Kurt Eichenwald Trying To Frame Richard Spencer For Assault .GIF Tweeted By John Rivello
WARNING: Assault .GIF is located behind this link!

Anime Right News (ARN) — Revered Echoscopalian Kurt Eichenwald has now, among a myriad of other things, alleged that Richard Spencer is the mastermind behind his downfall via assault .GIF on Twitter. This occurred last December, after which John Rivello was arrested & sued for sending it.

Though the rather mundane evidence he has provided is baseless, as it is entirely taken out of context, he is nonetheless pushing forward with it like Louise Mensch would with her "evidence."

If you want to piss Eichenwald off for his continued idiocy you can donate to Rivello's defense fund on WeSearchr.

U.S. Marine John Rivello Legal Defense Fund ]

Yes, somehow this is happening, nobody is quite sure how.

He has alleged that since Spencer sarcastically said on tape "the one whom we almost killed?" in reference to Eichenwald & Rivello that this means he is behind it. Somehow.


This is quite possibly the kookiest conspiracy theory ever conceived.

We should get #Echoscopalian trending since he refers to himself as Episcopalian every single second of every single day of the week, that somehow this means he is not Jewish, which is completely bizarre.



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