Jack Posobiec Says John McCain's Brain Cancer Took Him...

Nothing of value was lost, though.

  • Zanting

Alt-Right Discord Removes Administrator For Liking Anim...

Implicitly scandalous.

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BuzzFeed Reporter Joe Bernstein Weighs In On CNN's Batt...

The only journalist whose opinion matters in all of this.

  • Zanting

Baked Alaska [Fill In The Blank] Richard Spencer

Banned on Twitter but not in real life, the man occasionally known as Micro...

  • Zanting

The Bitter Truth: Homosexuality In The Alt-Right

Paul Town is a changed man.

  • JohnLambo4

The Reagan Battalion Rudely Snubbed The Anime Right

They're prestigious and so are we. What's the problem?

  • JohnLambo4

#Normandy And The Liberal Mindset

Liberalism is a mental illness

  • NeonReactionary

Richard Spencer Nominated For Navy Secretary By Trump

U.S. Navy to become the last stand of implicit White identity.

  • NeonReactionary

Kathy Griffin and Andy Dick; Or Kathy Griffin is Andy D...

Is Andy Dick the First Television Tranny???

  • JohnLambo4

#AnimeRight Movement Infiltrates & Takes Over The Conse...

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has declared a state of emergency.

  • Zanting

BuzzFeed Reporter Joe Bernstein Cyber Assaulted By Anim...

The online menace known as the Anime Right strikes again.

  • Zanting

Baked Alaska Has A New Discord

Baked Alaska has invited anybody who wants to join him on Discord.

  • Cutlass9mm

Who Is Köksal Baba?

Who is Köksal Baba? Is he the only good roach?

  • BoDedkatzen

John Brennan Testifies To The Senate Intelligence Commi...

The Russia narrative is crumbling.

  • VictorOfKadesh

Body Pillows And Weeb Dating

We need to talk about this.

  • Aryan Akbar

How I Lost By Hillary Clinton

Hillary Clinton is so much of a loser that her own words were used to make...

  • Zanting