Deep Dive Into The NPC Phenomenon

The NPC meme has made some people very angry, and others completely oblivious to its real meaning. Let's have a look at the phenomenon behind the meme!

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The NPC (non-playable characters) meme has been taking the internet by storm. The basic premise is that there are people with no inner monologue, who act like predictable automatons spewing formulaic talking points and adopting any cause the mass media tells them to. There’s a lot of truth to both the premise and the observations about these kind of characters. Let’s look at what they had to say themselves about the inner monologue claim:

These NPCs have just enough self-reflection to realize they have no inner monologue. Of course, inner monologue isn't all there is to being a playable character but it is certainly a requirement.

This meme has rattled people in high places, in fact, even before it was hitting its stride something unprecedented happened. Twitter pre-emptively anticipated the narrative damage that will eventually be caused by this meme and solicited feedback from users on so-called "dehumanization". 

To make matters worse for Twitter, satirical NPC accounts were popping out by the tens of thousands and many were wiped out without such a justification as we reported last week

NYT's butthurt article about the NPC invasion on Twitter.

It's not hard to see why the playable characters of the left are so worried. This meme flips their "Russian bot" thought-terminating cliche on its head and directs it right back at them. And rightfully so. Their NPCs have been programmed to confirm their biases and repeat lines that seem to support them on the surface. And they were right. In one instance, Kathy Griffin, an unfunny "comedian", encountered an ironic NPC account which told her that people who don't watch her are nazis and misogynists. She agreed!

It gets even better. You would think that people in real life wouldn't fall for this meme/satire, but that's what appears to have happened at a Democrat's anti-Trump protest when a man with an NPC mask brandished a large "ORANGE MAN BAD" sign.

NPCs are not able to understand their own programming nor understand when they're being made to look like fools.

It's important though, to separate the NPC phenomenon from this recent resurrection of the NPC meme. Leftists have found a ridiculous one-word counter to the meme, "solipsism"

Solipsism is basically the idea that you can only be sure that you exist and everyone else might be a figment of your imagination. This has nothing to do with the NPC phenomenon of course. No one using it is claiming to be the only person who exists. What we are saying is that some people may as well not exist since they're following such a predictable path. It's like they're not really there; they can be replaced with a computer program.

This idea is unacceptable to a lot of people, including popular video producer Black Pilled, but NPCs were a very real part of our lives even before the meme. To put this issue to rest, let's look at an example that will be familiar to everyone.

The Call Center Operator and The Expert

Whenever you're on the phone with a customer service/call center operator, it's almost impossible not to notice that they're always following some kind of script. They robotically read out some sentences passed to them by their bosses and then await your input. The script is written to catch 90% of cases, and in case they couldn't help you with any of them, you're passed on to an expert.

A call center operator behaves almost exactly like NPCs in video games (i.e. RPGs and visual novels). They have a fixed dialog tree that you navigate through using your voice. They have a script in front of them that literally has "IF A THEN B" statements which they must follow to the letter. The advantage they have over a computer controlled operator is that they can understand the context of what you are saying along with the many variations of English, but even this is will soon be automated as it really doesn't take much more than obedience to be an operator.

She says it's so, but does she really mean it?

These operators are employed at many different companies and use various instruction scripts as they help people with a variety of issues, such as an overflowing toilet or a runaway lawnmower. They understand how to execute the program of directives handed down to them, but they can't reflect upon what they're actually being asked to say. Their script is maintained by an expert and can be updated at any time. They will follow it to the letter even if it contradicts itself or the previous version of it. It's not their job to think, only to react.

In the end, the expert is usually the actual person you want to speak to when you have a serious issue, as they fundamentally understand the problem you're having as well as the good or service you want to be fixed. Most importantly, they don't work off a script, they use their knowledge, past experiences, intuition, communication skills and maybe even charisma to give you a solution. These experts are scarce in numbers so their time is precious and valuable.

There is a significant difference in the cognitive utilization of either activity. The operator job may seem boring as hell, but collecting a paycheck is what most people need from a job and to be quite honest, these type of "just follow these basic instructions" job opportunities are what the majority of people are capable of doing.

Real Life NPCs

As it turned out, we all already knew human beings who act like NPCs existed. But it was really just a voluntary act, part of a job and not their real selves. In contrast, NPCs are like this every waking minute and it's entirely involuntarily. They have no inner monologue as they admit, but that's not all they lack nor is it all you need to be a real human being. NPCs lack creativity, the ability to create novelty or the motivation to have interesting and unpredictable thoughts and actions. 

This creative ability is a distinction between sapience and mere sentience. Sapience is a transcendental understanding of the world, imagining what can be and understanding what is. Being able to relate things to each other in an infinitely complex manner. On the other hand, sentience is just knowing you're alive while responding to stimuli around you. The playable character has sapience, the NPC only has sentience.

So, lacking anything of substance to say, why do these idiots bother to say anything at all? We already know that many of the non-playable characters we encounter online are paid activists. Some of them even derive an income from Patreon so those NPC's motives are clear. But what about the less entrepreneurial idiots who merely virtue signal, or repeat "ORANGE MAN BAD" tier talking points they picked up from Jimmy Kimmel Live?

To really understand what is going on, looking at psychological motivation via Maslow's hierarchy of needs can prove to be helpful.

Maslow's hierarchy of needs are the building blocks required to be your true self. Each of these blocks are being undermined by the surveillance system which is currently being built around us.

The paid activists need money, and being an NPC fulfills the same needs as the call center operator's: their basic needs. Money for food and shelter. They may derive their psychological needs from outside this gig, or from within it. The paid activists may actually not even be NPCs per se, this is an important distinction as their actions may be voluntary.

These comedians may act like NPCs but they're actually programming NPCs.
They're paid to act this way.

The NPCs may derive their basic needs from their day jobs, but they derive their psychological needs from their activism. Watching their favorite "comedy" shows, even as it contradicts itself before their glazed over eyes, brings them belongingness. They can talk about the show with fellow NPCs #32451 and #48742. When they detect wrongthink, their virtue signaling module is activated and they descend upon the offender with their programmed reactions; #PunchANazi, #Privilege, #MeToo, etc. The contradictory and shifting goals they adopt every day fulfill these two psychological needs.

It's amazing to note how little these activists ever differ from each other's goals, while our side may not agree on much of anything, yet can still work together...


Something goes wrong at this point for NPCs though. They can never fulfill self-actualization, as they've adopted someone else's goals. The establishment and their paymasters are their entire existence. They can never create anything of their own, and this is why the left can't meme. The memes we create are connected to reality and are a very human, very sapient form of creation. The NPC has no choice but to adopt the programming assigned to it and cannot deviate from that programming and it's on-rails thinking when attempting to create ANYTHING.
NPC #453465 at your service, master SorosThe lack of self-actualization builds up agitation with the NPCs, forcing them to feed on other psychological needs. They know they're trapped but they have no choice but to rely on belongingness with fellow NPCs. Likes, favorites, follower count and shares are the gamification fuel that keeps their psyche healthy. This means they all have to keep their programs up to date so that they don't fall out of favor. They have to look out for all of the new wrongthinks updated by the ADL and SPLC. They also must look for exceptions, such as harassment and violence being OK if directed at Republicans. Doing this fills the hole in their hearts and the deepening cavity in their minds, where their real selves could have been. 

How Did We Come To This?

To answer this question, we have to take a step back and remember what things were like a decade ago. Many of these NPCs were once normal, well-adjusted individuals who may have been a little bit liberal, though nothing like the automatons they have since turned into. With the release of the iPhone in 2007 and the subsequent proliferation of smartphones, the internet became accessible to very impressionable people of little intellect.

Simultaneously, things like Facebook took the air out of organic social gatherings, it forced people on the network if they wanted to organize any social gathering. If you wanted to make a comment about something to your close family and friends, you always had to be careful about it becoming more widely distributed. As the pool of people in your network grew, so did the chance that at least one of them would be an NPC triggered by their programming. By 2017, you could easily lose your job (or worse) if a hate mob of NPCs erupted around you in response to just a single comment. What's truly frightening is that anything you say on the internet stays there forever. NPCs that are always hungry for virtue signaling fuel, can dig on old comments and attempt to destroy or assimilate those who haven't been programmed like themselves.

An NPC is born out of fear.

Social media became a skinner box. If you unwisely have an account with your true identity, you will usually have to follow the program. You could either remain silent or react in the expected fashion to "pass" as a non-threat to the NPC automatons. Even then you will be monitored, and if you participate you will be expected to monitor as well. You will have your daily updates to the program just like the call center operator. You will repeat the chants, you will remember that there is an infinite number of genders and you will reject your inner monologue and accept the voice of Don Lemon as your guiding voice.


Battle of Wills: The Purpose of NPC Factories

Those who remain anonymous and avoid divulging any personal information will be free from this system of mental bondage. Those who remain in close communities with trusted parties will be protected from the NPC. It doesn't take much to realize that the end goal is not to get you to learn these self-contradictory policies and principles. The goal is to get you to act like an NPC long enough that you become an NPC. Pretending to be something for too long will make you lose your real self, a concept that was best expressed by Nietzsche in "Human, All too Human":

"How Appearance Becomes Reality [...]The hypocrite who always plays one and the same part, finally ceases to be a hypocrite; as in the case of priests who, when young men, are always, either consciously or unconsciously, hypocrites, and finally become naturally and then really, without affectation, mere priests"

The globo-homos know that people are smart enough to know that their talking points and programs are self-contradictory and filled with lies. The point of it is to demonstrate their power over you. With Woke Capital becoming normalized you're forced to repeat these points at your workplace. Once you've established yourself as an NPC mind-slave, they can update the programming to something more useful to their regime. They drive these machinations to force acceptance of this mode of on-rails thinking. They build an army of NPCs that are connected to the internet, with their program being updated continually. None of them can have independent thought, for it may contradict the new programs spoken with authority by the media and comedian. You always have to obey the programs and follow the crowd.

The political correctness program achieves the same objectives as Operation Mockingbird aimed to during the cold war but adjusted for the information era.

This is a frightening and absurdly demonic prospect, but it achieves the objectives of controlling information and on top of that, controlling human behavior. In the words of William Casey, a former CIA director, their mission will only be complete when everything we know is false. Only when women act like men, men act like women, humans act like machines and with research in AI, machines act like humans, will they be done with us. 

We would be careful from assuming they will only operate this machination in the left-wing direction, however, because they planned for the right. Look no further than the QAnon LARP operation which has sucked in so many people on the right into on-rails thinking. Their programs are sometimes even simpler than leftist's. Anything that contradicts your logic will be answered with"trust the plan." This kind of thought-terminating cliche forces you to stay up to date with this "plan." You will only be able to understand things in terms of the Q team's various shitposts.

"Where we go one we go all." If this doesn't sound like an NPC chant you haven't read this article.

Finally, where they cannot use you as an NPC, they may use your own ideological beliefs or leaders against you, Alinsky style. Libertarian principles popularized by Dr. Ron Paul are being used to justify censorship of opinions using the "muh private company" meme. They even attempted (unsuccessfully) to use Trump to propel their gun control agenda. Only by resisting on-rails thinking, resisting ideology and having a clear motivation and goal, and a broadly grounded understanding of the world, we can be free of this system of bondage. Self-actualizing human beings are goal orientated. It's quite a difficult task to use your own goals against you as long as you use your mind to be aware of their machinations. Only when you share a common goal can you work with people. That's why we share a guiding principle, with or without an appropriate leader: "Make America Great Again."

There will be new lobotomization dangers ahead which you will be able to read about on AnimeRight News in the near future. Until then, stay human friends.


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  1. Liked the article up until the last bit about censoring opinions online. I’m all for censoring rightwing thought on zuckbook and the like, because many people are now fully realizing the extent of the duplicity that the left and their (((leaders))) have. This is something that many of us here may realize, but for the masses, it is easy to dehumanize something bad happening in another part of the state/country/world/etc. Take for example the Patriot Prayer vs Antifa brawls happening out in the NW, I think PP are a bunch of lukewarm ‘muh optics’ Republicucks, but they’re useful for pointing at and saying “See?! There is a prime example of the police and local government being weaponized against rightwing sentiment.” A lot of normies (I’m using the term to indicate people capable of critical thinking, but whose thoughts are clouded by the machinations of the Media complex, rather than the mindless NPC automatons who likely cannot be saved) will see this and just not really care because it’s ‘so far away’ and out of their sphere of acknowledgement. But when their favorite meme page or military-themed discussion group or whatever gets zuck’d, it is a lot more likely to have a personal effect on them since this is something that they feel a connection to, and thus more likely to push the normies toward self-realization and further rightwing ideologies.

  2. What I find funny are those without an inner monologue who think that an inner monologue just dictates what you are currently doing. “I am reaching my hand out. I am gripping the door kob. I am turning the door knob. I push the door open. I step though the door.”

  3. Absolutely top fucking article. How the fuck did i not find this place? I stepped into here looking for guns for poor fags now i find this masterpiece

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