Destiny 2 changes course to light weapons shooting

Late last year, it was reported Destiny 2next expansion, the final formHe was delayed in the midst of conflicts Layoffs at Bungie. The expansion, which was initially supposed to be released by February, has been officially pushed back to June, leaving a massive time gap between what was supposed to be the end of Expansion last year And the final conclusion to Destiny 2The saga continues. In light of that gapBungie planned a pseudo-season of content, described as Destiny 2: Into the Lightwhich brings new maps, Techniquesand weapons when it launches on April 9.

In the lightWeapons are of particular interest, because they constitute what Benjy Dubbed the BRAVE arsenal, it’s a collection of beloved old weapons that have been revamped and improved to suit the current setting of the game. When it was first revealed the second of the planned three Developer streams But earlier this week, they were met with excitement and hesitation. The final reason was the fact that Bungie announced that it would release half of BRAVE’s arsenal at launch, followed by an extended weekly rollout of the other half of the armory. According to the initial plan, the players who started playing In the light At launch they won’t be able to get their hands on the full arsenal for a full six weeks.

If there’s one thing I’ve learned from being in and around… Destiny 2 Community For years now, you should do as little as possible to stand in the way of players and their loot. Fans of the game weren’t too pleased with the drip-feeding of weapons, especially considering how many of these fan-favorite weapons have been devalued over the years. Most importantly, early access to the full arsenal would give players more time to grind In the lightNew PvE Onslaught mode and get special variants available for a limited time only. According to Bungie’s originally intended timeline, this time will be shortened significantly so that weapons will be released later. Countless players have reported their concerns and complaints to Bungie, which despite its faults is often open to feedback and fairly quick to respond to it, and the team is now (sort of) reversing its course.

Sew on Destiny 2 The Team Twitter account (which shares thoughts and feedback directly from developers) responded to fans’ concerns yesterday and announced that Bungie will be adjusting the planned weapon rollout. Instead of six weeks, the timeline has now been reduced to three weeks, meaning the team will drop two weapons a week after launch. In this timeline, players will now be able to obtain the entire BRAVE arsenal by the end of April, instead of late May. Although it does not completely eliminatetimegate“Called by many players, the decision is very much a step in the right direction.

Further down, Bungie outlines several ways in which it is ensuring that players can obtain guaranteed divine rolls and limited variants of the BRAVE arsenal. According to Bungie, “weapon drop rates during Destiny 2: Into the Light It will be among our top in SaucepanThe history of the game, even going back to the days of the extravagance season, ensures that people who spend any time playing it Destiny 2 Over the next few months they will be able to get their hands on the much sought after weapons.

The entire thread is worth a read if you’re interested in the different paths to earning loot all the time In the lightBut the message is clear: You’ll have access to BRAVE weapons no matter what.

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