Social Terrorist Fake News Campaign on Catholic Teenagers Backfires

A confrontation involving a Catholic teenager and a native Indian protester was the fake news media's top story. New unedited video has wrecked their narrative.

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The social terrorists in the blue checkmark media found their latest target for hatred yesterday, a Catholic school boy attending a pro-life rally in Washington DC. These social terrorists launched their attack by posting short clips of what they claimed was a teenager wearing a MAGA-hat blocking the path of a protesting native American veteran while smirking. Then they slowly escalated the story into being a crowd of teenage Catholic school kids harassing a native American, who self-identified as a Vietnam war veteran. A white LARPer who identifies as a black man, Shaun King, was among the first people to spread this fake news:

Others blue checkmarks quickly joined Shaun's outrage machination, with one chiming in with a clip from the allegedly "harassed" native American, Nathan Phillips, stating his claims that the kids were chanting "build that wall" at him.

Social terrorist NPCs from all over the internet received their latest programming to wrap these innocent well-mannered children into their nonsensical "intersectionalist" narratives:

Catholic Schools are failing to educate our youth. These’re future sexual predators, Proud Boys members, domestic terrorists. They don’t know History. They know only their white entitlement.

Piling on the hatred, the more artistic social terrorists began to create agitprop imagery of the kids laughing at a beating drum representing the native American, with the iconic smiling kid in center stage.

Fake news storm

It's important to remember that at this point all the videos released by the media simply showed kids standing around, some of them laughing and singing along while a native American beat a drum at them. Nevertheless, the social media hate machine along with the weaponized mockingbird media was nevertheless able to build up a case against these kids. Their laughter was characterized as jeering or mocking. The kids standing still was classified as harassment. Commentators characterized the iconic kid that was the focus of much of the media's hatred as having a "relentless smirk". Merely smiling at someone while being white was now an offense. 

The vemonous media went to work, with the Washington Post headline announcing that "MAGA-hat-wearing teens ... surrounded" the native American drummer. The lying Guardian stated that the children were "mocking" the drummer, a claim that was quickly repeated by CBS news. Not to be out-done, liberal startup The Root, called the children "next generation bigots" who "besieged the adult men" drumming at them. In an attempt to appeal to Christian values, crypto-zionist site National Review had an entire article by Nicholas Frankovich depicting the peaceful conduct by the students as "spitting on the cross". Finally, the far-left site Slate's headline complained that the teenager who simply stood still and smiled had not yet been identified, clearly advocating for the public to dox them in order to destroy their future and their family's lives.

After half a day had passed, the entire North American media was on this story, repeating the same lies and spewing the same hatred for the boys involved. When this demonization phase was complete, the liberal and crypto-zionist hatred for the white Christian children began to metastasize in uglier and uglier ways. Miles Buckman, a psychologist from Vancouver Canada, stated his desire to meet the kids, with clear yet implicit intent of violence, calling the possible moment "exquisite".

More explicit threats were issued by Jewish country music writer Benjamin Hoffman (otherwise known as Wheeler Walker Jr.), who called for the children to be doxed. In the now deleted tweet, Benjamin called for a would-be assailant to strike the child in a manner that can only be characterized as sexual assault, possibly revealing his pedophilic intent.

Many more horrific messages were conveyed to the boys involved in the incident and even the school itself which was subject to arson threats as a result of the media hate campaign. But the worst offender was blue checkmark Disney producer Jack Morrissey, who expressed his desire to put the children through a woodchipper "hat first". This horrifying tweet shocked twitter and gained 400 replies prior to Mr. Morrissey locking his twitter account. There is now a campaign for Disney to blacklist this producer, who many feel is a deranged psychopath.

The truth comes out

After almost an entire day of hateful venom being spewed out by the media and the blue checkmarks, further video evidence came to light that revealed that kids never surrounded the Indian tribesman.

Indeed, we would find out that not only did these kids not surround the native American, they were actually waiting at a bus stop after attending a pro-life rally when the native American came up to them to bang a drum in their faces. At no point in time did any of the targeted teenagers chant "build the wall". Not a single video has come out to confirm the veracity of the statements made by Mr. Nathan Philips, who has a history of accusing school children of racial abuse. He also lied about being a Vietnam War veteran, which puts everything he said about the incident in question.

Every single camera angle would come to vindicate the boys, who acted in a respectful manner. The center-stage smiling boy would be seen asking others to behave respectfully even as they were being hounded by the tribesman.

The media circus would then be revealed to all non-NPCs for what it is: the entire media attacking a white Christian boy for smiling as a native America walked up to him to beat a drum and shout aggressively. The mere act of smiling in the face of heckling was enough to mobilize the nation's NPCs, who rose up to destroy his life. Indeed, even as the truth came out, at the time of writing they are still attempting to destroy all the boys' lives, targeting not only their families and school but also any college they intend to go to.

The media was caught in an indefensible lie, and so the more reputable of them who did not comment on the story began to step out and correct it in the hope of saving their platforms.

True faces revealed after betrayal

The attacks on these children, based purely on media headlines and the dubious statements of Nathan Philips, were not limited to social media or the left. Tribal commentator, Ben Shapiro, a popular figure in the alt-lite was present at the same rally as these children, yet he decided to condemn them by retweeting the rancid hatred of the National Review's Rich Lowry to the shock of many.

In now-deleted tweets, the fake conservative Bill Kristol was lionizing Mr. Phillips and demonizing the children. He has, as of the time of writing, issued no apology. Not that an apology could repair the permanent damage done to these children's lives.

Carmine Sabia, another self-declared conservative writer, swiftly swung a left-hook towards the direction of white Christian children when the opportunity presented itself, only to delete his tweet later and quickly shed his scales to slip back into the movement he infiltrated.

The Luciferian Jesuit priest James Martin who advocates for homosexuality to be normalized within the Catholic church was the first Christian branded official to attack the children.

Catholic school students at the attempt to shame and disrespect a man at the . These actions are not Catholic, not Christian and not acceptable. ... I am as disgusted by the contemptuous laughter of the mass of students as I am moved by the quiet dignity of the solitary man who continues to chant.

The diocese of Covington Catholic highschool also quickly releaseda statement condemning the boys, claiming that "this behavior is opposed to the Church’s teachings on the dignity and respect of the human person." They also threated to expel the boys for simply standing there and smiling:

The matter is being investigated and we will take appropriate action, up to and including expulsion.

Statements of condemnation should usually follow after an investigation has been made, but the diocese decided to break one of the commandments and bear false witness against the children involved.

Not wanting to miss the pile on, the cuckold mayor of Covington, Kentucky, Joe Meyer, scrambled to quickly release a statement declaring himself to be "appalled" by the actions of the boys. That is, just standing still and smiling. Indeed his statement starts with him being filled up with feelings after attending a church and sprinkles it with nice-nothings about the virtues of equality.

The crowd listened as five courageous young women talked candidly about growing up in Northern Kentucky being, as it were, a bi-racial student in high school, an African-American of Jewish faith, an African-American of Muslim faith, a Mexican immigrant, and the Kentucky-born daughter of Mexican immigrants.

After being filled with new-age good feelings towards the annihilation of white people, he was appalled to hear the news of white boys from a Christian school whose name matched his district ... just standing there. "But my feelings of pride were soon tempered.", he moaned adding:

Because teens from a local high school were filmed surrounding and mocking native Americans participating in the Indigenous Peoples’ March in Washington D.C.

He, later on, points out that the school is not even part of his district and defends his adherence to the globo homo gay liturgy, stating that "The people who make decisions here are not homogenous in racial background, ethnicity, age, gender, religious beliefs, or sexual orientation".

The full extent of "conservative" betrayal is difficult to document in a single article, but readers can rest assured that every single statement made by any side defaming these children is being documented no matter which "side" issued it.

Nevertheless, the highest ranked official to attack the boys was a Democrat, Rep. John Yarmuth, who taunted the kids with a rephrasing of one of Trump's statements but in clear violation of their first amendment rights.

An unforgivable attack

The attack on the children, as well as the pile-on from every virtue-signaling blue checkmark NPC, media talking head, as well as government officials, is unforgivable. It is not the first time that a media pile-on has occurred, the most recent digital lynching being the attack on Brett Kavanaugh where Late Show producers declared pride in their attempt to destroy his life. Had the truth not come out in the form of the extended videos, their attacks on these boys and indeed the entire school would have continued.

When the media attacked Kavanaugh, their target was not Kavanaugh himself but the supreme court of the US post which they did not want filled by a conservative. They did not apologize then, because there was no concrete evidence to oppose their smear. In the case of this latest savage attack, the true target of the social media hounds was Christian and private schooling. Days before the attack on the Christian school boys, the media was busy going after Mike Pence's wife at an anti-globo homo organization. The deeply degenerate Lady Gaga tried to use false themes of Christianity against Mike Pence, calling his views a bad representation of Christianity.

The attack dogs revealed their target very early on in their campaign, which was spearheaded by Arlen Parsa, a man quoted by the NY Times as an "internet hero" sifted through Facebook pages until he managed to dox the kid. He then released information that could be easily used to reconstruct the dox in parallel without releasing his name. He announced that he could easily ruin his life (something that he managed to do via other's parallel construction of the child's identity) with the information he disseminated:

Arlen revealed the true intention behind his hatred for the boys, specifically the very existence of their school and what it represented:

Multiple people close to the school have confirmed it has a very serious culture problem. Some racial, some homophobic, some sexist. 

The first thing you need to know about Covington Catholic High School is that it is an elite private boys school with an expensive tuition. But the second thing you need to know is that it is as close to a "whites only" school as you can find in the 21st Century.

Covington Catholic's race problem is not limited to the almost all-white student body however. Before the school hastily removed its teachers directory yesterday, I reviewed it. Every. Single. Teacher. Is. White... 

While we're at it, we also need to talk about gender at Covington Catholic. I have heard from members of the community there is an ingrained sexism problem at the school (which refers to women as "females"). Cov students have also harassed gay students at other schools.

With colleges rapidly becoming left-wing indoctrination camps and public schools instilling globo homo's queer liturgy in innocent children, private schools and homeschooling have become the two last refuges for those wanting to raise their children up with psychological safety and away from pedophiles. The media attack was prepared, the target was primed and the lying "chief" merely walked to them to instigate an incident and failed. And despite failing, the media took an out-of-context video of a schoolboy smiling at a psychotic adult and turned the child into a monster in the eyes of every media-programmed NPC in the world.

Since the revealing of truth behind the incident, journalists and public people who piled onto the children have been coming out with apologies. But the damage is done. The children, who committed the terrible crime of smiling and standing still while being white, have been doxed and their families have all been harassed. Their reputation has already been ruined as the full force of the militarized media came bearing down on their heads. Even some children who were misidentified have received death threats from liberal NPCs who smelled the whiffs of hatred from the media.

It's important to understand that these people aren't truly sorry. They are sorry they were caught. When attacking Brett Kavanaugh, many understood that the media had crossed a line and would soon attack private people with the same fervor as they attacked Brett and his family. That time has now come. Their target remains the same, the private and Christian schools. The liberal psychopaths are openly calling for attacks on these children as a result of the coverage, much like the attacks on Kavanaugh's family. Failed musician Michael Buchanan, also known as "House Shoes", has not only expressed the desire to kill these children but to do it by locking them in their white-majority Christian school and burning it to the ground.

The media is left with blood on its hands, screaming out for forgiveness even as the fires rage behind them. They will appeal to people's Christian values for forgiveness, but they will only use this forgiveness to destroy the very structures that keep these values going. Whether the reader forgives the left wing and fake right wing liars, the damage is done and is on-going.

These journalists and establishment personalities cannot be forgiven, their values including attacking children and attempting to destroy their lives and their families lives. The enemy of the people, the fake news media, has declared war on everything that is good and pure in this country. Forgiveness, at this point, is surrender.


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  1. No matter how much they might apologize, there will be no forgiveness for these cuckservative poodles. It’s like Benedict Arnold apologizing to Washington.

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