Car Slaughters Pedestrians In Times Square
Casualties reported after car careens directly into pedestrians in New York City's busy intersection.

Anime Right News (ARN) — A maroon Honda sedan has rammed pedestrians in Times Square, causing numerous casualties & fatalities. As of this posting, it sits at over twenty [ 20 ] injured & one [ 1 ] dead.

The suspect has been identified as Richard Rojas.

A second attack has also been reported in Staten Island.

Anime Right News: Times Square

Investigators appear to be examining the wreckage now.

Anime Right News: Suspect (Via Autisticated)

Anime Right News: Suspect Detained (Via Autisticated)

Anime Right News: Times Square Via EarthCam

Anime Right News: Times Square Via EarthCam

Not An Isolated Incident:

MSM Covering This Up:

Christopher Hayes has the Stalin Mindset.


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