The European Holocaust

Horrific events of WW2 experienced by Allies and Germans

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Trump’s State of the Union hit a lot of subjects.  We did get some awesome lines and points. Great abortion take, Trump smiling as “USA!” was chanted, angry women, pointing out Dems have walls around their homes. But that one section of the speech was a head-scratcher. Maybe got some noggins joggin’. I mean what does this have to do with America? You know, the part over that one event.

What, you’re telling me you never heard of the Holocaust?!

We will not advert our eyes from a regime that chants death to America and threatens genocide against the Jewish people. 

– Trump

WEW LAD! That’s quite the dedication to 2% of the American population! Soon after this statement we got the Holocaust talk, you know that one multi-million dollar industry of media. It totally happened; it’s not fake or overexaggerated. Don’t think about or question it unless you want your life ruined and potential jail time.

Now, World War 2 was a monster. Millions of family names, along with cultural infrastructure, were gone within the span of a few years. 

Welp let’s forget about that speech and go back to look at the TYRANNY during the war.

“He is a man who combines a tremendous, relentless determination with a stalwart good humor”
FDR and “Uncle Joe”

I have said it once, and I will say it again and again, your boys will not fight in any foreign war

Despite this statement, our little Tonka worked feverishly behind the scenes to get involved with the war. But, yet again, the American citizens did not desire it. Like the Lusitania of the previous war, a false flag was needed. There was an opportunity: Japan, an ally of Germany. Roosevelt slapped a hard-hitting embargo on them. Thus, again, many Americans were sacrificed and Pearl Harbor was America’s back door entrance. Roosevelt’s dream came true.

July 24th, 1943, yet another air raid siren wailed in the night at Hamburg, Germany. Citizens sought shelter like always and waited for the scheduled bombing to cease. After flattening nearly all infrastructure below, the bombers left. Rescue crews began their work the following day.

Then something new happened. 

US Army bombers hovered over the town. Thousands died from this surprise attack. But it was not over. The following night The Royal Air Force dropped a surprise with their regular payload: phosphorous.  With wind speeds up to 150 mph buildings were stripped, and men, women, and children were sucked into the inferno. With temperatures up to 1700 degrees those who escaped the winds simply ignited. Those closer to the blast range simply melded to the concrete below their feet.

As I looked down, it was as if I was looking into what I imagined to be an active volcano. Our actual bombing was like putting another shovelful of coal into the furnace.  

-Martin Middlebrook, The Battle of Hamberg, 244

Those poor bastards 

– (Same as above)

Terror bombings such as these became the norm throughout Germany. 

Infamous Dresden bombing for the “Good War”

But criticism of them was not rare in Britain. Despite the various threats of a court-martial or worse, many British airmen expressed their distaste. To these men, the lack of German fighters made these bombings look more like murder than war. In a briefing for yet another carpet bomb one British airman reportedly cried out: 

Women and children first again -Garrett, Ethics and Airpower, 82

Naturally, the media slobbered as it praised this genocide. 

One Britain headline ran “ALL GERMANS ARE GUILTY” another “NO PITY! NO MERCY!” 

But nowhere more was the German hated more than by American media, especially by American Jews. 

[A] cancer flourishes in the body of the world and in its mind and soul, and … this cancerous thing is Germany, Germanism, and Germans. … They outraged me because they raised their little pig eyes to their betters and sought to grunt and claw their way to the mastery of men. That this most clumsy of all human tribes- this leadenhearted German- should dare to pronounce judgment on his superiors, dare to outlaw from the world the name of Jew- a name that dwarfs him as the tree does the weed at its foot- is an outrageous thing… It is an evil thing.
 -Ben Hecht, Hollywood script writer and director

The charming Ben Hecht

Germany must Perish! … The goal of world-dominion must be removed from the reach of the German and the only way to accomplish that is to remove the German from the world… There remains then but one mode of ridding the world forever of Germanism- and that is to stem the source from which issue those war-listed souls, by preventing the people of Germany from ever again reproducing their kind.

 -Theodore N. Kaufman

Kaufman wasn’t ironic. He wanted this to happen. So to implement this statement from his widely read book, he recommended that at the conclusion of WW2 German men and women should be sterilized. The media praised him. 

A Sensational Idea!  

– NY Times

A provocative theory 

– Washington Post

Roosevelt felt the same hatred of the German people. He made this idea a closer reality when he endorsed the Morgenthau Plan. Despite being named after his Secretary of Treasury, it was conceived by his aide, Harry Dexter White. I’ll let you guess their race. This program called for the destruction of Germany Industry and reduction of land by half. The results would be fifty million dead from starvation and within two generations Germany would cease to be.

They have asked for it. Why the hell should I worry about what happens to THEIR people?! 


Roosevelt’s son and he shared a tongue and cheek back and forth. 

“You don’t want the Germans to starve?”

“Why not?” 

Roosevelt demanded nothing short of “unconditional surrender” of Germany. Giving Hitler no room for negotiation, the American president insured more pointless deaths of both Americans and Germans. 

I asked [the sergeant] if he was hit and he sort of smiled and said no, he just had pissed his pants. He always pissed them, he said, when things started and then he was okay. He wasn’t making any apologies either, and then I realized something wasn’t quite right with me… There was something warm down there and it seemed to be running down my leg… I told the sarge. I said “Sarge, I’ve pissed too,” or something like that and he grinned and said, “Welcome to the war.” 

-Fussell, 278

After being shot, seeing their friends tore to bits from bullets, and various mutilated bodies littering the land around them, American soldiers suffered what some observed as “spiritual emptiness.” They often wondered why they were even there. Despite the anti-Nazi propaganda, these frontline troops were also the first to discard such messages. Allied POWs were their eye-openers.  After sighting released or escaped prisoners it became apparent POWs were treated according to the rights of the Geneva Convention. 

One thing I’ll say for the Germans, they were better than we were with enemy dead; buried them properly and neatly with their equipment… over the crosses. 

-Strawson, Berlin, 101

Despite killing one another, both sides began to reach some mutual respect. One American major admits:

We maintained very friendly communications with the Germans. Before they shelled Homberg they would let us know in advance the exact time. Before we shelled Leverkusen we would let the Germans know in advance. So everybody took cover ahead and nobody got hurt. -Douglas Botting, From the Ruins of the Reich, 6

Often times Allied and German soldiers would find themselves socializing, trading, and more. They would occasionally meet and drink together at bars. With the end in sight, and the western allies considered the lesser of two evils, many Germans came to somewhat respect them. This feeling of respect was heavy for Americans. During the war Americans primarily attacked during the day. Due to this many Germans acknowledged the Americans as soldiers because they ignored the cover of darkness. Some prayed that Americans might occupy the remains of the Reich prior to the Red Wave east. Despite the propaganda, Germans of the west did not flee American occupation. There were strong ties. After all, for some Germans family members lived in America. In many cases shot down American airmen were treated in German hospitals.

The men and women we stopped on the streets to ask the way were polite and helpful; they gathered round in bunches when they heard us speaking German, and bombarded us with questions: “How far had we advanced? When would the war be over? Where were the Russians?

 -Botting, Ruins of the Reich, 18

Reports sounded that American captured towns and villages were peaceful; there was no looting or killing. Germans began to surrender. Home Guard units disbanded, white flags waved, and many communities refused aid to the German Army.  A British POW recalls:

Twice, I watched an SS corporal go to a house and ask for water and each time the housewife, having seen his uniform, slammed the door in his face. He meekly retreated 

-Crawly, Spoils of War, 12

Realizing this, Joseph Goebbels’s propaganda office warned: 

these Americans were combat troops whose only function was to fight; but after them come the rearguard service troops and especially the Jews, who have in all other cases acted ruthlessly against the population

Sadly, he was right, and this truth became apparent once the front-line troops left.

Hitler is the single man who stands for the beliefs of Germans. Don’t make friends with Hitler. Don’t fraternize. If in a German town you bow to a pretty girl or pat a blond child… you bow to Hitler and his reign of blood 

-US Army newspaper, Stars and Stripes

Jails, prisons, and concentration camps were unlocked. A young German raised in New Jersey, Amy Schrott saw:

They just opened up the camps and let them go. The Russians and Poles were looting the houses and killing the shopkeepers. Then they began raping the girls. 

– Amy Schrott Krubel interview, Jan 9, 1997, Topeka Kansas

After the opening of a prison camp in Salzwedel, a mob tore the town to pieces. A gang of Russians dragged the mayor and his family to the cemetery. They lashed the mayor to a tombstone then took turns on his wife. Once a Mongolian started on his daughter, the father, in a fit of rage, ripped the tombstone from the ground then fell dead. 

Although many fell for the constant bombardment of propaganda, the American and British soldier faired well and kept composure.

 The same could not be said of the Russians.

October 20th, 1944, the Russians break through German defenses and lay waste on the village of Nemmersforf.

On the road through Nemmersdorf, near the bridge… I saw where a whole trek of refugees had been rolled over by Russian tanks; not only the wagons and teams, but also a goodly number of civilians, mostly women and children… In the farmyard further down the road stood a cart, to which naked women were nailed through their hands in a cruciform position… Beyond… stood a barn and to each of its two doors a naked woman was nailed through the hands, in a crucified posture.

 -Alfred M. deZayas, Nemesis at Potsdam, 61

Russian occupation was a flip of the coin. Men were often marched off to work or were shot. Women were left feeding or hiding from the invaders.

But there were two versions of Russia in this war. 

The Mongols are coming… Very bad men. You go quick. Go quick.” 

– Lucas, Third Reich

Germans who encountered the Mongols would come to realize the Nazi propaganda severally underestimated the threat.

It was almost like a scene from the Middle Ages, a migration, no less 

-(Same as above)

These columns would skid into town and all hell would break loose. The Asians would go house to house, destroying and stealing what they could. They’d often steal so many watches and jewelry that it could cover their arms up to their elbows. Whether it was “eight to eighty”, living or dead, in public, or the ditches, or before children, they would rape and kill.

Kill them all, men, old men, children, and the women, after you have amused yourself with them! Kill. Nothing in Germany is guiltless, neither the living nor the yet unborn… Break the racial pride of the German women. Take her as your legitimate booty. Kill, you brave soldiers of the victorious Soviet Army. 

-Ilya Ehrenburg 

Ilya Ehrenburg

The Germans have been punished, but not enough. The Fritzes are still running, but not lying dead. Who can stop us now? … The Oder? The Volksturm? No, it’s too late Germany, you can whirl around in circles, and burn, and howl in your deathly agony; the hour of revenge has struck! 

-Ilya Ehrenburg

Appalling news came from the occupied towns and villages: children massacred, women raped. When we gathered for tea in the evenings Hitler’s eyes were wild as he showed us photos from the eastern front-nothing but death and despair. He swore vengeance and let his fury against the Russians explode. “They aren’t men,” he’d shout, “they’re wild animals from the steppes of Asia. The war I’m waging against them is the battle for the idignity of the peoples of Europe. They’re going to pay for this- no price is too high for our final victory. We must remain inflexible, and fight these savages with all the means at our disposal. 

-Pierre Galante and Eugene Silianoff, Voices From the Bunker, 139-140.

The battlefield faired worse. The Russians were to take no prisoners, and they had an interesting group within their ranks.

One of our antitank gun crews had defended itself down to the last cartridge, really down to the last cartridge. Over thirty dead Russians lay before their positions. They then had to surrender. While still alive they had their genitals cut off, their eyes poked out, and their bellies slit open. Russian prisoners to whom we showed this declared that such mutilations took place by order of the commissars. This was the first I had heard of such commissars. 

– Lieutenant Hans Woltersdorf of the elite SS

Despite these crimes, the Wehrmacht field marshals forbade large-scale reprisals. But these before mentioned commissars were a different story. They received no mercy from the Germans. Who were they? Communists commissars who traveled with the Red Army. Most of them were not Russian, or Asian. I’ll let you guess. 

Russians themselves faced annoyances during the war. At later points during the war so many had perished and the army needed replacements. The doors were open for Asians, boys as young as 13, women, cripples, and criminals (BASED criminals).

It does not matter that these conscripts are untrained, that many are without boots of any kind and that most of them have no arms. Prisoners whom we took told us that those without weapons are expected to take up those from the fallen. … I saw… attacks which were preceded by solid blocks of people marching shoulder to shoulder across the minefields which we had laid. Civilians and Army punishment battalions alike advanced like automata, their ranks broken only when a mine exploded killing and wounding those around it. The people seemed never to flinch nor quail and we noticed that some who fell were then shot by a smaller wave of commissars or officers who followed very closely behind. 

-Lucas, Eastern Front, 35-36

“This is not the Red Army. The Red Army perished on the battlefields in 1941 and 1942.” 

– Aidan Crawley, The Spoils of War

During the first months of the war Russians surrendered by the hundreds of thousands despite Stalin’s belief that a soldier should die in battle. The Germans faced major hurdles when it came to housing, feeding, and clothing them. Stalin flung back German reach out with contempt and communist officials replied with:

[A] prisoner captured alive by the enemy [is] ipso facto a traitor… If they had fulfuilled their duty as soldiers to fight to the last they would not have been taken prisoner. 

-Elliott, Pawns, 168

[Moscow] did not recognize its own soldiers of the day before 

-Alexander der Solzhenitsyn, Captain of Russian Artillery (Same source as above)

As a result, many Russians, such as General Andrei Vlasov, turned on their government upon German capture. They would join the German army and aid in the battle against communism.

Every person who risks his life in the battle for his Fatherland must have a chance for survival, even if it’s small. 

– Hitler

Words from home did not bring comfort to the German soldiers. For frontline men, the safety of their families further inland weighed heavy on them.  At the beginning of 1945 Berlin was growing into ruin from allied bombers. But despite this, the spirit of Berliners did not falter. Like other survivors throughout Germany, they were learning to live alongside death. Ursula von Kardorff declared:

If the British think that they are going to undermine our morale they are barking up the wrong tree… [T]hey are not softening us up
 -Charman, Home Front, 145

Joseph Goebbels noted:

I was amazed at their excellent spirit 

– Charman, Home Front, 145 

Gobbels drives round the whole city. Everywhere desolation. At several points he takes charge of the firefighting… Wherever he is recognized he gets a friendly greeting in spite of everything. Even the bombed-out people come and shake him by the hand. He is always ready for a jest. A woman who is engaged to be married complains that her whole home has been wrecked the very night before her wedding. She is no longer young; she tells Gobbels she is 55. “Well then,” he says to comfort her, “be thankful that it’s your furniture that’s gone and that your future husband is still alive. You can get new furniture all right but do you think you would find a new husband easily?” Many people gather round and laugh.

-Rudolf Semmler, Goebbels- The Man Next to Hitler

But after the attack and bombing of Dresden dread spread throughout Germany. Dresden, a major area of German culture, had also become a hospital city tending to citizens. British and American bombers laid the city to waste over the span of days. Ariel American fighters then killed Germans and animals in machine gun sweeps.  

For the first time I saw Gobbels lose control of himself when two days ago, he was given the stark reports of the disaster in Dresden. The tears came into his eyes with grief and rage and shock. Twenty minutes later I saw him again. He was still cyring and looked a broken man.

 -Semmler, Gobbels, 181

As information from Swiss and Swedish sources began to seep into ally territory they too were swept with rage. One RAF crewman:

[W]e were told at the briefing that there was many thousands of Panzer troops in the streets [of Dresden], either going to or coming back from the Russian Front. My personal feeling is, that if we’d been told the truth at the briefing, some of us wouldn’t have gone. 

– McKee, Dresden 1945, 66

A British airman called “Bomber” Haris by his men soon received their distaste. 

Butcher Harris didn’t give a damn how many men he lost as long as he was pounding the shit out of German civilians 

-(Same as above)

The man directly responsible for the bombing of Dresden, Winston Churchill, drew distance between himself, Harris, and the bombings. Richard Stokes confronted the House of Commons:

What happened on the evening of 13th February? There were a million people in Dresden, including 600,000 bombed-out evacuees and refugees from the East… When I heard the Minister speak of the ‘crescendo of destruction,’ I thought: What a magnificent expression for a Cabinet Minister of Great Britiain at this stage of the war 

– Toland, 158

After Dresden Goebbels demanded Hitler ignore the Geneva Convention. Hitler and his staff still followed it.

As the walls would close in, the old and young were called upon to fight. With demands on unconditional surrender and prison camps around, many German men saw fighting as the only option. For those who needed more, rumors circulated that Roosevelt intended to hand over millions of German slaves to Stalin. This rumor did its job in igniting men to fight. But there was the Feldgendarmerie, the army police. These “chain dogs” would wonder about behind lines. Any German who was unlucky enough to be stopped by them was dead within minutes if they had no written order of absence. Rank, excuse, word of mouth, it did not matter.

Soon the war would come to a close. But the killing was far from over. The de-Nazification process was to begin. Behind Soviet lines in Poland, thousands of German men, women, children, Nazi and anti-Nazi, SS, Volkssturm, Hitler youth, etc. were rounded up and imprisoned. These prisons were run and staffed by Jews. Dying was not to be instant, but prolonged. The men and women of blonde hair and blue eyes were the first to go, but anyone who spoke German would do as well.

A Jew himself, John Sack, discussed one camp run by 26-year-old Shlomo Morel. 

“I was at Auschwitz,” Shlomo proclaimed, lying to the Germans but, even more, to himself, psyching himself like a fighter the night of the championship, filling himself with hate for the Germans around him. “I was at Auschwutz for six long years, and I swore that if I got out, I’d pay all you Nazis back.” His eyes sent spears, but the “Nazis” sent him a look of simple bewilderment … 

-Sack, Eye, 102-103

Shlomo Morel then forced the prisoners to sing “Horst Wessel Song.”  As the men sang they were beaten. Many died at these welcoming committees.

While not quite on that level, the Americans and British faired no better. Many of the interrogators, examiners, and screeners were Jews who fled Nazi Germany in the late 1930s. General George Patton spoke out in anger to this vengance program: 

Evidently the virus started by Morgenthau and  [Bernard] Baruch of a Semitic revenge against all Germans is still working… I am frankly opposed to this war-criminal stuff. It is not cricket and it is Semitic… I can’t see how Americans can sink so low.

Through the de-Nazification program Germans were to complete long questionnaires on past activities. Many returned home, but millions of others were not so lucky. 

I took first the soldier, then the interpreter, by their hands and begged them to be kind to Freddy, repeating myself in the bustle and scraping of feet that drowned my words. There was a banging of doors. A cold wind blew in. I felt Freddy kiss me. I never saw him again. 

-Horstmann, We Chose to Stay

These interrogations often forced confessions through beatings and threats. Gertrude Schulz:

A young commissar, who was a great hater of the Germans, cross examined me. When he put the question: “Frauenwerk [Women’s Labor Service]?” I answer in the negative. Thereupon he become so enraged, that he beat me with a stick, until I was black and blue. 

-Schieder, Expulsion, 173

Despite all of this, there is some inspiration at the end of it all. There was no time to dwell on what could have been. There was only one option: to rebuild. Throughout this process former Allied troops grew close to the Germans around them; it was inevitable, after all, they’d boarded together, drank together, and even courted one another. Hans Woltersdorf and other POWs observed a near total lack of hatred in the German heart. This was later attested by Allied troops.

The people waved to us, furtively, to be sure, but with their will to live obviously unbroken. 

-Woltersdorf, Gods of War

As we can tell these statements were kept mostly private. Even the mention of these observations was drowned out by the media taglines and warmongers. But to see the Germans take it upon themselves to rebuild and not blame the world, and the young soldiers-American, British, French, and even Russians- relate to them is inspiring.

Ultimately, there is no way I can fit everything into this article. So much more happened to our great America, Germany, Britain, and many others, through events prior to the war (the Holodomor, etc.) and after. If you want to know about more of these events and have the stomach for it, check out Thomas Goodrich’s “Hellstorm”. All of the quotes I used in this article are in it, and there is a massive bibliography of other sources.

At this point, a question should be asked. How can an ideology like communism, something that is responsible for a hundred million deaths, not have a museum or various movies about it’s terrible reign? How can people walk around in public with hammer and sickle stickers? How can our supposed media praise such evil? (Btw this statue below was built in Germany.) Why, out of all the terrible events of WW2, do we only focus on one questionable event? Why is “International Bolshevism” not demonized like “European Nationalism?”

 I imagine most of you know the answer to this question.

I thought it was high time we stopped talking about German guilt, since there was no crime the Nazis had committed, which we or our allies had not also committed. 

-Freda Utley

Yeah fellas America is getting swarmed and demographics are falling apart. Whites are overdosing on drugs and killing themselves. More are dying than being born. As they exit an illegal fills their role. Degeneracy is rampant throughout the country with LGBTQ, drag, and Hollywood. But don’t worry about it! Never forget the Jewish Holocaust! 

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  1. Reading this broke my heart just as it filled me with rage. We should repeat this information and share this article as much as possible. For their sake, we must take back our future.

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