Baldur’s Gate 3 introduces its final playable class: the Monk, a martial artist capable of manipulating the battlefield

ferns expect us in a few weeks Baldur’s Gate 3 Leave early access on Steam to release the definitive version full of new content with which Larian wants us to enjoy this new adventure in the Forgotten Realms like never before.

If we create our character, we can do that Choose between 12 classes and 46 subclasses appear last monkAdept at manipulating the battlefield with their ki-charged punches and kicks, these martial artists possess a unique fighting style that allows them, for example, to Wind Step across the battlefield and attack their enemies with powerful melee strikes.

When we select the monk at the beginning of the game, we start with a defense Armor class 10. As for weapons The most important thing will be our fists and feet for fast attacks, although we can also use clubs or long spears if we want to have slightly more powerful attacks, especially in the first levels Thanks to Martial Arts, the attack damage dealt by Monks with Monk weapons and unarmed attacks increases as they level up. This also grants Monks an additional unarmed attack after they launch an attack (either with their fists or a weapon), and if their Dexterity is higher than their Strength, Dexterity is used to determine their attack rolls. with the monk’s weapon and his dao.

There are three subclasses available for the monk

Enter the subclasses we will have total three. The Open Hand Monks They specialize in it unarmed melee combatThis allows us to charge our attacks with Radiant, Psychic or Necrotic damage, and at higher levels we can explode our Ki to wreak havoc on the battlefield.

On the other hand we have the monks of the Path of Shadow, stealthy ninjas Who can use the shadows to teleport and launch surprise attacks on our enemies in a variant that has many nods to the rogue class?

Finally we have the subclass Four elements harnessing the power of magic where certain versions of some elemental spells, followed by some additional actions like quick punches or kicks, make for a very interesting specialization for many players.

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