The Jewish/Satanist Connection

Two American Jews have founded Satanic religions.

  • JohnLambo4

Traps and the Quest for Enlightenment

Traps are essential for the survival of not only western civilisation but a...

  • Todd_Senpai

Islamic Recruiters On Discord

Muslim Discord servers are deploying emissaries.

  • Zanting

Pepe: First Blood

Serious, serious video to get you pumped up.

  • JohnLambo4

#Zanting — My Response To U.S. President Donald Trump R...

Talk is so cheap.

  • Zanting

Leaf Under Siege

Canadian Muslim Colonizers Grant Themselves Special Protections Under the L...

  • JohnLambo4

#FreeZanting — @Zanting's Ultimatum To @jack

Time zero.

  • Zanting

#FreeZanting — A Word...

What to expect now, the other reason Jack Dorsey alongside his compatriots...

  • Zanting

The Real History of St. Patrick’s Day

When you think of St. Patrick’s Day, you probably think of green beer, shot...

  • melpomene

Essay One: Timothy Leary's scientific racism

Setting the stage for the Transhumanist solution to the Liberal question

  • Doppler

Mussolini Was An Awooposter

Scandal, intrigue, synchronicity, tiddies, something for everyone!

  • Göbekli Pepe

WHY-FOO-ISM or: NGE Pantheon

Esoteric Waifuism and the Star Wars of anime.

  • barcodebaker

The use of children as political pawns

From trans youth to political soundbites to human riot shields, a generatio...

  • melpomene

Autism Doesn't Exist

Crystal children and autism.

  • melpomene

Heavenly Dog & Giant Toad

Awoo and her relation to Pepe and the Cult of Kek.

  • barcodebaker

"Last night in Sweden" is every night

Most people decided to focus on the "Last night in Sweden" part of his spee...

  • banebiddix