Patreon Is Supporting Illicit Activities By Condoning It's Going Down
The popular crowdfunding platform is promoting organizations which violate its rules — as long as they target certain people.

Anime Right News (ARN) — Crowdfunding, as well as sourcing donations, has sometimes been a point of disenfranchisement for the right. Even when the activity is respectable & simply about raising awareness heavy censorship typically occurs.

Patreon endorses this M.O. as well, enforcing the far-right or right strictly, usually by simply banning an account they see as disagreeable.

Though this occurs not only on the right, as exposing corruption is truly an activity one partakes in without selfishness regardless of political dichotomy, it also occurs to independent researchers.

As such, this has happened to those covering controversial information, even if their attempt to expose corruption is entirely accurate.

ANTIFA Come Get Paid: A Patreon Love Story

ANTIFA Come Get Paid: A Patreon Love Story

It's Going Down (IGD), an ANTIFA as well as Smash Racism DC affiliated joint-organization, has been engaged in activities against right-wing individuals & organizations for awhile now.

They have a Patreon.

As some may recall, Luke Kuhn was also a member of Smash Racism DC, the Usenet pedophile interested in explosives before being caught red handed at Comet Ping Pong.

It's Going Down currently has 134 136 patrons, who contribute $1,145 $1,164 each month, to support the organization.

We can follow the links from their Patreon to find that they are indeed the same group, per their Facebook, Twitter & YouTube.

Despite their Patreon URL being "IGDNews," they are not only involved in covering stories, but engage in malicious activity against other people.

It's Going Down's promotional Patreon video is actually set to scenes of them committing illegal acts.

Although they have violated the crowdfunding platform's own rules numerous times in the past, we will focus on a more recent event, for the purpose of this article:

[ Archive ]

It's Going Down has gone after a Republican Party member in Denton County, Texas.

A quick review of the Patreon Community Guidelines definitively shows that It's Going Down is violating the rules & therefore should be banned.

As per 'malicious doxing' alone we can demonstrate this by referring to their included material:

It's Going Down subsequently included Joseph Kane's information to contact or even find him, implying he be fired, harassed or even more. This means that Patreon itself is condoning this.

Is Patreon itself biased?

As reported by Got News as well as Return of Kings earlier this month, Aaron Ringgenberg, who is a DevOps Engineer at Patreon — stated on Twitter that he saw nothing wrong with what the group was doing.

He later deleted the Tweet, however.

At the bottom of their article's page they also include a link to Patreon for donations.

Is this what Patreon indeed supports? It appears rather conclusive!

Will Patreon still be sanctioning these groups once someone is physically affected?

Patreon CEO & co-founder Jack Conte along with co-founder & CTO Sam Yam should by all accounts be against these activities as they violate the rules set by their company.

Anime Right News has contacted Patreon asking for comment.


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