Behind The Shadowbanning – Who and How?

Our world is being censored to the brink of an apocalyptic scenario. This research is the in's and out's of who's doing it and how.

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Anime Right News (ARN) - We have all either been affected personally by the shadowbanning epidemic or know someone who has. Even "normie" crowds unawakened to the massive globalist plunge have noticed the massive change in Mainstream Media Coverage. It went from everyday news to ZOMG DRUMPFT! TWO SCOOPS ONNA PIE! HE PISSED ON RUSSIAN HOOKERS IN OBAMA'S ROOM AND OBUUBA SHITS GOLDEN BRICKS THAT I WANT TO EAT! REEEEEE!

Turns out there's a reason for everything, but it's so entangled down so many rabbit holes that the entire web of conspiracy looks something like this:

Artist: Danbooru @ (give 'em a like)

It's pretty easy to get sidetracked, to say the least. Throughout the last year, we here at the AnimeRight have done some digging to hopefully turn this hive of crackpot info into a legible and somewhat easy to see the first step as to who censoring you is and how it's being done.

But who would want to silence the truth?

Introducing Soros' pawn David Broch, a philanthropist, author, troll, queer, once republican (when they were in power) but now a Democrat, and multi-multi-multi-multi CEO/founder/board member of basically every single propaganda type company in existence. 

David Brock

Here's a quick list of a few organizations this freak spawn has been involved in:

Correct the Record Super PAC

Media Matters (TWICE)

Super PAC-American Bridge 21st Century

The American Democracy Legal Fund (No wiki page. But it's the super PAC used to discredit Bernie Sanders)

American Independent Institute

C.R.E.W. (Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington)

And many many MORE

Each one of these organizations could honestly have their own article. For now please settle with each one being a hyperlink to a non-biased Wikipedia page. Protip? Sure. Even Wikipedia states that his cohorts don't trust a single thing he writes as he's admitted to lying over and over in the past after the damaging effects of the lie were already done. It's even on Wikipedia's page on him or you can just read his ridiculous books.

The Fox Effect

The Real Anita Hill


The Seduction of Hillary Rodham

Almost all of which are about instances where he or someone else is literally LYING publicly to fire someone and get away with it successfully. Well... This is besides "The Seduction of Hillary Rodham." That was was just an utter shitstorm that resulted at the end of his book writing career. Guess he ran out of people he could lie about and screw over. Evidently, NO ONE would talk to him to give him the juice on the book that he needed for its success because of his reputation for twisting words and being a liar.

If you were a fan of pizzas and gates, then you likely came across his name a few times. He was sexually involved with James Alefantis, the owner of Comet Ping Pong Pizza. They broke up and then Mr. Alefantis bribed Brock for the tax evasion of his company Media Matters to the blackmailing tune of $850,000. LOL! And then after getting paid, Alefantis told on his ass to the IRS anyway! LOLOLOL!

Ugh.... Reptillian AF tbh, fam.

After which Media Matters had to close their doors, but soon reopened after few meetings and appointed positions in a few super PACs. Soon thereafter came the soon to be proven SOROS FUNDED propaganda machine.

From here things get hazy. David Brock is just all over the place with his hands in every Liberal Democrat cookie jar from here to the muffin man's house.

Artist: gelbooru @ (moar likes, fam!)

Seeing this man's name isn't why you clicked this link, and we here at AnimeRight aren't down with clickbait unless it features wholesome topics and cute anime girls.
This degeneracy isn't wholesome.
Even though I encourage you to learn as much about David Brock as you can (and that's a lot!) let's instead divy up this jackass' life story into just a couple company involvements.

Shareblue/Blue Nation Review
Media Matters

Shareblue Is the name given to a "mother site" linking many democrat propaganda sites to each other. They data mine more than every free google app ever designed, so I don't recommend going there without protection.

Plz... I'm behind 7 Kurumi's

Formerly, Shareblue was known as Blue Nation Review, a more professional "Buzzfeed" style opinion/news site much like our very own Anime Right News, but with the intention of pushing lies instead of truth. Don't believe me? Decide for yourself.


But what you don't see and won't see is that before Blue Nation Review became Shareblue, it was previously 80% of a company named Moko Media. What does Moko Media do? Why do they make mobile applications? Applications that interact with schools, mostly pertaining to sports. Here are a few examples:


Let's look at some privacy policies of these, hrm?

There are also some of these apps used specifically at Berkley Colleges...........Oof.

These companies brag being able to influence millions of students at a time across colleges and high schools. Insert your congressional democrat campaign ad here. Moko media ties back to its original office in Australia with original founder Malcom Raymond Scott James. I won't bore you with the scoop anymore but click here for some excellently cited journalism from an otherwise almost completely tabloid site.

Money launderers in China you say? It's too much to give you in one sitting and the perfect article already exists in the link above. It explains ties back to an unnamed company "Weibo" that is basically a Chinese version of Twitter that pretty much only US Hollywood actors use. It's great if you like more communist censorship than a situation where you basically sit down at a computer and place a bag over your head. Here's their censorship model:

Remind you of anything? Anyone see any of the Project Veritas twitter employee exposing that was flying around? They spoke of keywords and phrases. Ones from both the "online hate index" of the ADL and, according to Veritas recordings, pro-Trump or republican sided speech. Here and here are some extra things about weibo's censorship design that I dug up. Enjoy reading it if you want. Asians love math.


So what they're saying is that each word or phrase holds a specific weight or numeric score. We don't know the specifics, but the weight of a tweet would then influence if it became visible to the community or not.  Say the word Trump has a weight of .5 and the phrase Make America Great Again is .75 while the word thot, which would be used only by right-wing trolls, would score a 5. A tweet using all three of these words or phrases would score a "weight" of 6.25. This may be heavy enough to keep your tweet from being seen as per the Weibo Censorship model above. If you were a constant poster of heavy tweets, your account itself would start having a base weight to add to any and every tweet you posted. Not to mention that specific databases are linking your devices' MAC addresses, your common IP addresses, your telephone number, your name, your social security number, and many other very very intrusive private increments of data and linking them all together on your "personal censorship profile." A profile on a database cross-referenced with not only Twitter but Facebook, Google, and YouTube as well as all these little sites and applications logging your private information.

What I'm saying here, info gathered from high school apps you use to watch your son or daughter play football or volleyball are hypothetically used to ban and silence you on social media according to only your political spectrum.

Why do I think this?

Because David Brock admitted it and it was leaked. Remember the democratic plan for action? Why aren't these asshats in jail!? buried underneath the jail!?!?!?!

In the link I provided, the Democrat plan of action states that it raised up some odd $170 MILLION to throw into this. If they're going to spend that much, don't you think he's going to be at least taking data mining info from the many many companies that he downright OWNS before he spends that wad of mega cash convincing and maybe even bribing social media giants?

The answer is simply yes...... Definitely. Which means adults, young adults, and minors are being hugely profiled to fit a political agenda. Isn't that terrorism?

So then if you subscribe to Facebook's news feed from back in December, they're using a company called Poynter. Who do you think is funding Poynter? Big surprise incoming.................

Omidyar Network!? That's eBay
Open Society Foundation? George Soros' main company!?

A quick look at that screenshot's links (here and here) will reveal that the Poynter site went through an overhaul. The new site neglects to mention a good number of its donors and involved parties. Truth and transparency indeed!

I caught the mention of Kelly McBride.....Kelly McBride? Wait... Didn't we see something on Fox News about this

Fox News Article Screenshot

She's now part of the Knight's Foundation and if you've been clicking the hyperlinks provided you might have seen that the Knight Foundation is being hired by Poynter. She was one of the members of both ESPN and George Soros' Organization. As well you have people pulling strings across some other pretty big news networks.........Shit....... 

So The very same George Soros that has donated millions upon millions to David Broch's Super PACs that were made for the Democratic Plan for Action that SAID the Dems were going to undermine Trump supporters by labeling them as Russian Cohorts and Fake news is also donating to the same tools that Facebook/Twitter/Google/YouTube is using to undermine THE TRUTH!?!?!?!

This is so beyond evil and sickening. How much money does this man have!? It's pretty safe to assume that these organizations didn't just get that lovely check without any requested "fudging" of rules. You are completely fighting everything you use online. Every service builds a portfolio on you and each and every one of them are sharing data about you to each other. By using their services you even consent to it. Rethink your app usage on the app stores. It's time to find third-party tools, games, and services where ever possible. People have been screaming it for years, and frankly, we were fools for not listening. What has been taken from you for the false guise of advertising is used to silence you from ever having any sort of voice. If you don't all scream now as loud as you can, you just might go down in history as something that was never even heard at all.

I, for one, shall fight. I'll find my way around any walls placed in front of me. We at the AnimeRight will build platforms to circumvent these blockades of free speech and lies. But we need YOU to fight with us. Our reach is limited now more so than ever. Share your findings! If you believe in us share this article! We work hard every day for you and we ask for nothing in return other than to be one more voice on the side of righteousness even if it's you against the world...

You against the world

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    1. You’re very welcome. Thank you so much for reading it. Nothing feels worse than to have a fire in your gut and have its fruit fall on deaf ears. I am nothing without you

      1. The eBay search engine Cassini is a huge, complex global shadowbanning program. They have turned free enterprise into economic socialism. Its effects are worse than in politics, because money and livelihoods are directly involved day to day.

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