Discord Bans NotSoBot

When the bantz gets too spicy, Discord bans it.

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Anime Right News (ARN— Everyone stop what you’re doing right fucking now and Push F to pay respects! Discord staff have banned and deleted one of the most popular discord bots after the developer refused to change his bot’s status. NotSoBot was popular due to its great image manipulation commands such as automatically adding glowing red eyes, distorting images, deep frying memes, and a lot of other popular macros.

The status in question was listed as “this bot is a jewish spider: do not trust what it says,” set by /our dev/, a guy named NotSoSuper. When confronted by a DiscordBots.org discord server’s admin and given an ultimatum to change the status with 48 hours, NotSoSuper simply replied, “shut up jew,” and ignored any further kvetching from the admin. Within a few hours, the admins had managed to gather a small army of butthurt mods to report NotSoSuper, who was banned later that day. Since NotSoBot was attached to his account, it was also removed from Discord. 

Guess that must have really hit a nerve with (((Aetheryx)))


The Discord server where this drama occurred, “Discord Bot List” was subsequently flooded by a steady stream of shitposters who were denied their NotSoBot memes, and although the admins tried to satiate the crowds by feigning moral superiority, ultimately they ended up banning many users from their server and even threatened to report users from NotSoBot’s parent server, claiming they had evidence to get “dozens” of users permanently banned from discord

Shortly After, Dogsong, an admin in the NotSoBot Development server, visited DBL and the following exchanges took place:

This is the level of self-awareness I’d expect from a chimp examining his asshole in the mirror for the first time.

Anime Right News was able to interview an anonymous source very familiar with the situation who has been around NotSoSuper and NotSoBot in the NotSoBot development server since early 2017.

AnimeRightNews: When was notsobot created?

Anon: middle to late 2016 (i actually need to see if I can verify this, because the date slips my mind now)

AnimeRightNews: What kind of reach did the bot have? 

Anon: again, official numbers would need to be confirmed, but the bot had at least 180,000 guilds, and over four million users (note that the 4 million users is the summation of the members in the total guilds ( servers ).  It is unclear what the official number of unique people that used the bot during its lifetime is.

AnimeRightNews: is NotSoSuper open about his political leanings?

Anon: most of what he said was hardly to ever be interpreted as true or real.  he has a lot on his plate and was probably receiving tens of if not hundreds of inquiries per day about various things regarding the bot. he was only ever super straightforward with me when we would have private direct message talks about programming concepts, commands, etc.  a lot of what you see in the chatrooms coming from him doesn’t represent who he is.  it’s just hard for someone to be able to say or tell some kind of joke where they are used to how a specific group of people (like the NotSoBot development server) act to it.  i think its acceptable to say maybe on a micro level there was no possible way he could know how all ~4mil people would interpret something but then again who would? Its also surely true that, being one of the TOP developers since Discord’s inception, you definitely are going to be and should be expected to be, held to some sort of “higher standard” than your typical, everyday discord user.

AnimeRightNews: Has something like this happened before to NotSoBot, has Discord Banned or Restricted the bot in any way previously? 

Anon: There have been a few times, at least to my working knowledge and personal conversations with NotSoSuper#0001 (the bot owner and creator of NotSoBot#0997) where he has been requested by Discord Staff to alter/change/remove specific commands, output, or information on the help page as well as removing the mentioned commands from the bot.  There was, at one point, a few commands that contained subject matter that could be considered or interpreted as harmful / degrading / in bad taste to some people, even though they may have been created with no ill intentions, or were created for the sole purpose of a small circle of people who understood that the commands were not meant to inflict harm on any other person or group.

AnimeRightNews: Would you be willing to discuss The specifics of some of these commands they forced the team to remove? Going so far as to force you remove even help page entries seems pretty Orwellian. Were they really saying that even private commands for a small circle of friends isn’t acceptable?

Anon: I dont believe Discord was necessarily saying ever that you could not have your own specific private commands on a server you owned.  But I also dont think that NotSoSuper would have went through and modified specific commands to only work on a single server (not that its hard to do necessarily but I dont think it was really in the scope of the bot.  Easier just to disable.) 

[Anon takes a moment to find information on commands]

Ok can’t find it but anyways, the commands from before that I described that were requested to be changed or removed was .status: which would set the status of the bot for every shard. meaning that no matter what server you were in, if notsobot was there, it had the same status/playing message. back about probably a good year ago or so, this was actually a public command, so anyone could use it.  the default message (which you usually define when the bot is started/restarted initially) is preset.  The one for NotSoBot happened to be the “famous” ropestore.org – this was a website that I think NotSoSuper owned / controlled.  it was a site that had a clip (gif)? of a man attempting to hang himself (hence the name, ropestore). anyways. to my best working knowledge, there were several (and by several I dont really have a specific number, just because 10 thousand people like a post doesnt mean it was authored by more than 1 or 2 or 3 or 10 people) – people that complained over Tumblr (the post that I saw) and Reddit (I think that was a thing as well, but I dont think I have seen the post firsthand) about how the bot was in terrible taste and kind of similar to now I would say – they were looking to get it shut down.

AnimeRightNews: Do you think you’re going to stick to discord as a development platform after this? We haven’t seen discord as a long-term solution because of things like this, I imagine you’re had similar thoughts. Are there any platforms like discord that appeal to you as a developer right now?

Anon: I think I will still stick with it for sure. its a pretty stable platform and has a pretty large userbase. as long as you develop and try to stick well within the discord terms of service, i dont see there being many issues staying with it.

AnimeRightNewsOne last question, will notsobot ever be programmed to make anime real?

Anon: lolwut



The development server associated with NotSoBot has deleted many channels and made all others read-only. The following statement has been made by NotSoSuper:


NotSoBot is back! (You'll have to find it yourself)

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