Modern Mafia Dons: Tonka Saw Meets Sargon of Akkad

In the current year, meme ability & bantz directly correlate to one's potential for power and influence.

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Anime Right News (ARN) — On Friday the 17th of March, Tonka Saw, the progenitor of the ‘Bloodsports’ genre, and Sargon Of Akkad, standard bearer of a campaign to convert shitposting into activism, met for a conversation. At the end of this year we will see this encounter documented as one of “2018’s Top Ten Anime Crossovers”. These two heavy weight content creators discussed “internet people”, how to convert from edge lord to mainstream, and the soft power of shadow operators.

Tonka flatters Sargon by jokingly referring to him as "the head of another family".

The Price Of Progress

Sargon's conversion from shitposting hobbyist to career shitposting activist has taken a toll on him. For our readers that disagree with Sargon, it seems from the conversation that he doesn't hold any animosity towards anything that is categorized as a 'far-right' ideology. The attacks he makes can be rationalized as he says, very candidly during the conversation, that he's making choices pragmatically for the sake of saving public face with normies. He's willing to pay the price of popularity with his former friends if it means salvation for his country. It's patriotic and admirable but the question is: Is that a winning strategy?

Tonka reflects with Sargon on the differences between GamerGate and now.

Respect For "Not Your Personal Army"

Every outfit grapples with how to harness the power of its own coalition:
How does one move the needle of public opinion?
And what are the underpinnings of persuading people into action?

Sargon longs for the power of 4chan hackers like Metokur that effortlessly rabble-rouse but isn't going to wait around for them to join him. He is fighting the culture war with a "we'll find a way or we'll make a way" attitude. This is an attractive message for those amongst us who have been flirting with the narratives of 'Alt Right' ideologues and are tired of superfluous black pilling.

Sargon levels with the audience, "Your assistance in the culture war is appreciated but not required."

Sargon wants our support but suggesting that our time is best spent in the comments section is a bit insulting, isn't it? Who does this guy think he is?

Hey Sargon, if we wanted to help we'd be much more effective as confidants that influence your OC. Maybe then you wouldn't get framed as a bitch and get labeled the 'Soy Father' all of the time. That is IF we wanted to help though and that's a big IF tbh.

Pragmatic Defamation

Comments sections are cesspools of low IQ sperging. Not all leftists are stupid but in any comments section, they sure act like it. Explaining the nuance between different 'right-wing' political ideologies can be arduous. At times a disavow is an efficient way to get critics off your back. But simply disengaging from an SJW's libel with a disavow is a lot different than agreeing with them out of convenience.

Tonka confronts Sargon on his hypocrisy towards defamation.

Can't fault the guy for his honesty. It's actually refreshing hearing a sophist being so honest. But he can't, on the one hand, ask for us to defend his reputation in the comments and on the other hand defame others like Tonka out of expedience. This has got to be against one of his first principles or something.

The Toxicity Of Being Labeled 'Alt Right'

Does anyone else remember when there weren't labels for us? At the start of the Great Meme War of 2016 edge lords like us were described as "childless single men who masturbate to anime." Back then 'Alt Right' was a harmless & inaccessible pajorative without any face-faggery for normies to wrap their heads around. Being labeled 'Alt Right' is no longer a useful term to signify your solidarity with the anonymous hacker known as 4chan and frankly it never was. As earnest as Spencer and his ilk might be, he was never elected and does not speak for us and never will.

We know there are readers that have donned an 'Alt Right' moniker and might believe they've just read heresy - that's fine. We don't 'cuck', 'counter-signal', or wrongthink the core of what such ideologues argue for: "This is our home. You can't just have it". But that's not the only thing people like Enoch are pushing. Not to get too into what warrants its own article but to concisely explain why they don't represent us, the only policy of Trump's they support is immigration. Of course, that is the most important policy because it influences all others but to brush aside the fact they support a Bernie Sanders style of socialism is just ignorant.

Tonka Saw's Powerplay

One doesn't become head of an informal social order by accident. It requires keeping amicable relationships within your community. It requires a strong sense of cultural identity to guide the collective. And it requires, perhaps most importantly, the capacity to obliterate any internal dissident. Making examples of people demonstrates your power and can serve as an example to prove a point. Without much pretext beyond Sargon's admitted double standard, Tonka plays a recording of a public execution he performed on an SJW. After Tonka explains the recording's context, Sargon shows an interesting rebuttal.

Tonka Saw plays a recording of him BTFOing an SJW. Sargon reacts.

Enemy Of My Enemy Is A Fellow Genetic Imperialist

Sargon doesn't have a sophisticated ranking for his first principles. He is not a 'white identitarian'. But he does agree that white males are under attack and does agree with the immigration policies of Trump. These are exactly the common strands for why the 'Alt Right' has any support at all. The ONLY things Sargon disagrees with the 'Alt Right' on are the methods for removing minorities already living in the country and the post-modernist style identity politics of the 'Alt Right'. That is it. Now he doesn't go around saying 'fuck niggers', at least not to black people anyway, but he is a genetic imperialist (even if only ironically). So if you're going to support the Richard Spencer for those same reasons, you are just as much a Liberalist as you are 'Alt Right'.

For Sargon to capitulate to Tonka as he did after being confronted by his hypocrisy is promising. It begs the question, "What else can we change Sargon's mind on?" Getting public figures woke on the anime pill has been a long-standing practice of this organization. If he takes the anime pill, how will that further his political growth? Will he support genetically engineered cat girls for domestic ownership? Perhaps yes.

My fellow anime nibbas,
We have a golden opportunity to retake the land claimed by Kekistan. Allow yourselves to salivate over that prospect for conquest. "Cringy" & "counter-signal" have been lexiconic chains meant to contain our autism. We say NO! No more will we have our autism contained to nomenclature prescribed to us by unelected 'thought leaders'. The autists will rise again!

Sargon if by chance you read this:
You do not need to sanction the annexation of Kekistan. Simply open the gates for the autistic anime nibbas. We'll give you the memes for which to become führer and you will have more memetic firepower than you'll know what to do with. But cross us and consider yourself put on notice.

Full Conversation Between Tonka And Sargon

The full conversation is interesting and worth the time if you have about 2 hours to spend listing to it.

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