July 7th, 2017.

  • Zanting

Official Response From The #AnimeRight To The #JewAnime...

Important announcement.

  • Zanting

Baked Alaska Brutally Triggers The Rebel's Laura Loomer

Gorilla Mindset could not protect the emotions of this REBEL.

  • Zanting

#CNNBlackmail: The Internet Bites Back

CNN has faced backlash for hunting down and forcing a Redditor to apologize...

  • Kali Jones

Let's All Love Lain.


  • Zanting

MSNBC & The Daily Beast Endorse Anime Right News

Joy Reid of AM Joy & The Rachel Maddow Show uses Anime Right News as a sour...

  • Zanting

Melania & Barron Trump Move Into White House Formally

The First Lady of the United States and Son Barron Trump Formally Move Into...

  • IWillRedPillYou

Rant about Jvloggers, weebs, & "anti-racist" liberals

Just my rant about stuff. Jvloggers part starts at 24:00

  • nazichan1488

Official Response From Anime Right News To The Rebel Me...

Important announcement.

  • Zanting

Irma Hinojosa Loyal To Free Speech, Friends, Despite Wh...

Attempts by Ezra Levant to shut it down are outmaneuvered.

  • Zanting

Are Traps Gay

Let's finish this question once and for all! Are traps gay?

  • xHoshii

Scientific Study Finds That Anime Is Literally Hitler

You won't believe the insane, anti-Semitic message behind this Anime cartoo...

  • Zanting

Join #JewAnimeRight today!


  • UndergroundBoss

Lies, Damned Lies, And Ebola

An Ebola-chan update w/ a side of conspiracy.

  • Göbekli Pepe

Barron Trump Is An Anime Fan

"One of us!"

  • banebiddix