Historic penalty for Gaston after the Mutua Madrid Open

5/22/2023 at 5:02 p.m


The Frenchman has to pay 144,000 dollars (133,000 euros) for an unsportsmanlike act

In the second round match against Coric, the Frenchman dropped a ball to stop the point

French tennis player Hugo Gaston has to pay one Fined $144,000 for unsportsmanlike conduct during last Mutua Madrid Open.

The Toulouse man’s ‘childhood’ during his second-round match against Croatian Borna Coric encountered Gaston, who thought of nothing but throwing a ball he had in his pocket to the ground to try and score the ball hit The chair umpire stops the point and retakes it.

At this point, the Frenchman was 5-3 down in the first set and Coric, the rest, had an advantage in that game. The trick didn’t help him much as he ended up losing the game (6-3, 6-3). However, his gesture did not go unnoticed by the ATP, which handed him one of the heaviest fines ever imposed in the sport.

In addition, if a similar event is repeated in the same year, the amount is increased by 100% according to the ATP regulations.

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