Interview With Eric Striker of TRS On Trump’s Campaign Promises

"Its no longer left or right but light vs darkness at this point."

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We had the priviledge of interviewing Eric Striker of The Right Stuff and co-host of The People’s Square on recent events with Trump seemingly going back on a lot of his original campaign promises.

Eric Striker: Hello, I am Eric Striker, a cultural critic and third positionist who podcasts for The Right Stuff.

Anime Right News: Thanks for joining us for this interview, Eric. What were your thought of Trump during the election and how do what you think of Trump right now in contrast

ES: I was a big supporter of Trump in 2016. Trump’s candidacy was a rejection of the neo-liberal, post-war consensus, in that he ran against interventionist wars, globalization, and mass immigration. Watching him take on the elite power structure, both against the Republican clown car and the Democrats’ robot from the Silver Chair music video “Anthem From The Year 2000” with a grassroots movement of urban working class whites and country folk (both ignored for decades by the political structure) was an amazing moment in history.

Right now, I believe Trump has betrayed all of his promises. After many people were injured, shot, lost their jobs, were brutally beaten by Antifa mobs, dug deep into their pockets to give the Trump campaign small donations,  all of these sacrifices appear to have been in vain.

I don’t fully blame Trump. I believe he is simply old and tired, and fears the oligarch/FBI coup that has been shadowing his entire stalemate of a presidency. The Jewish power structure have broken his base through FBI raids, frivolous lawsuits, and perpetual media attack, along with anarchist paramilitary groups/Antifa who do some of their “extra legal” bidding against all the nationalist groups, and even many alt-light groups like the Proud Boys.

For example, members of the Rise Above Movement are now sitting in jail on rioting charges that have not been used by the FBI in 70 years. This was done in retaliation for their protection of Trump rallies from anarchist gangs in Huntington Beach in 2016, as well as alleged actions defending protesters in Charlottesville. The FBI has done this to send a message to the president’s once diehard supporters, but also to Trump himself, that he will not have the same grassroots support in 2020. So Trump has surrendered

And lastly of course, censorship. Forget White Nationalist media. The corporate censors have even shut down InfoWars, Gavin McInnes, and other Trump friendly media.

ARN: The heavy price of publicly supporting Trump with no benefit is indeed a theme that has been whispered amongst MAGA idealists. It is now reaching the point where people's bank accounts are being shut down over their opinions. Do you believe that Trump is willingly ignoring these continual infractions on his supporter or is he powerless to do anything about it because of the talmudic forces that have effectively placed him in check?

ES: I think Trump is powerless. The Republican party is fully bribed by Zionist and corporate interests, and will gladly vote to impeach him with the democrats. Remember Trump's executive order on tech censorship? That was drawn up but never put into action. If Trump was in his 40s he might've been able to fight the hopelessly corrupt money dictatorship in Washington, but now, he probably regrets running for president and wants to lose so that he can go play golf in Mar-a-Lago.

I almost feel sorry for Trump. Little does he know that even if he throws in the towel. the vengeful yids that he shot his gun at and missed in 2016 will not rest until he is destroyed. The more he retreats, the worse their punishment for him will be, unless he does something ridiculous to placate them. Maybe Venezuela is it.

Trump, and the white working/middle class people who elected him, are the equivalent of going up to a group of Hell's Angels and pointing your gun at them, then the gun jams. No matter what happens next in respects to Trump, we're in for third world style vengeance as soon as they see the coast is clear.

ARN: It's indeed clear, they won't stop no matter what he does because of the "mistakes" he has already made in their eyes. Simultaneously, the tech oligarchy is seemingly going to continue to push their censorship drive under a new guise each time.

Currently YouTube is being pushed into demonetizing videos merely for having the wrong kind of comments underneath it, to force creators into acting as censors. What do you see as their end game, considering the financial sectors involvement in this censorship drive?

ES: The democratization of media through Twitter and Youtube has shifted power away from properly vetted Butt Goys. There was a time when someone with a  popular opinion could have their followers mushroom to 100,000 on Twitter, effectively having more power and sway than a New York Times journalist, a party machine politician or a think-tank "specialist".

This is something that the Jews who own Facebook and Google want to make sure no longer happens. Never did Sheryl Sandberg ever imagine that the platform used to overthrow governments in the Middle East could one day be used by dissidents to undermine her power structure at home.

The reason there was always an understanding that the First Amendment was sacred was that nobody had the means to use it. Back in the day, if you didn't have a connection to a publisher, you simply would never be heard. Today an internet connection can put you in touch with millions to debate ideas once shut out passively.

The aggressive campaign against political dissidents is something that happens whenever you challenge any system's elite. Whether its the USSR, Napoleonic France or modern day America, when people start to listen to your voice, and you are criticizing the powerful, you will be silenced and dragged away in the dead of night. We are seeing this more and more in our circles.

ARN: We have seen Whatsapp (now owned by Facebook) try to remove this kind of power from people's hands by limiting forwarding of articles to at most five at a time how do you think this kind of centralization of power by the tech oligarchs will continue and how will other rival nations who have their own social media accounts on these platforms react?

ES: What Jews are trying to do right now is transition away from their traditional means of media control (TV and newspapers) to the internet. Right now, we're in the middle of the transition, due to technological limitations its not fully concluded. One day, the only political media you will be able to access on Facebook will be NowThis videos of a satanic tranny reading you a children's book about a child with two daddies, and finding dissident literature on the internet will be as hard as it was before the internet existed, if not harder.

I think rival nations would be smart to make their competitors like VK more appealing. Russia Today, on the media front, has been very successful due to embracing American dissidents both on the left and the right.

Russian and Chinese companies could force liberalism to take its mask off by openly advertising their social media platforms as safe places for Americans who criticize their oligarchs. It would likely lead to american IPs being banned, something you see cucks and democrats constantly complaining the Russians do when they ban filth like PornHub.

ARN:  Do you think there is a real risk that without an effective voice and thus, by bypassing the first amendment, the elite will be able to eliminate gun rights in the US, leaving the masses at their mercy like we are seeing now in France? Or is such a goal still too far out of reach for the planners?

ES: I don't think they will try to take people's guns directly unless there's a genuine emergency.

It's actually easier to neutralize the threat of armed citizens by 1) neutralizing 1st amendment rights through state abuse and private monopolies denying people their rights and 2) Gun activism is a very white, rural cause. If they can't neutralize the gun, they neutralize the person. Mass immigration, deindustrialization, suicide, drug abuses and other issues are dwindling the white population, and forcing what's left of the whites to move to big cities like New York and Chicago, where people have no gun rights. I personally believe the "green new deal", which would put gas prices through the roof, would create another wave of white migration away from low population states and into cities.

If there's nobody to lead the men with guns then the guns themselves simply become a collectible toy. Many second amendment enthusiasts already treat their guns like its a FunKo Pop.

In France it is easier to mobilize people due to the culture being more politicized and rural people having Paris close enough that they can travel where all the hipsters are and fuck up their organic juice bars. In America, even if we take state and oligarch repression out of the picture, getting 1,000 people in one place is always a triumph.

ARN: Do you think a public display of defiance may shake Trump from his current surrender to his handlers and the globohomo deep state? Or will this only make things worse as we saw with previous attempts?

ES:  My view is that Trump may have been putting surrender off for a while now, but was pressured by his impromptu and largely independent network of supporters to deny the piranhas in the swamp the cucking they demanded.

For example, when Trump attacked Syria, the alt-right and alt-light united to condemn him. A famous scene was Richard Spencer and Mike Enoch leading a march by the White House while Antifa useful idiots hounded them. There was the minority of principled anti-war leftists who said good things about Spencer and Enoch, and a full blown war beyond just a few tomahawks could've led to a cross front populist opposition to the government not seen since Vietnam.

Since that attack in 2017, both the alt-light and alt-right have been forced to defend ourselves from FBI terror, tech censorship, denial of banking services, Jewish media smear and threat campaigns, SLAPP lawsuits, and the infighting that always occurs when groups are put under this kind of pressure.

I think rebuilding the old alliances in a new and modified way, along with establishing a network of First Amendment and Civil Liberties lawyers, are necessary if dissidents are ever going to stand up in protest against the thin film of parasites who have taken our country off the rails.

ARN: At the end of the year, it seemed like Trump had enough of the elite and decided to do things his way, pushing for a government shutdown over lack of wall funding and a full Syria pull out. Over the last two months, we have seen him retreat from each of these positions. What do you think has been happening behind the scenes to cause this shift?

ES: When Trump announced his Syria pull out and the government shut down, many were excited that old Trump was back. I believe Trump was using the Syria pull out card as a negotiating trick to get the Jewish power structure to give him a little money for his wall.

Instead what happened is the Zionists mobilized both parties against him in Congress and Mueller/FBI arrested Roger Stone in a dramatic, televised raid.  That was the Jews sending Trump a message, as it is well known that 1 tier above Stone on the hit list is Don Jr.

Nobody has been paying attention to the Mueller probe because everyone knows its a load of shit. The system was unable to get anyone to believe in it, which I think should've given Trump the courage to mobilize his red hat supporters against Congress, the federal courts and the intelligence agencies. But I think Trump knows it would lead to a civil war, and risk his death/arrest.

Remember, the brain behind the "Mueller Probe" is Rod Rosenstein. This man is on the record trying to overthrow the duly elected president of the United States, and Trump did nothing or could do nothing, about him.

It's possible they have blackmail material on him as well. But I won't speculate on that.

ARN: Some have speculated that now that Trump has decided to surrender, he is making a grand spectacle of it by executing globohomo measures with exuberance. Is this a signal to his masses that he is under duress? How can we interpret, for example, his globohomo war on conservative nations, specifically his dictate that all nations must now legalize homosexuality.

ES: No 72 year old man in the world thinks it's normal to use the US military to bomb countries over their homosexual solicitation laws!

That is a script being written for him by sick assholes in our government. Just like his awful State of the Union speech about AIDS, the holocaust and communism.

Trump's exuberance may have more to do with some kind of backroom deal with the deep state where he promotes this trash in exchange for keeping his family, business and personal freedom. He may simply be glad that the roller coaster that looked fun at first is almost over and is looking forward to going back to his Manhattan penthouse and shitting in his golden toilet.

ARN: Do you believe that the war on Venezuela is part of that parcel? It seems like he has handed over the keys to Bolton, Pence, Rubio and Pompeo. Some of us were surprised to see that despite the years long "helicopter propoganda" on /pol/, many have rejected this war. Do you see any long term risk for the US that should arise out of this caribbean chaos campaign?

ES: Like everything with the US government, the real reason for why they're going into Venezuela is shrouded in secrecy.

One possibility I've written about is that Trump is following an old GOP presidential pattern. When Reagan betrayed his Evangelical base on the prayer in school amendment he ran on, he invaded Granada in 1983. When Bush I was close to betraying his promise of not raising taxes, he picked off former CIA asset Noriega in Panama. Trump has cucked on most of his promises and this could be a distraction, but unlike Reagan and Bush - who enjoyed soaring poll numbers due to media induced jingoism - Trump will just go from being hated by 50% of the country to being hated by 75% of it.

Another theory I have is that Iran is making massive gains against Israel. No matter what Israel does next, it's increasingly surrounded by Iran and Hezbollah and no longer on the geopolitical offensive. With Turkey lurching into the Iran camp, Israel's left with nothing but a towel headed retard like Saudi Arabia by its side.  

In this context, the US may be forced to intervene, but the weakness of the neo-liberal government and lingering popular discontent means that something like exploding gas prices from a Middle East war could destabilize the US itself.

So my second theory on Venezuela is that Zionist puppets like Bolton, Pompeo and Rubio want to secure a gas station in the Western Hemisphere for the inevitable obstruction of Middle Eastern oil production if Saudi Arabia and Israel were to fight a war against Lebanon or Iran to keep prices down in the US itself.

As for helicopter propaganda, there needs to be distinction. The Venezuelan government is not the same thing as the green haired transvestites with bull rings in their noses that spend all their free time trying to fire white dissidents from their jobs. Whatever the pros and cons of the government there are, the Venezuelan people have a right to self-determination and use their oil however the hell they want.

Not to mention the massive exodus of millions of refugees that always accompany these Jewish wars. Iraq, Afghanistan, and Syria are the top home country for immigrants flooding Europe right now, and part of that is on our Zionist government for destroying their countries. Marco Rubio has already prepared a "bipartisan" bill to relocate all the Venezuelans displaced by war to the US.

So the risk is huge. A conflict would destabilize all of Latin America, since it appears Colombia and Brazil will be Washington's two attack dogs, and they may be in for a surprise since the Venezuelan military is more sophisticated than it looks and has a much higher morale than the media lets on. Chavez and Maduro have been preparing for this inevitable moment. Additionally, whatever my racial views are, I dont like to see women and children of any race slaughtered in war.

The aforementioned mass migration will also cause a huge demographic, economic and crime problems in the USA itself - don't think the people you're going to get coming here will be the big tittied white super models Venezuela sends to Miss Universe competitions.

Add in the not impossible prospect of Russia getting involved, and you may even have the recipe for a world war on your hands.

ARN: Do you think it's time for the left and the right to put their differences aside and unite, as we are seeing in France, to oppose this globohomo zionist controlled system? How do you think this is possible with all of the poisoned pills spread on either side, with the right ensnared by Israeli-firsters like Ben Shapiro and the left poisoned by AOC and other false prophets like Bernie Sanders?

ES: I believe every emotionally healthy heterosexual white person is a potential comrade. We should not be left or right but above, as Mussolini and Hitler believed.

We must also engage with the reality of America. There are some who are  a bit off-white that I have met in grassroots  alt-lite groups who have  deeply impressed me. They are familiar with and supportive of  nationalist and pro-white literature, and should be embraced in the struggle for normalcy and Western civilization -  a view Hitler and Mussolini also shared.  Finding a way to reconcile radical nationalists with the layovers of the MAGA populist movement will be vital in the future.

These are the dynamics of the Yellow Vests, who are heavily influenced by Alain Soral, a French Third Positionist and anti-Zionist recently put in prison by the CRIF for his role in inspiring the movement. And it appears to be a winning formula for those who seek change from below, now that it has become obvious that Trump populism and Brexit can be vetoed by unelected forces, while Macron still clings to power despite only having the approval of his grandmother/wife.

When it comes to AOC, Ben Shapiro and Bernie, these are all frauds. They are celebrities who put on a show about nothing in order to encourage their respective fans to fight one another about nothing.

AOC has thrown the Palestinians under the Israeli bulldozer and ditched fellow "woman of color" Ilahn Omar when she criticized AIPAC.

Bernie has basically endorsed regime change against an elected socialist government in Venezuela.

And Ben Shapiro?... The less we say about him the better.

ES: Ultimately these figures do not have the power or clout to stop us from unifying good people on both sides. The real horse shoe theory is that elements of the left and right in opposition to globalization, war, and neo-liberal capitalism have more in common with each other than either do with those who call themselves "left-wing" or "right-wing" but back the Jewish consensus.

It's only by uniting in a new national and social movement that retains ideological principle at the top, but is comprehensive on the day to day level, that we can dig ourselves out of this horrible tunnel.

I don't know about you, but I would rather die than live in the world the ascendant Tumblr SJWs are taking us to. If you think things are bad, remember they will always get worse, and the more they gain, the more they reach. The ideology of "progress" will hand hold us to livestreamed baby snuff porn in no-time.  

Its no longer left or right but light vs darkness at this point.

ARN: And now for the all important and somewhat controversial AQ: Has anime been a net positive or net negative on western culture?

ES: I'm not a fan personally. Like with weed, I have more of an issue with the subculture surrounding anime than any moralistic qualm with the content itself. Often times men engaged in it are encouraged to be "grass eater" or "omnivore men" as is increasingly the norm in Asia.  If you like to watch anime as entertainment, that's not the worst thing in the world. But if you find yourself jerking off to it or collecting dolls IRL, it's time to detach for a second and reflect on what the hell youre doing with your life, lol.

ES: I can see the artistic value in it to a degree. I've only seen the most famous anime movies like Akira. There is a surrealism to it I liked on some level.  I also enjoyed Gundam as a kid.  But 90% of it I just can't get into.

You can read more of Eric Striker's stuff over at The Right Stuff and the The People's Square podcast.


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  1. Smol brains on suicide watch, actually having to read for once

    >I don’t know about you, but I would rather die than live in the world the ascendant Tumblr SJWs are taking us to.

    Yeah, Strike recently said Ryan Dawson did the right thing moving to Japan to flee the censorship, but I disagree. I’ll die before I become a ZOG refugee. I might die nameless in a ditch, but my bones will rest in the soil my ancestors conquered.

    Hail Strike
    Hail Victory

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