Persona 3 reloaders are fixing the remake’s worst omission

Cotton signs her name.

Screenshot: atlas/beat

One of the biggest complaints surrounding… Character update 3 is that Atlus’ remake of the beloved PS2 RPG didn’t contain all the add-ons from previous updated versions of the game. This included the playable epilogue called the answer from persona 3 fez, And Persona 3 portable‘s The path of the female protagonist It lets you play as Kotone Shiomi, a female version of the main character with different stories, dialogues, and even music than the original male version. while the answer It may come as downloadable content (DLC). In the future, it doesn’t look like Atlus will be adding a “FeMC” track. Fortunately, fans are stepping up, as the team is already working hard to add the option through mods, and it seems to be working out well.

This mod is being developed by a group calling itself “FeMC Reloaded Team,” and it not only updates the character model, but also color swaps. ReloadingBlue UI for pink, just like Persona 3 portable Done for Female Route on PSP. By group GitHub page For the mode, the goal is to retool as much of the game using and like Kotone’s color scheme as possible, as well as making adjustments to the scenes to reflect her, as opposed to male protagonist Makoto Yuki.

“Our tasks span across domains — from 3D modeling to UI design, from rewriting scripts to bringing cinematic scenes to life,” the team wrote on the Github page. “We did, what Atlus didn’t do.”

The group’s long-term goals include:

  • Document your adventures in 3D design, and bring your Kotone character to life.
  • Coating the UI with Kotone essence, making every pixel count.
  • Rewrite the dialogues, and give Koton a voice that echoes them and distinguishes them from Makoto.
  • Create captivating scenes, putting Kotone at the center of the narrative.
  • The animation weaves together brilliantly, adding fluidity to Kotone’s every move.

Here’s a video showing some sections of school life, as well as some turn-based battles.


Cotton’s place a personality Sharia law has been complicated over the years. Most of the matches that followed Personality 3 They acknowledge that Makoto is the hero of the game, however Character Q2: New Cinema Labyrinth The character features prominently, joining the rest of the cast from the “modern” three. a personality Games and questions about the nature of its existence. overlooked in Character update 3 It’s been a sore point for a lot of fans, so it’s great to see some dedicated fans bringing it back into the fold.

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