The Alt-Right Cannot Honestly Support The Trump Administration
Genie Energy: Donald Trump's elephant in the room.

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Anime Right News (ARN) — The Alt-Right (Alternative Right), one of the primary factions responsible for electing U.S. President Donald Trump, must now stand against him. If it is to remain honest, legitimate or relevant.

A lot of people will hate me for saying this, however, it is imperative to expose this. Also, a lot of people already hate me.

As we reported earlier, Genie Energy was directly involved in overseeing the presidential transition, before handing off interviewees to senior aides like Jared Kushner. For a corporation which has a driving interest in guaranteeing Israeli expansion into Syria, this presents an absolutely enormous conflict of interest. The irony of this being, that unlike say CNN's constant 'Russian narrative,' verifying this information takes but a moment as it is both publicly & readily available.

Greenstein also donated to Trump's Make America Great Again Super PAC in 2015.

Since Trump picked people from Genie Energy Ltd. & IDT Corp. to run all of this — that means he colluded with their ongoing conspiracy. This ranges from his initial appointment of Michael Glassner who remains his chief strategist, to former CIA Director James Woolsey (Temporary) & of course to his son-in-law among others.

Unfortunately, Genie's people have been placed into power & even impeaching Trump as the left or mainstream media has suggested will not relieve the issue.

The "genie."


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