#NippLeGate: How Shill For David Brock & Partner To Peter Thiel William LeGate Has Fallen
Paid shill sanctioned by Twitter routinely spammed Donald Trump's timelines on Twitter, that is, before his nipples brought him down.

If you are one of over 100,000 people blocked by William LeGate check out our guide.

Anime Right News (ARN) — William LeGate, the notorious (Notoriously Gay) paid shill trolling for Media Matters For America, has fallen. Having been sanctioned by Twitter for months, while others were heavily censored or shadow banned, he has been brought down by his nipples.

No, really.

Some Russian Intelligence operatives noticed he had large nipples while doxing him & his family. Logically, they decided to make this known to the entire world, as any reasonable human being would be apt to do.

#NippLeGate is the hashtag being implemented.

UPDATE: LeGate has now deleted his Twitter account.

You heard the man boy!


First Tweet is being actively censored & is an example of the privileges LeGate enjoyed:

Of course, like any paid shill, LeGate's primary reaction to this was blocking because he was mad online.


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