Jack Posobiec From The Rebel Posts Fake News But It Isn't About Emmanuel Macron
Anime Right News ahead of the BASED Alt-Lite media.

Anime Right News (ARN) — Jack Posobiec, who now works at The Rebel as their Washington Bureau Chief, recently put out an article as well as video regarding Emmanuel Macron's tax evasion document leaks.

While this is true, Posobiec is not correctly reporting on who published it first, which is this news website here. Thus this is incorrect reporting on his part, as he has failed to do basic research, or perhaps on purpose. Note that I have nothing against William Craddick, obviously I support him, this is merely criticism of Posobiec. In fact I even praised him today, when he caught me napping earlier, although I was alerted about the new leaks I did not report on it steadfastly enough.

It still seems mainstream media is more interested in Posobiec being some type of Russian agent, which in turn also leads them to improperly report information due to their narrow thought process, which is nonetheless amusing.

The longer they go on about that the more idiotic & inane they will appear.


So, how do we prove this? Well that is easy, besides looking at the publishing date (ARN: UTC) which in this case was close to our draft (Creation) date, we can look at Tweet distribution from the time.

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Craddick first Tweeted his initial report at 15:37 which is the very first post there with his headline.

[ Archive ] [ Source ]

Whereas one of our meme soldiers on Twitter, first Tweeted our article at 14:27, which is the first post there using our headline.

This is about 1-1/2 hours before anyone else had reported on it, as our article was quickly forged within minutes of the /pol/ post & was launched with a brief summary as well as screenshots.

Obviously it was circulating quite a bit before Posobiec's first Tweet too, making the notion that he is "source zero" for the Kremlin absurd, as the source is technically the individual who first posted on /pol/. Although this article is specifically about the tax evasion documents, regarding the "source zero" for reporting SWIFTNet logs, we were also ahead of Disobedient Media on Thursday too.

Posobiec had also incorrectly reported that France had blocked 4chan.

Is Posobiec required to report on this fact? Well, one may argue out of accuracy yes, however in this case we can simply drag him in regards to a mainstream liberal being much more accurate than him. In fact, he even mentioned her own work, yet failed to report on the right information. We even appeared in their newspaper.

Stephanie Lamy, a left-leaning consultant who Le Parisien sourced correctly reported that we had first reported on this information as well as the timeline of concurrent events, one might argue that this means Posobiec missed the mark while trying to promote conservative values. Since he basically could not keep up with a liberal.

We are left to assume this is due to us being from the actual far-right, although this is "Anime cartoon" news for humor, we are nonetheless very serious about changing the status quo.

Is basic research hard?

One is left to wonder. ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)/


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