The Lawsuit Filed Against Donald Trump For Blocking Twitter Users Is Bogus, Here's Why
Blocking on Twitter isn't actually a 'functional feature.'

How-To: Circumventing Twitter Blocks ]

Anime Right News (ARN) — A joint-lawsuit has been filed against U.S. President Donald Trump regarding his [Personal] Twitter account, wherein he has blocked certain people, much to their dismay. So, they have now decided to sue him.

Knight First Amendment Institute At Columbia University v. Trump, 17-cv-05205 ]

We will demonstrate how this lawsuit is actually void right out of the gate.

[ Knight First Amendment Institute At Columbia University Letter To Donald Trump ]

The lawsuit came after an earlier complaint filed by Knight First Amendment Institute At Columbia University, was ignored, although these lawyers seemingly do not seem to understand [?] how Twitter actually works. Basically, blocking is a non-functional feature.

And it has been that way since the platform was first created.

Twitter: Julian Assange

Surprisingly, WikiLeak's Julian Assange supports the lawsuit, even though he is supposed to understand these kinds of things. We'll get to that part in a moment.

Focusing on #34 (Blocking): The lawsuit alleges that blocking prevents said users such as Buckwalter-Poza from interacting with Trump, this is actually incorrect, due to Twitter's intent & search function any user can interact with any other user regardless of a block.

Doing so does not require any third party tools because Twitter is simply broken.

Our straightforward guide for managing this is included at the top of this article, truthfully they cannot Like or RT, but to allege that they can no longer see Trump's Tweets or respond to them is — well — wrong.

Click here if y'missed our guide.

Twitter: Rebecca Buckwalter-Poza

In fact, her Tweet which originally earned her a block from Trump, is still attached to the thread she had replied to. This means she has more privilege than most other users, who can be orphaned, or 'shadow banned' by Twitter which prevents their voice(s) from being heard.

Anime Right News has reached out to Rebecca Buckwalter-Poza asking for comment.


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