website! Saying the government needs to do more to protect our borders is no capacity illegal or even taboo.

Another even more ridiculous claim they are blaming them for is the comments to the articles on their website. It is ridiculous to hold a small company responsible for monitoring what private people say when large corporations like Facebook and Twitter can not even clean Child Pornography off of their websites. Sometimes they even refuse to do so!!

Disaster To Come

It starts with the extreme then it goes to the moderate. First, GoDaddy banned the DailyStormer. One could make some half-assed argument about how they are quite extreme with their lexicon. Yet, truth be told? Spencer and his colleagues) is in truth, quite moderate. To ban Spencer from the internet is akin to banning all 80's style republicans on the internet. This is the slippery slope in it's final and most powerful evolution, people. Just look at the 2017 Simon Wiesenthal Center's grading on the most popular social media sites and apps.

"If you say something we do not like we will destroy your website via lobby and international money" - Simon Wiesenthal Center

In this Stream Frame Game explains the tactics of our enemy, the left, use to attack us as well as the cowardice of taking no position. Go ahead and watch. I'll wait.








You didn't watch did you? Ok, maybe watch it later. But you'll need to in order to understand this next part.

The Idea Of Un-thing-ing

To give a quick rundown.............. Frame Game's stream is, at this point, required watching for free speech support! The idea of "unthinging" something is based on lexicon and actions of censorship.

Censorship is the easiest and most obvious way to unthing something. If it is not on the internet, it does not exist! This holds very true so long as no one else on the TV or radio talk about it.(And who in "news" would talk about conservatism nowadays?) So, to ban a website and have it never recover is an astricted victory for the unthinging party.In this case, they are unthinging all right-wing ideals.

The usage of words, however, is a not so obvious way to unthing someone or something. But it is just as dangerous! In the stream I just listed, we go over AP's guide on how to write about the Alt-Right. The grammar and language the left has used "unthings" the Alt-Right and Spencer and the concurrent GOP by relating them to the KKK rallies of the 60's. It is a dangerous tool to put someone into a category they do not wish to belong to.

It is SO important to be aware of these snakish tricks and counter them at any given time. 

The Cowardice of Centristism

Just like with un-thing-ing, Frame Game touches on the idea of cowardice among so-called "Free Speech advocates." If any person will not out right attack or atleast "unthing" the enemies of the left, then they are obviously "TOXIC!" according to these big brain centrists! Even Jordan B. Peterson, the clean room expert, is guilty of this.

Left or right, you cannot claim free speech when you are so quick to censor any idea. You cannot claim to be an advocate when you uninvite Faith Goldy due to her interviewing the Daily Stormer. You cannot be a brave man if you cower in the shadow afraid to express your Pro-American and Pro-Free Speech Ideals.

This is the mindset that is needed: "Give me freedom or give me death!" This is the all American motto!!!

"You must pay the price if you wish to secure the blessing." - Andrew Jackson

You can not expect your freedom to be protected if you do not fight tooth and nail for them! Such is the history of man itself.

What Will You Be Left With?

Once the extremes are gone, the identitarians are gone, the paleocons are gone, the libertarians are gone, the 1970s-1980s style Republicans are gone, you will be left with Ben Shapiro. You'll be left with neocons, Zionists, and Globalists. You will be left with the most anti-American and unAmerican people this country has ever experienced.

To avoid this we must stand with a standard! Even a hazardous standard. A standard against censorship of free speech. Even if that means giving a soapbox to our enemies. If we wish to have free speech and not fear our Pro-American ideas we must not delve into the practice of centrist cowardice and the practice of "Free speech for thee but not for thy".

We all must remember, America is just not soil and Ideas....... America is also its people! 

Sadly, we are losing its peoples as well as its ideals. 

Idea of Conservatism

It is our job as a conservative to conserve. All right-wing disciplines are inherently conservative as they want to reform America to its limited government and traditional christ worshipping glory.

To protect free speech and your rights, we must conserve. As I stated, to conserve America, you can not only conserve its soil but you must conserve its ideals and its people. If we wish to stop America in its tracks and fix it, then we are in need of an oil change and a new transmission.

With this in mind, the idea of conservatism is no longer just to conserve. This is no longer the 60s or 70s. The ideologies from those times are dead. Such is why we need reformation. In order to rebuild and protect the American ideals of freedom, you're going to have to reform the way American people think.

I'm saying we must not just be proactive. We must also be reactionary. We must take a stand against this and every ridiculous act of tyranny that decides to enter to or spawn on this great American soil.

When you see this type of rhetoric in action, DO NOT STAY QUIET! Attack it! 

And Remember!

Frame Game is /ourweeb/ and we must stand with him. 

Otto Wagner

Most of the things I'll write on this site is a mixture of fact and opinion, or more so my opinion formed from these facts. Most of my writing will lean towards Op-Ed's as I find it extremely difficult to separate my ideals from the facts as I write nor do I find it enjoyable.

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