U.S. Department of Justice AUSA who Eric Holder let off in 2011 despite possessing child pornography appears to be Arun Rao — a known associate of James Alefantis & Hillary Clinton
A potential direct connection between Barack Obama's Eric Holder & PizzaGate.

Arun Rao, who caught the attention of PizzaGate researchers in November, 2016 for his connection to Comet Ping Pong owner James Alefantis in Washington, D.C., might be an Assistant U.S. Attorney (AUSA) who was given a free pass from Eric Holder & the Department of Justice despite being in [Illegal] possession of child pornography.

Arun Rao's posts on Instagram to James Alefantis were archived & documented at the time.

A 2011 Forbes article, which is also archived for posterity, describes the situation at the time with the unnamed AUSA.

Archive ]

Arun Rao appears to fit the description & timing of the unnamed AUSA who Senator Chuck Grassley had wrote a letter about to Eric Holder, although this alone is not proof of him being this individual & more information must be demanded or sought on this issue.

[ Senator Chuck Grassley's Letter ]

One thing of note is that Arun Rao went to the White House at some point in 2012, which seems to correlate with the AUSA leaving the Department of Justice who was not charged with possessing child pornography, this would imply he was later brought back after about a year — possibly after the attention to him in that position had been relieved.

Presumably without any charges.

James Alefantis was also a visitor at the White House.

Arun Rao

Arun Rao

Editor's NOTE: Whether Arun Rao turns out to in fact be this individual or not & there is a possibility he is — it is important to also remember that Eric Holder's Department of Justice had protected federal employees & public servants despite their engagement in criminal activityThe same criminal activity as described in PizzaGate.


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