The Alt-Right Cannot Honestly Support The Trump Adminis...

Genie Energy: Donald Trump's elephant in the room.

  • Zanting

Stray From The Path Trolled Us Good

Their single Good Night Alt-Right really had us up in arms all the while la...

  • JohnLambo4

Want To Impress Your Waifu???

Remember the famous maxim 'knowledge is power?'

  • JohnLambo4

The Amazon Echo Look; Fucking Normies Get Off My Screen

Little Kids Need Help Dressing; Amazon's Alexa Will Now Help Adults Too!

  • JohnLambo4

When You Know

Just my thoughts.

  • sameolnes

Captain America: Civil War, It's Shite

IMO, the Captain America Franchise Only Works When it's gritty.

  • JohnLambo4

Introducing Endchan

The imageboard at the end of the universe!

  • Cutlass9mm

Dr. Strange On DVD

Cool effects, shitty acting, and completely racial.

  • JohnLambo4

The Alt-Right Before The Alt-Right


  • Zanting

How-To: Circumventing Twitter Blocks

Did someone block you on Twitter? Here's how to see their Tweets & still re...

  • Zanting

Frame Arms: Girl

A quick look at the show Frame Arms: Girl, airing this season, and Busou Sh...

  • Helma_Lennartz

Jin Roh: Wolves In Sheep's Clothing

A brief overlook at Jin Roh.

  • LoveDoktor

#Zanting — Why [I Am] A Hashtag

And you should be one too.

  • Zanting

#JohnLambo4 - REVIEW: Hacksaw Ridge *No Spoilers*

Most Media Sucks, Hacksaw Ridge Doesn't

  • JohnLambo4

#Kemperor - Review: Look Who's Back

Look Whos' Back is a Definite White Pill *No Spoilers*

  • JohnLambo4

The Fatally Flawed New Balance 009, Nationalists Beware

A Pretty Useless Shoe

  • JohnLambo4