How-To: Circumventing Twitter Blocks
Did someone block you on Twitter? Here's how to see their Tweets & still reply to them.

Blocking. If someone has been on social media for awhile, it is bound to happen eventually, especially due to mass block lists based on certain attributes.

For some this marks the end of their journey in relaying 140 characters online.

Trolling. If you troll people, the amount of people blocking you will likely be higher, please note that blocking people you are arguing with and/or disagree with is not trolling.

A troll never blocks.

So, is a block the end of your endeavors? No. Especially for those who are always saying "please take a screenshot, this account blocked me" this information should prove helpful. If only that alone, or to continue trolling, the decision is yours.

For this guide we will be using the Wendy's Twitter account (@Wendys) to demonstrate bypassing blocking.

This is the Tweet we will be using, the one about free chicken nuggets, just as an example.

1st Method:

1st Method:

For the first method, we will simply use Twitter's intent function, which uses a URL like so: ]

As long as you have any Tweet ID you can still reply this way, however, you cannot use any features beyond text. If you look at the embedded Tweet above & try to reply this is the function being utilized (Embedding).

This method is meant for Twitter on desktops.

2nd Method:

2nd Method:

The other method is definitely superior, you can see lots of Tweets & it also works on mobile devices.

To begin, simply go to the search bar, then search for the name of the account blocking you.

Make sure you place "from:" directly in front of the name including the colon.

From here you will be placed in the search area, which is basically the same as when searching for hashtags, or terms. If you go "Top" you will see the highest rated Tweets, or "Latest," for all Tweets immediately coming from the account blocking you.

You can then simply click the left-pointing arrow to reply to any Tweet.

And, you can reply with all features, isn't that great? Keep in mind that you cannot view the whole thread, except while logged out, or from another browser or VPN.

If Twitter's management, staff, or even misguided CEO Jack Dorsey happen to read this & get angry since their platform is basically trash. I will willingly take down the guide, under two main conditions, lift my suspension & verify me but give me a red check mark (@Zanting).

Thank you for your interest in this guide. Happy trolling.


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